My dream about MJ last night


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Aug 12, 2016
Last night I dreamed about Michael. It was a beautiful, magical and peaceful dream where Michael and I were sitting around the table. We just talked, listened… Being silent in the same room was a magical experience as well. This dream felt surreal because Michael looked like the Michael from the History era, but also a bit from the This Is it era…
His voice was deep, sometimes were were just silent and stared… Michael looked beautiful, he didn't wear much make up. He actually looked like he would on a day with his children, yet very stylish. His hair casually tied up, a few strands hanging down the sides of his face, giving him this mysterious element. It was also a strange dream, because it felt very real, like something came true that I'd waited for for a long time. In a way it was, indeed. It also felt like a relief…

No words I recall
His eyes as dark
As the dream into I fall
No words I recall
So distant
Yet so present
Above all