MJJC Member Pictures !

newest of the new pics of me :)



Dang Pic...It won't resize it keeps showing up extra huge.. I'll try to fix it later..
Okay,I'm to try again..since Nar quoted the one below and it resized..


Back in October I was suppose to be Pocahontas..
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:blush: :blush: hahah You got it b4 I edited it I swear it wouldn't resize b4..I added the other ones they resized
:blush: :lol: big :huggy: 2 you Nar! I hope that you're well. :D
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Ok here are a few of me.. the first 1 is of me with my curly hair and the other 1 is of me today with my straightened hair :D excuse my expressionless faces.. trying to focus on where im looking and not missing the capture button :lol:


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This is me at the TII Press Conference was very excited hence the stupid grin ha ha!! I was also shattered as we had been there since about 4am!! So worth it :)


This is me after the press conference i had to go out and celebrate that Michael was back!!
I have another picture, because I just colored my hair red. so this is the picture closest to the color I have now, but I edited this picture before I colored, to see how I look like in red hair. hope you understand, because my english is really bad.

Awww so adorable, both of you. :wub:
Awww so adorable, both of you. :wub:

thanks :') yeah, he is really cute. every time my brother comes, because it's his kid, I immediately take him and start to play with him, he always smile when he looks at me haha :))