New Friends-Michael Meets April


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Hello all, here's a fanfiction about Michael Jackson meeting my OC April Thompson If you don't know what she looks like, here's a drawing I made of her last year.

New Friends Michael Meets April by Jerseygirl94 April_thompson_by_staciethehedghog-d33ghng

~*New Friends-Michael meets April~*


Genre:Friendship, and some Drama.

Year: This takes place in the Spring of 1971, taking place a few weeks after the Jacksons move from Gary, Indiana to Encino, California.

Summary: Michael Jackson, at 11 years old, is the world's greatest singers of all time. Teaming up with his 4 older brothers, they became the famous group The Jackson 5 and now they travel all over the world singing and dancing for their good fans; but despite all the fame, and glamour, Michael was very lonely though he has his brothers to hang out but he longed for a real and true friend one that he could share his secrets with, share lunches, and of course trust each other through the good times and bad times.

Chapter 1.

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New Friends Michael Meets April by Jerseygirl94 Mansions

"Come on April, aren't you done baking yet?" A little girl who looked to be 5 years old asked complaining with her little slender legs dangling off as she sat on a bar stool watching a young girl who was the age of 9 taking out a tray of chocolate-chip cookies out of the oven. "I'm almost done Lily, just one more tray to go" "Well, could you hurry it up? you promised Rachel and Tiffany we would be at the park to fly the kite" "Now Lily you must be patient, you can't rush into things." Lily rolled her eyes. "You sound just like mommy because she would say the same thing too"

April giggled at her sister's complaining everytime that she would be doing something, she always wanted her to finish real quick so that way they would go out and play. But, she was on a journey. April Thompson was an ordinary 9 year-old girl with big dreams of her own. Born and raised in St.Louis Missouri, to a irish Father and a german mother, she was the 4th child of 5 children 3 older brothers and little sister, she found it very lonely and quiet sure she loved to hang out with her siblings but she was longing for a true friend even though she had two girlfriends but she wanted another but for now, she was just a young baker baking basic treats for her dream was to become a great chef of delicious foods all over the world.


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Chapter 2.

"April, April, APRIL!!" Lily shouted snapping her sister out of her daydreaming. "Yes Lily, what is it?" "For the billionth time, are you done yet?" "Yep finally now we can go" " Yay!" Lily jumped for joy as she picked up the kite and together, the two girls were on their way to the park.

Where: Hayvenhurst in Encino, California.

Time: 11:45am.

11 year old Michael Jackson stared outside through his bedroom window of the mansion. He dreamed of the many fun things that he and his brothers were going to do today but, because of the fame and popularity, he was stuck in it. He puffed out a breath of air watching the blue birds fly and listened to their sweet little songs, the sun beated down on his Afro and his brown eyes seeing the clouds float in the sky. "What a beautiful day this has been so far" He thought to himself. Why did all of this had to begin right now? Sure Michael loved the good life but still he wished that he could ditch his duties and just be a normal kid for once. One that could get dirty, pig out on sugar, and maybe... Just maybe have a new friend one he could trust and not take advantage of him because he lived in a big house.

Soon, Michael's big brother, 13 year old Marlon Jackson, knocked on his little brother's door. Michael turned around seeing him smile warmly at him.

"Oh hey there Marlon, what's up?" Michael asked him who had a teasing look on his face. "It looks like you've been daydreaming again huh?" Michael held his head down trying to hide his blush but it was no use. "N-no of course not" "Uh huh sure you weren't" Michael chuckled seeing Marlon winked and putting his finger under his chin to see him face-to-face.

"Okay, maybe I was... A little bit" Marlon grinned and shook his head. "Oh Mike you are one of a kind" Both brothers laughed as Michael asked him what was really up. "I just came to tell you that we have a song recording to do, Joseph's waiting in the limo right now." Michael's smile instantly faded to a frown. It was that time again, time to do another recording at the Studio and there was no way to get around it he sighed, a deep sigh. "Man, I wish we really didn't have to do this I mean when are we going to get some freedom?" Marlon sighed also understanding what his brother meant. "Maybe someday Mike but don't worry, in due time it will come"


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Chapter 3.

Where:The Recording Studio.


"Why hello there boys glad you could come." Barry Gordy, the founder, and owner of Motown Records said full of delight seeing all the boys waving to him politely except Michael who looked really down. That Got Barry's attention making him concern as he asked the little Jackson what was the matter, but Michael forced a smile saying that nothing was wrong getting into the recording room and getting in position.

As they were singing, Michael saw all the kids outside over at the park playing and having a blast. Soon, he started to sigh again seeing this, And looking outside, Mr. Gordy rubbed his chin in thought as he told the brothers to stop saying that he would be right back going out in the main room having a talk with Joe.


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Chapter 4.

But Mr. Gordy..." Joe said trying to speak but Barry held up his hand. "But nothing Mr. Jackson, they are just boys they need to be among other children their age can't you see? they have fun here, but they want more than this" "I understand but...." "You will take them to the park, that will give them the day off so what do you say we go and tell them?"

"What do you think Mr. Gordy is saying?" Marlon asked. "Beats me but I think he's talking about us" Tito said playing with his guitar strings. "What makes you say that Tito?" Jackie asked his brother who never took his eyes off of the instrument. "Hey I don't know I just got a feeling." Just then, the door open revealing to be the two men. Barry had a nice smile on his face, while Joe, on the other hand, had a grim expression. "Good news boys, you all can go home early today." All the brothers looked flabbergasted, neither one of them spoke instead, gave each other a look before turning back. "A-are you serious?" Michael asked thinking this was all a dream. "Didn't you here the man boy? you all can take the day off." Joe said in a low growling voice that would bring shivers down your spine.

"And Joseph is going to take you all to the park to play there for a while just to give you guys some fresh air you all deserve it" The Jacksons ran up to him giving him a group hug, Joe looked at them scowling. Soon, they all filed in the long black limo, Mr. Gordy waved goodbye until it was out of sight he then started to grow a warm smile knowing that this was going to be a great afternoon.

The ride back to Hayvenhurst was very silent, cold, and icy. Michael turned his head slowly to see Joe's still grim face. Making a glance to the boys, Michael turned his head in quick as a wink not wanting to hear what he was going to say. In a few minutes, he and the rest of the guys would be going to the park and having the time of their lives. He imagined meeting a person who he was going to befriend, and that they would probably be at the playground, having ice cream and simply just playing games he was so excited that he had to pinch himself to see if he was dreaming, but it wasn't a dream this was real.

Soon, the limo stopped at the front gates of the mansion. Katherine came running out just in time to see her boys and husband coming out with Joe's hands in his pockets and sunglasses on his forehead. "My you all are home early, what happened?" "Nothing happened if that's what you're thinking, Mr. Gordy thought it would be best if the boys take the day off today and get some fresh air." "Well, I think that's a wonderful idea they should go to the park and relax and enjoy themselves." "That's what he said also." Joe said rolling his eyes seeing Michael rushing into the house to get his binoculars.

"But what do you do at a park though?" Jermaine asked with the rest of the guys scratching their heads. "I don't know, I think have fun I guess." Tito said. "Well, when we get there, it's going to be a different story." Michael grinned.

"Whee!... Now this is fun! Jackie exclaimed as he was swinging on a swing going high like he was going to touch the clouds any minute. "I'm with you brother, this is the best moments ever." Tito said going down the slide and Jermaine coming after.

