Michael's Manhood Thread - 18+ (Read The First Post For Rules!)

So he DID wear underwear under his swimming trunks? :D (If those are swimming trunks.)

haha, I thought the same thing! I think they are, I don't think he'd be shirtless (ot the girl would be in the bikini) unless there's some swimming going on.. I've heard guys say they sometimes wear underwear under their swimshorts because it keeps everything 'in place', especially if the swimshorts are ..short :p Or they're scared they'll be see through once they get wet, or that they'll come off or something.. I don't know, but Michael does seem like the kind of guy who would worry about things like that, lol. Or he just needed the extra support :naughty:

I've heard bed is optional in Michael's case :shifty:
nnghh.. with the way he moves that body a bed would be too.. restricting :') he needs to be on his feet...:shifty:

^I just love it when he's all fluid and smooth like that..


..but those sharp..thrusts.. are quite nice as well:naughty:




gif is so small but.. I see things:ph34r:
Than expression on his face. :in_love:
ugh, the way he raises those eyebrows as he.. touches himself...:dropdead:

I've always loved that white WDAN suit, so 80's but it looked so hot on him!

damn :blink:


especially that glorious booty..


and:shifty: ..good god Michael :sigh:

And to think you can rip all of it off with one pull :naughty:
Oooooohhhh the way he touches himself...:wild:




..Oh Michael !!! :sigh:

And no I do not plan on SLEEPING any time soon after this Thread !! Thank you and Your welcome !

:naughty: :swoon: :hysterical:

Thank you Tink :wub: for making this Monday so much brighter than the gloomy weather outside :bow:

loves you (y)
Thats quite a wide grip he's got there....Good thing he has big hands. **Winks**