MJ's Wikipedia page


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Mar 14, 2008
Can somebody with a Wikipedia account update the image on his Wikipedia page? It currently says:

{{Infobox musical artist |
| Name = Michael Jackson
| Img = Michael Jackson 1984.jpg
| Img_capt = Michael Jackson in 1984
| Img_size = 147

If you change it to:

{{Infobox musical artist |
| Name = Michael Jackson
| Img = Michael Jackson at Camp Zapa.jpg
| Img_capt = Michael Jackson in 2006
| Img_size = 147

It should add a more up-to-date picture from 2006. I think you have to have been a member for over a week to edit the page.
We can't because MJ's Wikipedia page is protected.

"This article is semi-protected indefinitely in response to an ongoing high risk of vandalism".
i think the picture is fine, as it is from the most memorable period of his career. i can't think of a good reason that it should have a more recent picture.
i agree wth horny4mike and not 2mention if u want an updated pic, why use one from 06 instead of 09,what sense does that make lol
To change things on Michael's Wikipedia page, you have to sign up and post a message/request on the discussion board on the Michael Jackson page. I've got them to make changes, like adding Pop and Rock to his music genres as they just had him as an R&B artist which makes no sense when he's the King of Pop not King of R&B. I also got them to change and add parts to the the Jordan Chandler case, such as adding the fact that Michael out of court settlement was part civil lawsuit, and that it was the Chandler family who decided not to co-operate with the Police after the settlement. But they didn't word it how I think they should have done, but at least it was changed.