"Wow, Michael point the binoculars on that one!" Marlon pointed his finger on another dove that was flying by. "Man this is great, I sure wish I had brought my camera and sketchpad that way I could treasure this moment forever" The brothers chuckled setting their sites on more birds. As Michael was about to watch a cardinal, he heard voices not too far from where they were. Looking, through a bush, he saw 4 girls, but his eyes were set on a girl who looked to be 9 years old, having brunette hair that was neatly tied in a ponytail wearing a yellow long sleeve shirt with a orange miniskirt yellow stockings that stopped at her kneecaps and orange Mary-janes and also had an orange neck scarf that tied around her neck making her very pretty.

What he saw looked like they were trying to get something off from a tree, he raised his head a little higher careful not to be seen squinting his eyes, he saw that it was a kite. Looking back at Marlon who was sound asleep, he quietly got up to go.

Ugh.. it's no use, I can't get it down." April said pulling the string of the kite trying every which way possible. "We can't give up so quickly we gotta keep trying." Lily said fully determined. "Maybe I can help" The girls turned around revealing to be Michael coming up the hill. "Oh hi there, what are you doing here?" April asked the 11-year-old who scratched behind his neck. "Sorry for overhearing your coversation, but would you girls like some help?" April smiled warmly. "Sure, our kite is stuck in the tree and we're trying every way to get it back but it's hopeless." Don't worry about a thing, I'll get it"

So, up the tree Michael went. Branch by brach, and limb by limb until, he was where the kite was. The string of it was wrapped around a little twig; taking his time, and getting it right, he gently tossed it down to the kids who all cheered. "Oh thank you so much you did it!" "Hey it was nothing, I told you from the start." "Excuse me, but I didn't get your name, who are you?" "I'm Michael, Michael Jackson, and it's very nice to meet you nice girls." "It's a pleasure meeting you Michael, My name is April Thompson, and this is my little sister Lily, and my two friends, Rachel Rogers and Tiffany Andrews." The three girls politely waved and of course giving him handshakes.

"Hola, como estas?" Michael looked at Tiffany then back at April with a confused expression. "What did she say?" "Oh excuse me for that, but I said hello, how are you in spanish. Whenever I meet new people, I start to break out in my native language, I'll teach you sometime." Tiffany explained with Michael nodding. "Ok that would be great." Just then, Marlon came running up to the group asking Michael if he was okay, Michael told him that everything was alright introducing him to the 3 9 year olds and 5 year old. After that, they all went back to see the rest of the guys.


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Chapter 5.

"Michael, Marlon, where have you two been?" Jackie asked sternly seeing the brothers and the girls coming. "Sorry Jackie I should have came to you before I left, but I just went to help a girl name April get her kite off a tree." Michael said pointing to the brunette haired girl who waved very shyly and went up to shake hands with the 18 year old young man followed by the two other Jacksons along with the 3 girls.

"I'm April Thompson, and this is my sister Lily and two friends Rachel and Tiffany. It is very nice to meet you there sir" Jackie was taken a back by the nice greeting blushing, he shook hands with the rest of them who all grinned. "Well it is a pleasure meeting you 4 beautiful young ladies, I'm Jackie Jackson, and these are our brothers Tito, and Jermaine" "Nice to meet you all" Rachel said in her polite tone yet followed by Lily who grinned very wide seeing new people in a long time.

"Well, now that we're all together, what do you say we play?" Tiffany asked with the other nodding. "That's a great idea!" Lily piped up as she started to touch Michael and ran with Michael staring at her like she was crazy. "Come on try and tag me!!" Michael started to laugh as he ran as fast as he could to catch the little 5 year old with the other running after him.

Soon, all the kids were having alot of fun. They played hide n seek, skipped rocks at the pond and of course did some cartwheels. Michael was laughing and having the time of his life. He couldn't remember the last time he had this much fun apart from his brothers, but this was the first time in a long time especially with girls that he only knew a few minutes.

Soon, Bill, The family's security guard, announced that it was time to go home for lunch. Disappointed to leave, Michael slowly turned back but he didn't want to leave his new friends yet, so he had an idea. Running up to them, he asked if they would like to join them for lunch, the girls stared at each other for a few minutes then nodded getting into the limo and driving off into the sun filled sky.


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Chapter 6.

The gates flew open to the Hayvenhurst mansion which stunned the girls but mostly April. She had never seen gates that opened in an instant yet with grace unlike back at her Pasadena estate where it was open with a beautiful flower space in the front yard.

The limo door open, the Jacksons were the first to get out and shortly after the girls. Michael, being the gentleman that he was, held out his hand to the little girl who kindly accepted it. "Wow, your house is so big and very nice." "Why thank you April what a very genorous thing to say" Michael said warmly as they went through the doors.

"Welcome home dears, how was your day at the park?" Katherine asked coming into the foyer giving each of her sons a kiss. "It was great Mother, we had a blast" Marlon said with the woman giggling. "Well that's very good, I'm all happy for you" Noticing the other children, who were behind the boys, she smiled very warmly. "Why hello there you four, what are your names?" The girls slowly took steady steps afraid to utter out a word never had they been around strangers without their parents. "It's alright you all can tell me I won't bite." "M-m-m-my name is A-April T-Thompson" She finally said introducing the rest of the girls to the woman who kindly shook hands with.

"It's very nice to meet all of you and I'm sure you will all like your stay here. Now come into the kitchen, you all are just in time for lunch."

What are we having this afternoon Mother?" Jermaine asked as all the children sat down at the large table. "We are having

something special this time, peanut-butter and banana sandwiches." "Peanut-butter and banana sandwiches? You said? I love them!" April said in full of delight. "You do?" Katherine asked sounding impressed and pleased with the brunette haired girl nodding. "Yep especially with chocolate milk." "Well today is your lucky day, I have some chocolate milk right here."

Setting down the plates and glasses in front, they all said thank-you and began to eat while she went out to go plant some flowers. Soon after their meal, the guys gave the girls a tour around the estate starting with outside.

"Oh my goodness, you all have a very nice and marvelous backyard." Rachel said full in awe seeing the wonderful site before them with luscious trees, plants, and flowers. "Thanks Rachel, it is very lovely isn't it?" Marlon asked taking her by the hand. Rachel's face started to heat up a little bit, her stomach started to feel a little woozy but she tried to keep her composure by taking steady steps with him. The rest of the kids giggled watching the cute little moment as they continued.

"Wow, you guys even have a swimming pool?" April asked seeing the pool with the reflecting water shining with the sun's rays. "You can swim in it sometimes if you like." Michael suggested with her nodding in acceptance. "Sure, we'll be glad to if it's okay with our parents that is." Michael nodded his head understanding.

Bouncing could be heard from around the house as April asked Michael what it was, Michael smirked getting a clue seeing his 9 year old brother Randy and 4 year old sister Janet playing basketball.

"Hey guys, do you have a minute?" He asked the little ones who stopped in an instant. "Yeah big bro, what is it?" Randy asked with curious brown eyes. "Why don't you put that ball down and come meet our new guests?" Dropping the ball, the brother and sister ran up to the elder siblings seeing the 4 young girls; Randy smiled his big warm smile shaking hands while Janet on the other hand, hid behind her brother afraid to come out and introduce herself. Seeing this, April smiled warmly and held out her hand with the little girl stepping slowly and taking it with a nice gesture. Michael smiled seeing that his siblings were getting used to new people in quick as a wink after all, they were very nice kids and deep down in his soul, he knew that they were going to be true friends.

