Music of The Jacksons


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I love the Jacksons just as much as the J5.

You can hear the maturity in their music... and it's really sad how underrated they are compare to the J5.


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Muhammad Ali 1977 interview

Muhammad Ali was planning to stage a charity concert with different music groups that was popular at the time. Nothing became of it as far as I know. Anyway the group and Joseph are in this footage. They don't say anything, except for a couple of lines from Mike & Jackie.


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I dont leave home w/o Michael or The Jacksons music.
My car CD player would suffer as much as me and make for a very boring drive.

Duran, thanks for uppin' those videos. Love ALL of the Jacksons suff.
Five and otherwise. :D


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xscape guy 2003

There you go Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie ! Thats why you have to get your butts into the studio and sort some new tunes out! Im positive you *still have it* you just have to make time and work at it! Perfection does not get given, its worked for!!


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from the 'Triumph' album:

'Your Ways' (1980)

'Walk Right Now' (1980)

Marty In LA
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