Murray sentencing hearing 29th November-/ UPDATE Judge Pastor Sentences MAXimum Penalty

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and cooley steps back in. go away fool
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Could someone please post the transcript of legendary Judge Pastor's speech as a sepaprate thread! Thankyou in advance!
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press conference. starts. fecking cooley going on about addiction again and dr shopping. hes an arsehole get walgren on

What's up with all the hate towards Cooley? He made some good points, including the new law.

Walgren maybe the spoke person, but he isn't the main lawyer.
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Prosecution's press conference very worrying already re. actual time that Murray is likely to serve.
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walgrens looking fine today i have to say has he been on the sun bed lol
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I can't believe that the media are criticising the judge for speculating that murray's recording might have been sold to the media to useagainst mj. MJ was the biggest victim of chequebook journalism there's ever been - how many of mj's private recordings have been sold to the media. It was sad when the judge was so disgusted and revulsed at how murray could have exploited mj and made that a recording of a vulnerable mj, and i just thought welcome to mj's world.

The media are criticizing Judge Pastor for saying it because they know they would have bought it if Murray intended to sell it. They would have been his partners of crime. And they know it.
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Cooley says: That sheriff determines. Sometimes only a few hours of 90 days

But the judge orders arent honored by the sheriff cooley says!!! OMG what A BS system is that?! WTF

Why?! why have a sentence when you can be out in 2 procent of the real; time?

Cooley gave 2 examples lohan and another murder case, they were out in no time... A SHAME!
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cooley really doesn't get when to gtfo does he? smdh talking nonstop while brazil and walgren stand there like freaking bystanders!!
Here are my notes, for those of you who could ot follow the hearing live. It was fast, I certainly missed some things, though

Gourjian :

does not want cameras in the court room for sentencing for privacy reasons : they are going to get into Murray's privacy
Judge Pastor asks about documentary, how does that square in that position ?
Gourjian : caracter letters, certain aspects in CM's life , childhood, that were not in the doc
Judge : it would be in public record

Judge's decision : request is denied. There is an interest worldwide .

Judge asks Chernoff:if there is a legal cause for sentence not to be pronounced today. Chernoff says he received info from prosecution today about case law, about caracterisation of IM as a serious felony., which would allow for state prison.

Judge Pastor said he got it from prosection at 8.12, and is not happy about it

Walgren : describes the cases, it's about realignment . Serious felony would be state prison
Judge Pastor said realignement came after, so the prosection's case law can not be used.
missed a whole part of this because my inernet connection froze.

Walgren : Jackson family will have a representative read a statement from the whole family

Mr Brian Panish reads the Jackson's family statement : «*there's no way to describe the loss. As michael's parents we would never have expected to go through this. Brothers and sisters will not be able to hug him, laugh with him, perform with him. The children lost their father. ./...
We want no revenge. We will keep the love in our hearts. His passion was to unite the world with his music. We want a clear message sent to certain doctors*»

Walgren :

propofol shipments began in april. Careless behavior for at leat 2 months. On june 25th, CM administerd propofol , left MJ heavily sedated. MJ died, leaving his kids without a father. Talks about cleaning up the crime scene , lying to the ER and paramedics. Cites the documentary , and Cm not mentionning the phone calls because the police didn't ask.
Katherine Jackson said in the probation report CM didn't tell her anything at all, CM did not console her.
Vulnerability of the victim : Mj expected CM to by his side , CM created Mj's vulnerability .
Propofol was in the home because CM brought it there, he didn't have the appropriate medical equipment to give propofol.
No medical records, told the pharmacist it was for a clinic : CM knew hat he was doing was wrong.
Trust & doctor-patient relationship : grossly corrupted by CM , destroyed by CM. MJ trusted he was monitored and cared for.
CM was playig russian roulette every single night with MJ's life.

CM says he walked in on the situation, but prop shipments started in april, when he accepted the job.
CM knew he had done something wrong , he started looking out for himself. Cleaned up the room, waited 20mn to call 911, lied, didn't answer the family's questions. Comes forward 2 days later with the propofol when he talks to the police.
CM was on the phone talking to his GF when MJ died or was dying. Highlights the priorities of CM at that time. Instead of being focused on MJ, he was focused on his personal life.

Vulnerability of MJ : not only at that moment on june 25th , but the vulnerability was exarcebated by CM during these 2 months.

Propofol shimpent, lies, lack of medical records : he knew he was risking MJ's life. Took advantage of his posoition trust.
Walgren repeats what MJ said, according to nurse Lee «*As long as i'm monitored, I'll be safe*».
It's not only the act of june 25th, it's the repeated negligence . It was not one solitary mistake of judgement.

Restitution :
100 million for the 50 shows, that would have benefitted the children. Conservative amount, because there could have been more earnings (more shows, records, etc..)+ funeral costs

lack of remorse : cites CM's own words from the doc, reportedly 9 days before the verdict. CM says «*I dont feel gulty because I didn't do anything wrong*». he chose not to testify , but he chose to say that.

KJ's statement in the probation report : «*all the family members feel angry and betrayed, they think about MJ everyday, my first thought in the morning is for MJ. Mj was his kids' world, their world collapsed. Paris said «*I want to go with you*». MJ planned on producing films with his kids. The family felt betrayed when Cm took pictures at the cemetary on 1st year anniversary.

Asks for a sentence of 4 years in state prison.

Walgren : Cm would be housed in county jail , Judge woudn't have authority on that.