Later that evening, Michael and April watched their two little sisters playing together. Janet was playing hop-scotch throwing the pebble and hopping 3 times. The girls both took turns laughing but when Lily jumped, she missed her step and fell to the ground. Luckily, April came by her side and rocked her back and forth calming her down by planting a kiss on the cheek. Michael grinned seeing the big sister and little sister being together. It had reminded him about him and Jackie when he was much younger when he had scraped his knee and Jackie, being the responsible older brother made him feel better by putting a bandage on and giving him ice-cream.

Soon, Tiffany and Rachel came over to April reminding her that it was time to go home, so Michael called Ben, the limo driver, telling him to take the 4 girls back to their homes with a nod, he did just that. Michael waved back to them until he couldn't see the car anymore and shortly after making it back into the house.


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Chapter 7.

Michael picked at his mashed potatoes at dinner; not because he wasn't really hungry, he had had a great day off today, and he had made some new friends which made him all fuzzy inside. Seeing this sudden mood, Joe asked Michael why he wasn't eating snapping him out of his trance. Yawning, Michael told them that he just wanted to go to bed (not that he was REALLY tired instead he just wanted to think more about April).

Katherine nodded letting him excuse himself and going upstairs. Once inside his room, He laid down on his bed couldn't get the memory of today out of his mind as he changed his clothes and went into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, April who was staring out her window, was having the same thoughts, couldn't seem to think about anything else except meeting the first black american family especially Michael of course. Today it felt like a dream come true as she saw some stars in the sky. Finally, she got ready for bed, changing into some yellow silk pajamas and going under the covers. Soon, an idea came into her head, she would invite the Jacksons over to a family dinner next weekend all she had to do was make up an invitation and send it she just couldn't wait to see them again.

Later that Monday afternoon, after Michael and the brothers came home from school and the studio ( making up to Barry about Saturday), Annie, the servant, told them that they had a letter that was waiting for them on the kitchen table. There, lied a nice lavender envelope that smelled of roses; gently picking it up, and opening it, careful not to rip the paper, Michael cleared his throat and begun to read.

Dear Jackson Family,

Thank you all so much for letting me and the girls come over to your house the other day to spend the Saturday afternoon with you it was alot of fun and to return the nice offer, You all are cordially invited to a family dinner at my house in Pasadena California this saturday evening so we can know each other a little more.

Sincerely April Thompson.

Michael finished reading as he saw his brothers grinning. "Awesome, a dinner?" Marlon asked jumping up in delight. "Wow this is going to be so good I can feel it already." Jermaine said sounding impressed. Michael's heart started to thump in his chest like a big drum smiling. "We should ask Mother and Joseph if they would like to come too I bet they would also like it" Tito suggested Michael frowned at the mention of Joe's name, he wasn't sure if their dad would even want to attend their mother would accept any offer but Joe on the other hand... Well, he just wasn't sure about that.

"Oh how sweet of her" Katherine awed at the letter that the boys showed her later that evening while she was fixing the dinner. "So is it okay if we go?" Michael asked her who nodded. "Of course we can how can we say no to a kindhearted girl like her?" The kids all cheered but it was short lived when they heard Joe walking in the kitchen.

"What girl are you all talking about?" Michael gulped as he slowly walked over. "H-her name is April Thompson, we all met her and her two friends at the park the other day and she sent us an invitation asking us if we would like to come to dinner at her house and I was thinking can we go?" Joe studied his son for a minute then looked back at the rest of the people. "Well... I don't know about that." "Now Joseph, she really is a very nice girl and it would really be heartless of us to not show up besides, it is a way to return the offer of letting her stay here." Katherine suggested with the kids with pleading looks on their faces.

Joe sighed a deep sigh slowly nodding his head. "Alright, fine we can go, as long as I don't have to wear a tie.
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Chapter 7.

Michael gazed at the palm trees that were lined up on each side of the road. Smelling the delicious smell of home made biscuits that his mother had made, they were on their way to April's house with his heart beating in anticipation.

"I can't believe that you had to drag me into this, why don't We just turn back and go home?" Joe asked never keeping his eye off the road ahead of them. Katherine looked at him with a blank face but her eyes in an unbelievable state. "Joseph, she is just a child, we have to let her realize that we are coming to see the whole family and we have to make a good impression, we don't want to break her heart and spirits now do we?"

Soon, the car had instantly stopped in front of a San Antonio style estate. the exterior of it was very marvelous, the windows were perfectly circular and the flowers in the front, made a nice appearance. One by one, the Jacksons got out taking slow steps (Minus Randy and Janet who ran up in front with Joe shouting after them). The gardenias pulled out their fresh scents inflaming everyone's noses along with the biscuits of course.

Katherine lightly rang the doorbell waiting for somebody to come. "Okay, nobody's home let's go." Joe said walking away but soon, the door flew opened revealing to be Lily smiling her biggest smile ever happy to see the Jacksons again. "Hi there, it's great to see you all again please come in!" Katherine eyed her warmly while Joe looked with a bored expression walking into the foyer. "Lillian, how many times have I told you, to not answer the door to strangers unless I am around?" Stood a woman who looked to be 37 years old. She had curly brown hair, wearing a lime green blouse with a long knee length skirt with high heels eyeing the little girl with her hands on her hips. "But mommy, they are not strangers, they are good friends of ours, presenting the Jacksons. The woman looked at them with a small smile of her own, telling Lily to run off and play.

"Please excuse my daughter, she is very energetic whenever she sees new people. "Oh it is quite alright no harmed done allow me to introduce myself, I am Katherine Jackson and this is my husband Joseph and our children. the woman kindly shook hands with the family. " Very nice to meet you all My name is Darlene Thompson but please call me Darla. After the introductions, Darla called April to come downstairs. pleasant steps came down gracefully. April came down wearing a red long sleeve shirt with denim bell bottom jeans with a black neck scarf tied around her smiling at the people.

"Hello everyone it's great to see you all again." April said politely shaking hands with the others. Soon, gazing at Joe, April extended her arm out to him, but Joe just scoffed, Katherine pinched his skin. Finally Joe did what he had to do forcing a smile and gritting his teeth.

"Mum, is it okay if I show the boys upstairs?" Darla nodded. "Of course honey, we'll be in the backyard talking." April ushered the brothers to come with her one by one they filed in a neat line following her up the endless staircase.

"Whew, I never thought it would end" Marlon said breathing in all the air he could get. "Don't worry you get used to it. It's nothing really" April said trying to hold in her giggles. Music was coming from the door down the hallway on the left side. "Where is all that noise coming from?" Jackie asked while April sighed. "Oh those are just my brothers practicing sometime when they get on my nerves, I have to bang the door just to get them to stop." "Is it alright if we meet them?" Michael asked her who shook her head. "No not at all come on" April knocked on the door three times fast and then three times slow; soon, a male voice answered. "Who is it?" He asked. "It's me April" "April who?" "Oh come on Tim, please open the door we have new guests visiting us today." "Alright hold on"

The door flew open revealing to be a brunette haired boy who looked to be 15 years old wearing a striped tailored shirt with bell bottoms and platform boots along with another one who looked just like him only a little taller and the eldest who was 17. "Hey sis, sorry for teasing you, who are these guys?" April smiled as forgiveness as she introduced the boys to the others. "They are the Jackson 5 and I invited them to dinner for this evening guys these are my brothers Joshua, Tim, and Jim"

"It's very nice to meet all 5 of you" Joshua said in his soft spoken and polite voice shaking his hands with them. "Nice to meet you guys too thanks for having us here" Michael said grinning.


