My personal MJ top 50.


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Feb 23, 2020
This probably has been done but I'm new here and I feel like doing it too. Let me start by saying that I love close to all MJ songs simply because I love his voice although there are a few that I can't stomach like for example fan favorite "speechless" which I find too schmaltzy. I picked songs done solo as well as duets and J5 material. I didn't pick demo songs that were too unfinished despite looking incredible (f.e.groove of midnight, don't be messing, in the back etc) I obviously also didn't pick "snippets" of leaked tracks that look extraordinary (f.e. throwing your life away, ghost of another lover etc). I did however pick demo songs that are imo in a near completed state (f.e. fall again).
Initially I had a "nominees" list of 80 songs so I had a lot of work and thought to come up with 40. I decided to go for the songs that are currently my favorites (which means the last 3 or 4 years). If I had made this list 20 years ago it would look very different.

So here goes:

1. The Jacksons - Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
The long album cut is the greatest dance track of all time imo and the outro is simply amazing.

2. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
My nr 1 has the greatest outro, well this has the greatest intro and the most legendary live performance of a single song of all time.

3. Michael Jackson - Who Is It
Killer beat, killer chorus and killer vocals!

4. Michael Jackson - Will You Be There
Imo his most emotional song, I remember the first time I heard it on the radio as a kid, I cried and that never happened before.

5. Michael Jackson - Music & Me
Delicate and sincere, this would fit nicely for my funeral in 2134.

6. Michael Jackson - One Day In Your Life
I remember the day I heard it for the first time, my father told me he found a cassette with an MJ song I never heard before going to school, I was anticipating the entire the day to get back home to listen to it and it became a moment encapsulated in my mind.

7. Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
I can imagine MJ hearing Marvin Gay's "got to give it up" and thinking I can do better and he did...

8. Michael Jackson - Someone in the Dark
This one brings me to tears each time, why was it not on the E.T. OST?

9. Michael Jackson - Can't Let Her Get Away
So The Jacksons have it on their setlist, that's amazing! It's so hard and edgy!

10. Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us
I thought this would become an anthem for minorities it didn't quite happen although it gained popularity a lot the past decade.

11. Michael Jackson - Heartbreaker
To fully appreciate this you need to listen to it on headphones it's a real experience and among MJ's top 5 beats of all time!

12. Michael Jackson - Off the Wall
A great mid tempo groove with a killer bass line and a fantastic chorus.

13. Michael Jackson - Jam
I can't remember when I first heard this but it was such a kick ass departure from MJ's traditional sound of the 80s, very hard track.

14. The Jacksons - Show You the Way To Go
Soulful mid tempo groove that sounds equally amazing live as on record.

15. Michael Jackson - Another Part of Me
My favorite live performance, very energetic and MJ always looked to be having fun performing this

16. Michael Jackson - Gone Too Soon
This has grown on me so much since his passing and especially since that amazing live performance in 1993.

17. Michael Jackson - Ben
Prophetic lyrics it's as if his life was always meant to be the way it turned out to be

18. The Jacksons - Push Me Away
Very lush and romantic, I love the strings and MJ's falsetto moments

19. The Jacksons - Be Not Always
MJ solo... unplugged it would have been amazing. Profound lyrics.

20. Michael Jackson - Get on the Floor
Another dance floor filler and it would have been a hit no doubt.

21. Michael Jackson - Streetwalker
This would have been an absolute smash hit. Just good friends should have been axed for this!

22. Michael Jackson - Give in to Me
From his rock inspired tracks this has the greatest guitar work and vocals.

23. Michael Jackson - Scared of the Moon
What could have inspired this creepy yet beautiful track? Amazing goosebump inducing vocals!

24. Michael Jackson - We're Almost There
Inspirational and I would have loved it if he had performed it later on in his career.

25. The Jacksons - Lovely One
Amazing live track where the tempo seems to be even higher, dance classic.

26. Michael Jackson - I can't help It
So nice of Stevie to give such great tracks to his friend to perform, jazzy and relaxing.

27. Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
Another live classic. Great delivery on the verses, good lyrics. It was played on the alternative radio station where I'm from.

28. Michael Jackson - I'm So Blue
Vocals top notch but I love it especially for the harmonica, very sweet

29. Michael Jackson - Why You Wanna Trip On Me
Yes, why?

30. Michael Jackson - We've Got forever
I love the last minute of it

31. The Jacksons - Your Ways
MJ's falsetto it always does the trick

32. Michael Jackson - Workin Day and Night
Funky stufffff

33. Michael Jackson - In the Closet
Hot and steamy for girls and boys (thanks Naomi) minute 3.52 in the videoclip, have you ever seen cooler moves? Of course not!

34. Michael Jackson - Childhood
Heartfelt and Disney like, he could have written soundtracks if he was asked to...

35. Michael Jackson - You Can't Win
The long version from the ultimate collection, of course...

36. Michael Jackson - Wanna Be startin Something
That beat...

37. Michael Jackson - Little Susie
Devastating song.

38. Michael Jackson - Got the Hots
It would have fitted nicely on either Thriller or Off the Wall, it should be a dance classic, how can you just throw this away?

39. Michael Jackson - Monkey Business
I'm really surprised this never made an official album.

40. Michael Jackson - Fall Again
Isn't it amazing how MJ hears a sound and then effortlessly replicates it with his voice?
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