Judge Pastor asked for an itemisation of the amount , Walgren says he doesn't have it. Agrees the defense is entitled to the itemisation.

Defense :

CM has the right to speak. CM doesn't want to speak.

Chernoff : has 35 letters of recommendation and support. Agrees it's a tragedy, the loss demands punishment. Says the judge needs to consider CM's whole book of life, not one chapter. Cm shouldn't have done it. Mj was a drug seeker, soughit out from CM, and he shoudn't have agreed, and from other doctors. MJ was powerful, was wealthy , had lawyers, security, staff...
CM has to be in protective custody. He was 56 in 2009, never comitted a crime, raised a family. Has a 2.5 years old son. Understands the tragedy for MJ's kids. CM Was born in Granada, was very poor, from an illegimate father, didn't know his father. Went to the US, graduated in 3 years, unsupported , went to medical school. CM is a doctor. All of this is gone, it's CM's fault. He's no longer a doctor, he's the man who killed MJ. Gave back to a community, helped train doctors in the Caribbean, brought them material they couldn't afford, helped the community.
His whole life should be considered . On probation, could do things for the community. Punishment is not a revenge.

Judge Pastor asks Chernoff about restitution : Chernoff says the figure is so high, doesn't know what to say. CM will never be able to pay that amount. Chernoff needs receipts.

Judge Pastor :

CM didn't intend MJ to die. CM is a human being,not a saint , not the devil. He is convicted of death of an other human being, predicated on criminal or gross negligence. The jury agreed on that. It wasn't medical malpractice.
Criminal nigligence : more than ordinary carelessness, ordinary lack of judgement. Creats high risk of death, a normal person would have known that acting that way would have caused a high risk.
Acts that amount to disregard to human life.

Some people feel that «*if it wasn't CM, would have been someone else*».Judge Pastor says it's an insult to medical profession. It's not about MJ.

Has read the book of CM's life, has read the book of MJ's life too.

MJ died because of a totality of circumstances , because of a series of decisions Cm made. Horrific medical actions. Violated for money, fame, prestige. CM engaged in a recurring pattern of deceit, lies, to assit CM. It's inconceivable that CM persisted in that . The lies , the deceit continued. Lies to the pharmacist, shows intentional deception. Lies to those associated with MJ. Lies to MJ's staff, unconscionable lies to health care providers, not designed to help MJ, but to help CM . Cover up, lies to law enforcement.

CM showed long standing failure of character in terms of serving his patient.

Judge pastor talks about the recording : MJ was recorded by his trusted doctor : why ? That tape was Cm's insurance policy. It was designed to record his patient in a vulnerable state. Horrific violation of trust. What would have been the value of that recording if it was sold to the media. Betrayed the oath of his profession.

Speaks of the doc CM «*I don't feel guilty*» . «*i wasn't reckless*». Cm says he feels betrayed and entrapped by MJ. Judge Pastor «*Yikes , talk about blaming the victim*».

CM is legally eligible for probation, but why give probation to someone who is offended by being in court ? Probabtion requires that the person takes some responsability.

Mj was vulnerable because CM put him in that position.

CM abandonned his patient , it's not a single mistake. It's a gross maintained deviation.

The request for probation is denied.

The court does not have the legal authority to send CM to sate prison.

Sentence is 4 years in LA county jail : CM abadonned his vulnerable patient who trusted him, acted during a long period of time, lied, cover up, violated the trust of the medical community and his patient, has absolutely no sense of remorse , is and still is dangerous. Cm is offended by his patient dying. CM so reckless , his subsequent behavior shows he is danger to the public.
Experimental medicine is not going to be tolerated, CM could have walked away. CM engaged in medecine for money.

4 years in the LA county jail

800 restitution fine.
30 court security fee
40 criminal convition assessment

as a convicted felon, he has to give blood & saliva samples, palm and fingerprints.

Appropriate restitution to the estate, family and Mj's kids, amount determined at a later hearing, with more detailed information.

Sentence is 4 years – 23 days already served, - 23 days for good behavior.

Restitution hearing will be on 23rd january, 8.30 am, CM will not be there.
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What do you expect from tabloid fans. Most of them are airheads.

yeah who cares its the daily mail. we need to keep that crap off here. we come here to escape that crap
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just 2 years? OMG!!! it is 4 years, but he will stay in jail only 2 years??? i cannot believe in this... only 2 years!!!

what a justice!!!!

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cooley says he got like 10k emails saying it should be murder 2 from fans lol
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No wonder Murray didn't look very bothered by the sentence. sounds like he'll be out in no time.
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Why has the US has that system?!?!?!?!?! WHy have a trial and sentence?! If the sheriff decide what time he really does?!?! PLEASE Im soo mad i dont get this?! a sherif isnt a judge??? Like cooley said he should honor the judge but he doesnt!1
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UK has that sentencing procedure too, prisoners get out in half the time if they're good.
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cooley says he got like 10k emails saying it should be murder 2 from fans lol
walgren had a smirk on his face when cooley mentioned the fans, maybe he knows how strongly we feel for him? lol

cooley making it seem like this is a political election speech, I get he wants to be reelected but seriousy this is going too far.
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UK has that sentencing procedure too, prisoners get out in half the time if they're good.

but it isnt decided by a sherif right? but by a judge? Also the half time is more than cooley said CM prob will get. Like lohan only get a few hours!
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WALGREN MY LOVE!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Walgren's clearly flattered by the fans affection toward him lol
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murray mugshot is released at last. missed the last minute as the stream went off anything important said