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Chapter 8.

"Wow, you guys have a music room?" Michael asked as all the brothers gazed around in awe not trusting their own voices with the Thompson siblings smiling and grinning. "Yeah, neat isn't it?" Tim said opening up the curtains giving the room more sunlight.

"Hey you all are in a band also?" Marlon asked seeing some pictures of the boys when they were little. Joshua nodded his head. "We've been doing this since April was born. One day, while Mum was cleaning up the kitchen, she heard us playing some instruments and that's what happened so she signed us to be in a talent show at my elementary school and we won first place" "That's incredible" Jackie said impressed. "Yeah, but it's not all fun and games I mean don't get me wrong, it is awesome, but sometimes you wish you weren't trap in a bubble and being so stuffy that you can't loosen yourself up" "Hey don't worry we know exactly how you all feel we get that ALL the time" Jermaine explained. Michael looked down at his feet not wanting to hear their past but nonetheless shook hands with the Thompsons and continued the rest of the tour.

"Your garden seems so nice and beautiful" Katherine said as she, Joe, and Darla were sipping some lemonade. "Why thank you so much Katherine I do put alot of work into it" She said seeing Randy and Janet playing. "Hey, you two, stop running! you both know better than that!" Joe yelled. "No, no it is quite alright as long as they don't go near my prize winning tulips everything is all right." Joe rolled his eyes, he didn't see what was so special about these people Katherine nudged him with her elbow forcing a smile.

April slowly turned the knob of a door opening very wide walking in with a smile with the rest following only to be surprised revealing to be her large bedroom. There, was a large canopy bed with yellow sheets with floral designs, with a few stuffed animals at the front. There were even matching curtains that showed an amazing view when you would look out and of course a shelf full of books and trophies with pictures and blue ribbons. "Wow, is this your room April?" Michael asked twirling around with her nodding and giggling. "That is correct" "Hey is this you in the pictures?" Jermaine asked as she walked over eyeing them with a warm smile.

"Yep, these pictures were taken when I was in cooking contests" "You were in cooking contests?" Jackie asked as she nodded. "Yeah I was 7 years old when I had entered after the mayor of Missouri invited me to a pie eating contest at his house" "You were at the Mayor's house?" Marlon asked full of amazement with the brunette blushing and nodding slowly.

Noticing her sudden behavior, Michael went by her side. "Are you okay there April?" The brunette nodded her head. "I'm alright don't get me wrong, it's just that I really don't like talking about my past to anyone." "Oh, we're really sorry we didn't mean..." Jermaine trailed off but April held out her hand and shook her head. "It's okay, you see, whenever we have company over, and I show them around, it's really not a big deal." "How come? After what we see here, you should be very happy about it" Michael said along with the others nodding and grinning. April giggled. "I know it can be very fun, but sometimes it can be scary to cook in front of a lot of people you don't know."

Now the boys moods changed into sadness seeing her head down low. "Wow, I never thought of it that way it must have been very different to do apart from in your own kitchen." Tito said with April nodding. "But when did cooking and baking became your intrest?" Jackie asked. "It had all started when I was five years old, we were living in St. Louis at that time. One night, I had went downstairs into the kitchen to get a glass of water and when I was about to go back into my room, I noticed a plate full of cookies that Mum made because she would bake sometimes and of course she had a bakery too." "Your mom had a Bakery?" Marlon asked. April nodded. "Yeah, she along with an old friend of hers ran it together since she was pregnant with Lily at the time and she needed some help. But anyway, As I saw them, that got me into doing them even though I wasn't really good at it and it was late at night" The brothers laughed as she continued.

"So, Mum came seeing me in flour and and that's when she started to give me some lessons. It didn't come into a matter of time that I was getting good at it and as I got older, she signed me up into cooking classes after school when I got to seven and that's how everything went." "Wow, that was a great story April." Michael smiled as she scratched her head. "Thanks, my dream is to be the world's greatest chef there is and I'm putting my best foot forward into doing things right and if it comes out wrong, I'll try again no matter what." "That's the spirit, never give up on your hopes and dreams because it might come to you sooner or later." Michael said in full confidence as she smiled.


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Chapter 9.

Dinner Time...

The candles glowed their pretty lights ever as April came in with a large bowl of delicious clam chowder along with the fresh biscuits that Katherine had made and brought setting them on the table. Sitting down, she started to say grace and everyone helped themselves.

While they were eating and also having a conversation, Michael looked around all over the nice dining room he never thought that these people were very neat and when it is neat it is NEAT! there stood a black glass cover cabinet that was dusted and all the fine china plates and cups were perfectly stacked up making it very presentable. Above their heads was a nice and bright chandelier with 6 candle-shaped light bulbs. "Wow, April and her family sure do know how to live he thought to himself as he continued to eat. "Mmm... this clam chowder is very good" Jermaine complimented. "Thank you Mr. Jermaine" April said gazing at his nice bright teeth. "Yes it is indeed who on earth made this?" Katherine asked seeing April blush. "I did" She said in barely a whisper. "It's okay Honey, you can tell her" Darla said giving her a pat on the shoulder. "I did Mrs. Jackson" "Well, it is very good I didn't know you can cook" "Yes, thanks to Mum who took her time and taught me since I was 5" Darla smiled at her daughter's confidence that she couldn't be anymore prouder.

"Thank you all for coming" Darla said giving the family one last hug. "It was no problem dear, we should do it again sometimes right Joseph?" Joe rolled his eyes going outside and into the car. "Don't worry about it, you'll get used to him" Darla giggled waving to all of them. Soon, Lily came running up wanting to give the brothers something. "This is for all of you I made it all by myself" She said proudly giving the paper to Michael who smiled warmly revealing to be a drawing of the brothers and girls joining hands circling the planet earth with a giant red heart above them. "Thanks Lily, take care" "I will you too thank you for coming to our house I can't wait to see all of you again" Eyeing April, Michael came over to her giving her one last hug" "Take care" "Thank you. You all be safe" "We will and thanks for inviting us" Beeping could be heard from outside as Michael hurried away to catch up.


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Chapter 10.

Over the next few weeks, Michael and April's friendship was getting bigger and better each passing day with an adventure waiting to happen. One Saturday afternoon, The guys and girls had went to the carnival where April saw a cute teddy bear so Michael volunteered to play ring toss as a present for her. After many attempts he finally got all 3 rings on the block and just as he promised, he won the bear.

Later that afternoon, they had all went to the Arcade playing video games and so forth. Kids from all over gathered into a group watching the 11 and 9 year old competing neck-and -neck at a sumo wrestling match. April did a little dance for she had won while Michael shrugged it off and clapped anyway very happy to see her very proud of herself.

