Be Wise..........

  • Man In The Mirror

    Votes: 69 57.5%
  • Heal The World

    Votes: 11 9.2%
  • Will You Be There

    Votes: 40 33.3%

  • Total voters


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WYBT for me.....Such a gorgeous song, uplifting, inspirational....Always reduces me to tears...Man In the Mirror is still a little too difficult for me....:(

love is magical

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Will You Be There is my most played Michael Jackson song. The song is beautiful. I love everything about it. The base, the arrangement, Michael's vocal and the heartfelt poem at the end.

It doesn't matter how many times I hear the song. Each time I hear it, I'm touched. The lyrics are so prophetic. The live performances of the song in the MTV 10th anniversary show and the Dangerous tour are very sensual.


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I'm starting with the MAN IN THE MIRROR oh yeah:D
I love that song it's just so powerful and touching at the same time. The "Whoo" part is just magical:)

Suzie B

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I love both MITM and WYBT the most but we can only choose one :(
MITM takes me back to my childhood and discovering the magic of Michael and makes me think if Moonwalker and makes me think of Michael as the humanitarian and the wonderful love he held for all of us, not just his fans but for the whole world, amazing - especially Grammy Awards performance he did!! Then WYBT is a real fan song, where we all feel like an army of L.O.V.E and it expresses Michael's sentiment so well, it shows his vulnerability and his need for love and care and it is soulful and uplifting....

They are both beautiful. Who can decide?
This poll is not even fair. They all make me cry, and they're all so, so beautiful.

If someone put a gun to my head and made me choose, I guess I would go with WYBT. If Keep the Faith was on the list though, it'd definitely be that one.


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All some of my favorites, but to choose one, I had to pick Man in the Mirror. That song just gets to me the most.


So hard to choose between MITM and WYBT! Both are truly perfect. I went with Will You Be There because it feels more personal, like Michael is asking me.......

Science Freak

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Heal the world, it so beautiful.
Straight from his heart.
Man in the mirror is stronger, though not written by him.

1. Heal the world
2. Man in the mirror.


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I love all the songs but I always been in love with Will You Be There, the final part always brings tears in my eyes :angel:


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I refuse to vote in this poll. :sleep: :lol:

Man in the mirror. :heart:
Will you be there :heart:
Heal the world :heart:


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I refuse to vote in this poll. :sleep: :lol:


you know you want to