MJ CLINICALLY DEAD Long Before Medical Help Turned Up at His LA home.

Maybe Dr Murray did not do his ACLS. wasn't he being investigated in Texas. On a bed? for crying out loud!! I think when he shaked Michael and listen for bresth sounds or a pulse he did not find one and paniced. Maybe that is why he was doing CPR on a bed. Did he do mouth to mouth resucusition? He did have Oxygen around. I wonder if he used it? Except if Michael was dead for some time.
I dont want to think of this it is too painful..
I just want lots of people to pay for this..AEG the ring leader..
I want to know who was Dr Murray on the phone with and if they heard anything in relation to MJ dying or being dead. I would love for someone to get a hold of those cell phone records.

Now, if Murray is trying to build a defense for himself, I can understand why he suggested the family get a second autopsy. IF he had been administering the Prophofol all this time and Mike's been okay, he might be stumped himself as to why it killed him this time.

Someone on the board mentioned that MJ thought someone might be poisioning him. Maybe he said something to Murray too? So now Murray is looking for reasons to figure out why his heart failed.

It's neglient pure and simple on at least one account, that Murray should not have been using the drug in the first place in a residence. He won't be able to get out of that one. Murray's probably just as confused as everyone else, but then his subsequent actions AFTER the fact adds to the, "What the hell were you doing" question we all have.

If the article is true about the blood draining to his back, then yes, he's been dead for a few hours.

My working theory: If MJ got home in the wee hours of the morning, couldn't sleep, and asked for the drugs (or maybe it was a nightly tradition), then it's possible he had been sleep for a while and Murray was walking in to wake him up, to find him non-responsive.

I believe the fireplaces (if they were on) were lighted because MJ might have been cold. He was thin, might even have been anemic, so the temperature in the room could have been simply because of that.

I think Murray was a doc in debt and hoping to take this seemingly easy job to help ease his debt and also for bragging rights of being MJ's personal physician. Only, he got a whole lot more than what he bargained for and he screwed up royally.

And you guys know how some physicians can screw things up royally. They're not the only profession that does it. ~sigh~
propofol abuse has gone up 500% in the last ten yrs. so don't think that everyone who uses it gets a full room of items needed to administer and use it safely.

as far as prince not running up there. kai kept him down there, and once they realized what was going on, then they prayed. cuz he was performing cpr at the house until the emt's arrived...then that was another fourty plus minutes. so once the abulance came, i think everyone realized what was going on.
We need to take control of this situation. We are the ones that love Michael and know what :angel: and who he is. You will not tell us just anything and think we will just believe it.

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They have really underestimated the love we have for Michael, our shitty. And they underestimated Michael. They thought he was so naive, but what the fail to understand is the power of love. And Michael gave it in abundance. They could never see where his true power lay. Why do we all love Michael soooo much? Think about it. Through his love for us (an unconditional love) he helped the ones that needed help, he inspired the ones that needed inspiration, he saved the ones that needed saving, he and helped those whom where lost find themselves. Really, I have read so many testimonials that tell how Michael literally saved them. Me, he has transformed. I now know what my purpose is in life, and through the grace of God I will fulfill my purpose. I owe Michael so much and I am positive a lot of you feel the same way. The love he gave us is so powerful. It is the type of love that God wants all of us to give. And we know it, that's why Michael's connection with us is so strong. The evil people that took Michael away from us can't even begin to comprehend it. And this is why we are so powerful and we have to channel that love that Michael gave us toward one central objective. That is, to not let these Murders get away with this. I know these people will have to stand before God and explain why they did what they did.

But, just one time I want to see justice served here on earth as well. :pray:

Michael deserves this from us. He gave us so much. These people took things to a whole other level and Now it is time we get on their level. They are playing for keeps. Michael is gone and he will NEVER come back. This is a reality.