On Monday, April invited the whole clan to her cooking contest that was being held at the Pasadena Auditorium. She concentrated very hard making sure that she had all the ingredients that she needed to make an apple cobbler. Michael watched her filled with poise and grace taking her time as he prayed she would win. Soon, the ovens dinged off as the judges tasted her dessert and the other contestants. Hearing April's name through the loud speakers, Michael jumped up and down seeing her smiling face accepting the blue ribbon. Through the 11 years of his life, Michael had finally found what his heart was yearning for.

"And this is the Recording Studio" Michael said as he and the others were showing the girls around Encino. "Wow, it's so big! is this where you all come to record your songs?" April asked with the boys nodding and smiling. "Yep, you want to see what it looks like on the inside?" "Sure!" All girls said in unison.

"Good afternoon boys, what are you all doing here? today is your day off" Barry Gordy said said with Michael nodding. "We know, but we were just showing April and her friends around." "Well that's good, so you must be Ms. April Thompson am I correct?" Barry asked her while she smiled shaking hands. "Yes sir, and these are my friends." Tiffany and Rachel shook hands with the Motown Manager. "It's very nice to meet you all 3, Michael has told me alot about you" April blushed a deep shade of crimson and looked over at him who blushed also. "Oh really? what things?" "That you are a very good cook and baker and that you were in cooking contests? and I must say that is very incredible" "Why thank you Mr. Gordy thank you very much."

The crackling of wood could be heard as The Jacksons, and the girls were around a big campfire in the backyard of Hayvenhurst. Michael had invited the 3 9-years-olds for an outdoor sleepover, they had just finished their dinner and now having dessert.

"Mmm... these smores are the bomb! where did you make these?" Jermaine asked between mouthfulls while April giggled. "Joshua taught me when he and the twins would go camping sometimes." "Well I could sure use another one" Marlon said gobbling up the second one taking a third as everyone started to laugh.

April stared at the full moon shining it's brightest light in the sky. She smiled warmly as the light wind picked up a little bit as she closed her eyes. Just then, Michael came up from behind startling her as he sat sat down indian-style watching her staring intensely at the moon. "It's a beautiful full moon out tonight isn't it?" He asked while she nodded as she brought her knees to her chin. "Back at home, before I go to bed, I always stare at it as a prayer to know what the next day will bring" Michael turned his head slowly towards her. "Really?" She nodded. "Yeah, when my mom was a little girl, her mother who is my grandmother, would tell her that before she goes to sleep, to always do that knowing that tomorrow will be a great day. Besides, don't you do it too?" Michael looked at her and stared down at his bare feet that was on the cool grass.

"Well, I actually don't do that. We have to be in bed by a certain hour because of all the concerts, and photoshoots, or other crazy stuff that we have to do just to survive. April scooted closer to the little boy feeling each other's warm touch. "Wow, that sure is a life to have." Michael nodded and sighed. "Yeah but I'm pretty sure that what you have right now is easy." April studied herself for a good 10 minutes." "Not necessarily, what you see is not all peaches and cream, I wanted to prove to my parents especially my dad, that I wanted to be who I am right now even though his words would sometimes get on my nerves." "Your dad? what do you mean by that?"

April took a deep breath and studied Michael for at least 5 minutes. "Okay, but before I tell you, just promise me that we will still be friends?" "Of course we will April, cross my heart and hope to die." Michael said putting his hand on his heart seeing April smiled warmly.

"Alright, it had all started when my dad was a young boy growing up in the southern part of Dublin Ireland in the early 1930's times back then were hard where people had to work two jobs just so they could put food on the table. He was the eldest of 6 boys and 2 girls his mother who is my paternal grandmother, was a housekeeper and his father was a shepherd." April held down her head not wanting to continue, but Michael put his hand into her's letting her know to go on and that it was okay.

"Anyway, when he got to 12 years old, he dropped out of school to go work in his uncle's sheep farm where he had to do from sunrise to sunset. He was beaten, and abused by him there were times when he would secretly cry but not too loud or he would get it again and that's when he had enough so one night when his uncle would be asleep, he would have his backpack and run as far as he could just to get away from it all. His uncle would say some things like: "You're never going to turn out to be nothing, you are just going to herd sheep for the rest of your life, the grass is not always greener on the other side." "Wow, so is that why you work so hard just to make your parents happy?" Michael asked as she nodded slowly with her head down very low not wanting for him to see her tears.

"Yes, but sometimes I wish I was like everybody else sure it's fun doing what you love to do but there's more than that. Do you know how it feels to wake up on Christmas morning and not seeing a tree or even presents and no stockings just because your father was and still is a Jehovah's Witness?" Michael gasped after hearing what she had just said. "You're a Jehovah's Witness?" April nodded shaking her head with hot tears running down her tanned rosy pink cheeks. "Yeah oh Michael I'm so sorry it's all my fault I was hiding it in for so long that I just couldn't take it anymore you are the first person that I told my past to and you must not like me anymore."

Michael's heart felt like someone had tored it in half watching the little brunette sob. Soon, he brought her close to her smelling her hair which smelt like strawberries as he took her chin lifting her head up wiping the remaining tears. "April, I don't hate you. You are very nice, sweet, and unselfish that it would be wrong of me to turn you away. I know how it feels to not celebrate any holidays I am also a Jehovah's Witness too on Mother's side and there are times that I cry too but I can't do anything about it. I try to make my life the best in every which way I can. I have my brothers to hang out with and I have you and your friends too if I haven't met you, I would still be lonely right now. April wiped away her eye water as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you."


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Chapter 11.

Michael touched his cheek in slow motion. Luckily, it was dark so April couldn't see his dark red blush; she giggled as she went inside her tent leaving him frozen but soon regained back in position as he grinned very widely clicking his heels and going inside as well.

Sunlight made it's way onto April's face as she tried to shield it away but no avail, getting up, putting on her clothes, and made her way into the house. There, stood Katherine at the stove making fluffy blueberry pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Seeing the little brunette girl, she smiled a bright warm smile. "Hello April dear, how did you like sleeping over here last night?" "It was great thank you so much for inviting me" "No problem sweetie now sit down, breakfast is almost ready."

April took her seat where Rebbie, Latoya, and Janet smiled ear-to-ear to her. Noticing that the guys and her friends were not here, she asked them where they were, Rebbie told her that they had gone out for something. She nodded her head not wanting to push it a little bit. Soon, the maternal Jackson layed out 4 plates leaving the girls alone to eat in peace.

Just then, all the boys and Tiffany and Rachel made their way inside seeing the girls cleaning up. Michael smiled ushering April to come with him upstairs into his room.

Once there, Michael told her to sit on the bed and close her eyes. Doing exactly what he ordered her to do, he reached something out of a purple gift bag revealing to be a little black box opening it revealing to be a golden locket.


After Michael had put it around her neck, and telling her to open her eyes, April looked below her and gasped seeing the beautiful golden jewel. "Oh Michael, this is so beautiful. Thank you" "Open it, there's something inside in it too" He said. Tears formed in the brim of her eyes revealing it to be a picture of her and Michael smiling into the camera. "Thank you so much, I love it." "It's nothing, it's a little friendship present for being with you because you are a very kindhearted person" April blushed after hearing his words.

Suddenly, Joe knocked on the door very hard startling the two kids. "Boy come on! get your little narrow behind in the limo you all have a recording to do now!

