MJFans working together and showing love to MJ


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Jul 25, 2011
The Netherlands
Hey MJFans,

There is a group which needs your help for new Michael Jackson projects. Well, MJProjectGroup is all about getting Michael Jackson fans together and letting them speak out LOUD in this community. We support Michael Jackson fans to make their ideas for showing support to Michael Jackson come true. We also guide and promote. Projects like : writing books, making your own website, blogs about Michael Jackson, Making videos about/from MJfans , organising MJ Party's, information about Party's, everything that has to do with Michael Jackson and his fans.

We had a huge succes on Youtube with the `The world love Michael Jackson??_ Heal the world` project, where MJFans from all countries made a video with footage of MJ edit with their countries traditional music.


Also one of our latest project is called "BAD TOUR WEMBLEY, LONDON 1988 DVD PROMO PETITION" which is a project to collect a much as signatures as we can and send it to Sony. All to get the BAd Tour in Wembley,London [which broke world records] on DVD.


Our oldest project is one of mine. I have wrote a book called: "How it feels to be a Michael Jackson fan". It's about how MJfans feel and see things, what we feel towards MJ, how we discovered MJ,The trail and about how people think of MJ and MJFans. Soon it will be published and I am planning to give a release party in The Netherlands. Launching the booksale on Ebay and Crossdeal.


We are growing bigger and bigger and we hope that MJFans who have some ideas for a project will contact us. Nothing is impossible .Together we can make things happen !!!