My trading card company finally went live with our first product. Yay!


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Jul 25, 2011
Brynar <3 :)
Hello to all my ol' MJJC pals (not sure if half of you even come here anymore). I thought I'd share my great news with you. As you recall, I was working really hard to start up a new trading card company with original created products to put out. After dealing with the nightmares of buying a license deal, we finally decided we go in the creator owned direction instead and this is what came of it.

Out of the super limited 1000 packs, we managed to put down 900 reserved packs a month before pre-sales. We're holding back 100 to sell individually to the public in late October when the stuff ships out. So far so good but too soon for any celebration. Handling a business while producing the product is no walk in the park.

Basically what our product is, isn't just printed trading cards but actually drawn pieces that are inserted in every pack. Artists are to try and draw tiny detailed images of characters they've created which are then collected, traded and sold by dealers and collectors alike, sometimes fetching a big amount of $$$, depending on the quality and success of a character/property.

We are going to make comic books based on these creations to establish their origins and toys as well. I'm gunning for an animated series contract too, for my creation, The Underground Forces. This is pretty much why I've been away for so long. Well, still lots of work to do... Wish me luck friends. I'll see you all later. :)

PS. You may want to drag the images onto your browser address bar to get a proper view of them as MJJC image posts are scripted to downsize and sometimes distorts an image.


Wow! I don't know much about trading cards and what not but I do commend you for creating your own company from scratch. I know it is a lot of work, as I have also "tried" to start my own company before. Have you started any advertisements yet? I wish you and your company well. Keep it up! :)
well I don't know to much about the trading card business either...but I wish you all the success in the world..:)
Hey I really appreciate the support, friends. I'm still scared out of my mind of the outcome. Seems a lot of people in this specific market are really waiting to see if this new company lives up to their expectations. Which are immensely high. :angel:

Im so tired. But Im in it for the long haul!:cheeky:
Naaaar! :huggy: OMG! That sounds SO COOL! Great stuff!

Congratz on it all & good to hear you manage to do what you love!