Michael shut his eyes very tightly regretting that Joe had crushed the happy moment between him and the girl as he looked at her with sad eyes.

"Sorry about that but we have to go now" "That's alright Michael, you all go ahead I'll stay here and play with the girls. Have fun!" Michael smiled giving her one last hug and retreated to the car where his brothers and the Paternal Jackson were tapping their feet. "About time boy, what were you and that girl doing?" "Nothing" Michael said driving slowly away.

Great timing boys, now let's start shall we?" Everyone nodded as Barry put in a blank tape and everything began.


The sun had shined its bright and beautiful light down on the two kids who were both running and laughing at the same time. "Try and tag me slow poke" She said sticking out her tounge which made him run even faster at the speed of light and then it happened. Seeing him making a big jump, she tried to move a little faster as possible but it was too late he had tackled her down on the nice, green grass. Both of them laughed even louder than before gazing at each other's eyes for a good 10 minutes with him getting up off of her watching the sun together admiring its beauty.

Soon, big white puffy clouds came up making shapes revealing to be the two of them holding hands and licking ice-cream cones.

*End Dream*

The song had now ended as they all came out. Michael on the other hand, had the most wonderful daydream of all time but he wanted to wait until they got home to tell his brothers who had been questioning him the entire time they were driving.


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Chapter 12.

Michael lied on his bed with his arms behind his head staring at the ceiling in thought. One minute he was singing Never Can Say Goodbye, and the next thing he knew he was daydreaming about him and April together; what was happening? he had only knew her for a few weeks and now he was starting to think about her. So many thoughts kept swirling in his head that it was hard for him to focus.

Soon, there was a knock on the door as he went to answer it only to reveal Janet with her jump rope smiling. "Wanna play with me?" Michael smiled seeing the innocent look on his little sister's face picturing Lily asking April the same thing. Shaking his thoughts out, and nodding his head, they both went to the backyard.

Meanwhile, over in Pasadena, at the Sanderson Mansion, April had just taken a blueberry pie out of the oven and put it on the window sill to cool with the help of the fresh clean light breeze. She was doing some thinking of course; and she started to sigh touching the golden locket that Michael had given her. She smiled eyeing the nice necklace as the words replayed in her mind over and over again.

"He's such a nice person" She thought. "I just hope he will love this pie as much as I do" Just then, Jim came into the kitchen smelling the delicious smell that was flaming his nose. "Mmmm... what is that great scent?" He asked playfully seeing his sister giggle. "Oh nothing... just a pie that I'm doing for someone...special" "Oh? and who is that someone...special" He asked making her blush and holding her head down. "None of your business Mr. Nosy" Jim rolled his eyes sticking out his tounge. "Sorry 'Mum'" Soon, they both started to laugh as he asked her again who was it for more politely this time. April told him that it was for Michael as a way of saying thank you for giving her the nice locket as a friendship gift.

Jim eyed it in curiosity smiling warmly for his sister making a new friend since meeting Rachel and Tiffany. Jim and April held a special bond ever since she came into the world. Unlike Tim who always annoyed her, Jim on the other hand, had a more sensitive side like Joshua and wanted to see her succeed in her life. "Do you want to go over later after dinner and take it to him?" April nodded giving her brother a hug.


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Chapter 13.

Jim and April walked briskly to the front door of the mansion with the pie in her hands. Joshua had offered to drive so he waited in the car. April rang the doorbell lightly revealing to be Katherine with a warm smile on her face seeing the big brother and little sister pair.

"Good Evening kids, what may I do for you?" She asked with April shaking her head. "Nothing Mrs. Jackson, Me and Jim just came over to give you guys a pie for letting us stay over here last night and I just wanted to say thank you" "Well, it was my pleasure dear and thank you so much for the pie I'm sure your parents are very proud of you that you are doing things so well" April blushed scratching behind her head with Jim looking at her with a sincere smile.

"Yeah, well we better get back home before Mum starts to have a fit and calls the police" Jim said as Katie giggled. "Well we don't want that to happen now do we?" The kids shook their heads waving goodbye and getting into the Thompsons blue Rose Royce going into the sunset.

"Who was it?" Joe asked seeing Katherine coming into the kitchen. "That was April and her brother Jim. They stopped by here to give us a pie as a token of thanks for letting her and the girls sleep over here." Joe scowled eyeing the delicious dessert that she put down on the table. "Katie, why don't you and I go outside and have a little talk?" Katherine blinked twice then nodded as they both proceeded into the backyard.

"Joseph, is there something on your mind that you want to tell me without the children around?" She asked as they were sitting on the porch swing not too far from the house. "It's that girl that Michael keeps talking about; I mean what in the world does he see in her?" Katherine studied him for a good 2 minutes then stared down at her hands. "She's just a child Joe, the kids really like her and Michael..." "Listen let me tell you something and you better listen good, I know you're saying that's she's just a child and what not, but don't you think there's something suspicious about her?" Katherine was taken aback by this.

"Joseph Walter Jackson, how could you say something like that? she's a sweetheart. You might not like her and her family but they are just like us only a little different which is good but we and them have some things in common." Katherine snapped back looking at Joe straight in his eyes. "Now you're taking up for them? is that what it is?" "I am not taking up for anybody, I'm just saying give them a chance especially the girl and trust me, you will see that she is not an outsider" Katherine walked away leaving Joe to himself seeing her slam the door. He wasn't so sure what was so special about her but he didn't like the fact that Michael kept dreaming about her either. Through the years, he never let his children make any friends or it would interfere of what they were soon to become; he would scowl at the mention of her or see her. But what could it have been really? could it be that they were different, or something else to be perhaps: seeing that they were white people?

He wanted to tell them not to see them again but deep down he didn't want to upset Michael. Michael had always been the sensitive one in the family after all and it was up to him to do what he wanted to do.



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Chapter 14.

Bouncing could be heard at the Basketball Court as The Jacksons were shooting some hoops while the girls were sitting at the stands.

"Wow, that sure is a pretty necklace April." Rachel said politely seeing the nice gold jewel. "Yeah, who ever knew that someone could get so use to you in quick as a wink? It is a very nice present" Tiffany complimented. "Thanks girls, that really means a lot to me." April smiled giving each one a hug as a thank you in return. "Oh look! Michael is about to make a score!!" Tiffany yelled seeing the youngest Jackson making a slam dunk and sure enough, it went right through. "Yes!! GO MICHAEL!!!" They shouted and jumped for joy seeing him waved to them and each brother giving hi-fives.

Later, that afternoon, Tiffany and Rachel had to go home leaving their friend with the Jacksons to go back to Hayvenhurst to tell everyone about their big game. As they got to the gate, what April saw surprised her. There, was a red 1968 ford that stood at the front of the house meaning that her father was home from his business trip. Sherman Theodore Thompson, who was Darla's husband, and the children's dad, was the CEO of his own company. Sometimes, he would go on long trips that would be a few weeks maybe up to 2 or 3 months April would miss him but this time she regretted that he was back.

The kids walked slowly in the kitchen seeing the three adults sitting at the table. Sherman gazed at his daughter with an intense stare that could be knocked into titanium in just one second. "G-good afternoon Father." April said in a stuttering state only to see him nod. "Hello there April sweetie, how have you been lately?" Sherman asked her who said that she has been doing okay and that she missed him a lot. "Excuse me, but is it okay if I have a word with my daughter in private?" He asked with them nodding. Katherine had a look of concern while Joe on the other hand had a blank expression. The boys watched them leave with all of them having worried faces.

