Michael or xscape

Winch album is better then the other in your opinion

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Sep 15, 2017
Definitely 'Michael'.

Ignoring the controversy surrounding certain songs, and focusing on the remaining music, I think it's a well rounded collection, which manages to update Michael's sound and retain it's uniqueness, through the use of his beat-boxing.

Most of these songs hadn't been leaked beforehand, so they really were 'new' to the fan community and public. 'Best Of Joy' would have been my choice of single instead of 'Hold My Hand' as it's the perfect parting gift, where Michael came full circle from 'The Man' 'I am forever'! :)

There are variety of subject matters and moods. 'The Way You Love Me' is the hit that never was. Michael hadn't sounded that playful in years. A true example of what he meant when he said 'melody is king'. 'Behind The Mask' was dance-tastic, with Michael's soaring vocal.

'Xscape' only had two songs that I liked...

'Love Never Felt So Good' - recorded in the magical year of '83! :) I wish he kept this for himself instead of giving it to Johnny Manthis! I thought the 'new' versions took away from the charm and purity in Michael delivery.

'Loving You' was a nice surprise. Jazzy and dreamy :)

The rest of the album from what I remember, was more conceptual. Focusing on the darker heavier aspects of Michael's music that I didn't care too much for.

So all in all, 'Michael' wins!


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Nov 8, 2006
Xscape for me - Deluxe edition...

It offered the demos as MJ left them and the contemporized songs. - Some was good, others - fx DYKWYCA not so good - but then we have the demo as MJ left it - and that's great.

The controversy and 3 songs ruined Michael I'm affraid. - Because actually Michael is more true to the MJ sound (the 7 songs) -
Hold my Hand - great - but more AKON than MJ...
Hollywood Tonight - Could have been a new Billie Jean kind of song had MJ not died and finished it. - apropros Billie Jean.. - Hollywood Tonight musicvideo gott he Billie Jean beat?? WHY... ruined it.
Best of Joy was a sweet song with a fine melody.
The Way you Love me - nice update with beatboxin etc. truely a MJ melody and great song.
Behind the Mask - great song, great potential. - Unfortunately not finished by MJ, so the same chorus comes two times.. They had to work with what they had I guess... - The live audience noise is a little annoying IMO. They could have released it as a single and then on the single had a live version - the one on Michael.
Another Day - not really my favorite. I see why it's there though. Lenny Kracitz and they wanted a rock song like Beat It and Dirty Diana. - and it's not bad.
Much Too Soon - propably the best song released after MJ died IMO. So sweet, melancolic and great vocals and melody. Perfect.

So why do I still prefer Xscape when it had 8 songs and really only gave us 2 all new songs we had never heard before?? Because it was all MJ and all could agree on that. No arguing and bad feelings. BUT also because of the songs - and the way they were released - new and MJ's version.

Love Never Felt So Good - turned out as a great song. I still hear it on the radio often in DK - always the duet with Justin, but it's great.
Chicago - all new song - I think I prefer MJ's vision - but still a great song. Melody and bridges, and MJ's vocals are perfect.
Loving You - might be my second favorite song released after MJ died. A true gem. Never heard of the song, but first time I heard it BANG... I loved the song. - Both versions. - The updated version was great too and true to MJ's vision.
Slave To The Rhytmh - great song. Could have been a bigger hit I guess.
Do You Know Where Your Children Are - MJ's version is great. And the contemporized version is not my taste... - But MJ's version was great.
A Place With No Name - propably my 3rd most liked song released after MJ died. Both versions are great, but I guess I prefer MJ's version.
Blue Gangsta - great great song.
Xscape - perfect song. A true MJ song all the way through... - Both versions are perfect - and shows that if possible, then get the original producer to contemporize the song if needed... - He was true to MJ's wishes and vision and the updated version is great.


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Jul 19, 2013
Xscape for sure i love it and i was glad their kept the demos on there too. Michael i was excited when it first came out but after hearing the three fakes tracks on there it did ruin the cd i really do not listen to it anymore. Michael should have been all Michael no one else i wish there was a way that Michael could have been release and those three tracks replace this was the first cd after Michael passed away and it should have been special it just break my it is sad to see. My radio station rarely play songs off of Michael now like it did before when it first came out.
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