MJ Recording at the Cascio studio?

This belongs to some videos that were sold on EBAY last year as MJREMIXED confirmed , it said it was from the INVINCIBLE sessions or circa that time.




No Cascio related at all.
How long does this video last ?
Is it me or did michael love to wear black during his recording sessions?

his hair and his whole appearance, looks like during the Bashir interview. so i guess its from late 2002 to 2003.
I'm sorry if this picture has been already posted somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

Is it MJ recording at the Eddie Cascio studio? Because i'm pretty sure it's him in the picture, and also, his look is just like back in 2007. And what is that microphone? Weird, hum?

Anyway, i'm sorry if I got something wrong with my English, I'm from Brazil.
And if the photo has been already posted, please forgive me and delete the thread please.
Dude that is not a microphone that is a shower head lol it one of those flexible ones