"April, is this where you have been all this time?" April lowered her head nodding not daring to look at her father straight in his eyes. "Yes Father, but they are very nice people." "And how long have you known them?" Deep down, April never liked the questions that he was giving her she thought that he was being too nosy but didn't dare to talk. "For a few weeks I met them at the park along with Lily, Rachel and Tiffany. I even invited them over to dinner."

Sherman gasped he couldn't believe what he was hearing how dare his daughter inviting new people over especially black people who he disliked over the years. "You just wait until we get home come now!" April nodded following him.

"April, are you.." Michael asked but as he saw her tears, his heart ached. "I have to go" "Wait! April! Come back!" Michael was just about to go to the door but Joe stopped him in his tracks. "Leave them alone Michael, let them go you don't have to worry about seeing her again" Michael looked at him with confused eyes as he saw the car driving off.


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Chapter 15.

Dinner became very silent later that evening. Michael watched everyone as they all ate not even making a conversation. Jackie looked at him with a sorrow expression, Tito glanced at him and looked back at his food, Jermaine he just held his head down low not even looking up, and Marlon looking the other way while chewing. He also looked at his parents who were only paying attention to their meal and drinking kool aid. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore; slamming down his glass making everyone jump especially little Janet who looked startled and released his anger.

"Why did you have to let it happen!?" He started. "Michael, honey!" Katherine said ushering him to sit down but he wasn't listening to her. "There are plenty of kids out there that are not getting along because of their difference thanks to their parents beliefs." Joe looked at him with an unbelievable expression. "First of all, don't you ever slam down things that belong to us and second, I did it in a way where you would stop this nonsense about her." "But she didn't do anything wrong! Can't you see she's a very kindhearted and beautiful person and you did it so you can protect me!? Is that what it is Joseph!?" "Michael Joseph Jackson, boy do you know I will tear your little behind up in less than a second? Boy don't you ever raise your voice at me you respect me in here do you understand?" "But..." Michael was about to protest but Joe cut him off. "I know what our country is and what it is all about and it's time you learn about the difference is about with people and their culture end of discussion."

Michael looked at him and shook his head endlessly and held his head down not wanting him to see his tears. "Okay well I have three words for you, I HATE YOU!!" And he stormed up to his room not paying attention what Joe was going to say. "BOY GET DOWN HERE!!" The next thing he knew the door slammed shut.

Oh man, I never thought that boy would get on my nerves" Joe said as he rubbed his temples as Katherine looked at him while she cleaned up.

"Now Joe, don't you think that you were being a little too hard on him? After all, he does seem to care about her and you don't see it." "Katie please, he is too stubborn and hardheaded he's going to burn down this house one day and with us in it." Katherine couldn't help but giggle listening to her husband's nonsense. "Why are you laughing? You think this is funny? Our son is friends with a white girl!" Soon, Katherine's face turned into a grim expression. "Joe, this is it? Is that what is about? I can not believe you are still living in that era" "Don't start on me woman you know pretty well" Katherine put down the sponge and walked over taking a seat.

"Joseph, after all these years of us being together you still have that whole thing in your head? This is 1971 where people of all races come together as one and you're saying that he is friends with a white girl?" Joe held his head down low massaging his face. "Listen, all I'm saying is that he needs to be very careful around her, who knows what she's capable of?" "But she is not like that though that's what I'm trying to get you to understand. It's not every white person you think is a fugitive they work hard just to try to make something of themselves it's not just black people. You have millions and millions of different types." Katherine explained trying to reason with him.

Michael sobbed until his eyes ran dry and he sat up on his bed. He just couldn't see why Joe would do something so harsh. All his life he had found a true friend and Joe was doing every which way to separate them doing it in secret and not realizing it. He wiped the remaining tears away and looked through his window it looked like it was going to rain any minute now but that didn't matter to him all he wanted to do was just to be with April and tell her the truth about everything and that's what he was going to do. Getting a piece of paper and a pen, he wrote down a little note and put it on his dresser. Opening up the window, he took a deep breath and looked down his heart beating a million times a minute as he made a mighty jump not Daring to scream and set out on his journey.


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Sorry for leaving this fic absent, but Here is Chapter 16!

Chapter 16.

Later that night while everyone was in bed, Latoya, on the other hand, was wide awake and very worried about Michael. Going over to his bedroom door with a plate full of his dinner (which he didn't touched), she knocked. "Michael it's me open the door please I have your food wrapped up for you. She said in her quiet tone yet but he didn't answer so she knocked again having no luck at all. This started to worry her even more as she set the plate on the floor and took out a hair pin. After many attempts the door finally opened allowing her to go into his room.

"Michael? are you in here?" She whispered as she eyed his bed but what she saw really shocked her. After removing the blankets seeing two pillows, she had finally lost it. "Mother, Mother wake up! Michael is gone!" That caught everyone's attention as they all got up witnessing. "Oh my poor baby! where could he have gone to?" Katherine wailed seeing her son's bed empty which scared poor little Randy and Janet.

"Do you think Michael is dead?" Janet asked hugging her mother. "Don't be silly Janet, he probably just ran away" Randy said trying to stay strong but deep down he was afraid.

"But, will he come back?" Janet asked with Randy shrugging in a shaky way. "We'll go look for him Mother, besides we think we know where he is" Tito said with Katherine looking at them. "You do? Where?" "At a familiar someone's house come on guys!!" And they all left leaving the others behind. "Please, bring Michael home safely" Katherine prayed while Joe made a low growl. "When that boy gets back, he's gonna regret the day he was even born.

Rain was coming down in heavy buckets as Michael ran catching his breath making it to Pasadena. Squinting his eyes, he saw the Sanderson Mansion ahead. Finally, he had made it where April's bedroom window was with a tree next to it. He gathered all the strength He could get as he climbed all the way to the top seeing through her room and her sleeping peacefully. Michael's heart ache a little more after having the flashback on what happened from earlier but there was no time to think on the bad stuff as he lightly knocked on her window.

April turned on her bedroom light and went over to her window seeing Michael sitting on the tree branch which shocked her. "Michael, what are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be back home in Encino? And in bed already?" "That doesn't matter right now all that matters is I came to see you. Now, do you want to go to the park?" April shook her head slowly and held her head down very low but not too low where Michael could see tear stains on her face that looked like she has been crying since her and Sherman got home.

"I'm sorry Michael, but I can't see you guys anymore. I told my father everything the minute we came here and then... And then" April stopped what she was saying not wanting to worry him even more as he climbed through and tried to be very quiet as possible and touched her neck. "Where's the necklace that I got you?" April lifted her head up slowly with fresh tears coming down. "H-he told me to take it off and when I refused, he snatched it off and threw it in the garbage and he beat me" Michael made a little gasp noticing the black marks on her stomach as she lifted her night shirt slightly where he could see them.

"Oh April, I'm so sorry this had to happen" "Michael it's not your fault it's really mine. If we hadn't met each other, none of this wouldn't have happened I just feel so lost right now I don't know what to do." Michael gave her very warm hug letting her cry on his Mickey mouse shirt silently, he started to cry himself.

APRIL NIGHTINGALE! WHO DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR ROOM!?" Yelled Sherman as he knocked on the door very loudly scaring the children. "What are we going to do?" April quietly asked Michael who looked around in a heartbeat. "It will be a lot easier if we go down come on" "But I'm not dressed" "It's okay come on do you trust me?" April looked down at his hand then back at her room door and nodded; picking her up bridal-style, they both went down the sturdy tree branch with her holding onto him for dear life sliding down with the water splashing behind as he put her down and in hand-in-hand, they were on their way.

"Come on Marlon!" Jackie yelled seeing his brother panting for air trying to keep up. "There's her house!" Jermaine yelled as they got to the front door. After ringing the bell, revealing to be Darla in her lavender robe asking the boys what they were doing here so late? Jackie took his time explaining.

"Oh my stars! really? I feel so guilty." Darla said putting her face in her hands and sobbed lightly. "It's not your fault Mrs.Thompson, please don't blame yourself we just thought that Michael was here so we could bring him home we think he came so he could be with April" Jackie said finishing up. Darla wiped the tears off and shook her head. "I don't know where they could have gone but I do know that the minute you all came here, that afternoon, I knew in my heart that you all are great people so I trust him with her let's hope they are not in any danger though or I would never forgive myself and I know you all care for your little brother and try to keep him out of harms way" The brothers looked at one another with sad expressions each giving her a hug and left.


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Chapter 17.

Now where do we go from here?" Marlon asked as the brothers started to think; soon, Tito snapped his fingers. "The park! That's where they should be!" "Well no time to waste, come on!!" Jackie announced running in the moonlight.

"Are we almost there?" April asked Michael with her hand still in his running along with him trying to keep her red silk night shirt down from any perverts trying to see. "Yeah, I see a big oak tree." Michael said finally making it telling April to sit down with him doing the same thing.

"Whew, that was a close one or else we would've been in for it." Michael said panting for air April on the other hand, looked at the moon with a tear stained face. Michael's face instantly turned to sadness putting his hand into his but April gently shrugged it off. "Please Michael, don't you know it's dangerous to be around me?" Now his face turned into confusement studying her for 3 minutes. "April, what are you talking about?" April just sat there quietly not uttering out a word. "I'm sorry please forgive me what I just said it's just my father, he..." "April I understand where you are coming from you're not the only one having to go through all that torture I shouldv'e told you from the beginning." Michael looked away a little ashamed to tell the brunette about his past. April put her hand on his shoulder which was warm to the touch turning his head slowly to see her.

"Michael, you don't have to explain yourself I know it must be very hurtful to talk about it. We all come from different worlds but we have similar personalities and parts from our past that we wish not to bring up but we can't do anything but just accept it; it is all apart of life." Michael nodded his head slowly fully understanding what she was saying. Then he started to giggle. "You know, I'm not very good at remembering things, and I'm also not the sappiest ones either, but April let me tell you something, when I was only 5, I had started working there was no time for fun it was just work, work, and even more work. Do you know how hard it was but you try to make the best of it and not having any friends except your 4 brothers? The tours, the auditions, everything was changing for me little by little and when I saw you, there was this aura around you that I got used to in less than 10 minutes I knew you were a true friend and I just wanted to say thank you so much for understanding me." Michael's eyes were now glossy with water with April listening to everything and now having water in her own eyes. "Oh Michael..."

Not too far, The brothers had listened to everything crying and sniffling themselves also. "Michael..." Jackie said in barely a whisper wiping a few tears away.


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Chapter 18.

Suddenly, two cars came at the same time revealing to be the adults getting out looking for the kids. "Quick hide" Jackie said as the guys quickly ran for cover trying not to be seen looking at both parents from the bushes searching for the young ones.

"Michael!" Joe yelled with Katherine at his side followed by the others. "Oh Joseph, I hope he's okay who knows what happened to him?" She said trying to shake the thoughts out of her head and of course the tears. "Don't worry Katie when we find him, he is so dead I swear."

"April Nightingale! Where are you?" Sherman yelled out searching intensely like a hawk as Darla and the rest slowly walked behind. "Sherman, do you think it was a good idea to do what you did to her? After all, they had treated her with love and affection like they are her second family." Sherman studied his wife for 2 minutes before starting again. "Look, all I'm saying is that she shouldn't have gone she knows better than to go to people's houses except for those two girls that she's always with." "That's because she's known them for quite sometime she has only known the Jacksons for a few weeks and in my opinion, they are very down-to-earth human beings." Sherman eyed Darla for what seemed an eternity until Lily blurted out. "There's April and Michael!" She pointed out seeing two figures staring at the moon.

"Did you hear that?" April asked Michael who nodded. "Yeah, it's our folks come up with me they won't see us from here" The two kids went up the tree as fast as possible trying their hardest not to make a sound.

Both men stood there facing each other furrowing their eyebrows. "Where's my son?" Joe asked. "Where's my daughter?" Sherman said in an agitated tone. "Look, I don't care where she ends up at or in, I'm just looking for my son that's all I want to know so if you excuse me, let me do just that." Sherman couldn't believe what he had heard stopping Joe in his tracks. "What did you just say? oh I get it you don't care about me finding my child, but seeing you in your state of anger and frustration, you are a bit worried in finding yours?" Joe just stood there looking at him dumbfounded then shook his head. "I'm sorry for what I said a little while ago and I'm also sorry if I snapped at you I'm just looking for my boy and to tell him I'm sorry that's it nothing else." Sherman nodded his head completely understanding.


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Chapter 19.

Do you think we should go down now?" April asked Michael who looked heartbroken seeing the parents worried faces especially Joe. This was the first time that he ever saw the concern look on his dad's face. Michael knew that he was going to be in for it, but seeing Joe in his sad and sorry state was just too much. Nodding to April, they both went down.

"Michael! Michael! Boy where are you?" "Here we are!" Both children shouted surprising the adults who all ran showering them with hugs and kisses. "Oh Michael, we were so worried about you are you okay honey?" Katherine asked relieved to see her young son in her arms again. "Yes Mother we're fine honest. I'm very sorry that I got angry I know I shouldn't have and it was wrong for me" "Well, as long as you're safe, everything's fine." Michael looked at Joe who had a not-so-pleased look who took slow steps towards him. "Boy, do you know how worried I was? First you yelled at me, and stormed off, then you disobeyed me by going all the way to Pasadena which is an hour away from home, AND THEN..." Michael closed his eyes expecting the worse. "You also proved to me that no matter what country we live in on Earth, People from different backgrounds should get along better than ever. I am very proud of you"

Michael was shocked; never before in his life had Joseph said those words. He ran to him at full speed giving him a big hug crying his eyes out. "Thank you... Daddy." Everyone looked flabbergasted but soon eased seeing the Jackson man wrapping his arms around him lowering his head trying not to cry himself. Looking at the Thompsons, Joe walked over eyeing Sherman. "Mr. Thompson, I was wrong, you and your whole family are welcomed to our house anytime and anyday. I'm truly sorry about how I acted and your daughter is very talented and gifted in her own way possible she is welcomed also and her siblings too. Sherman nodded sticking out his hand with Joe doing the same shaking it. "Thank you Mr. Jackson even though we got off on the wrong foot it was kinda nice meeting you the pleasure is all mine" Joe said having a small smile. Soon, the rain had stopped and the moon shined it's bright light in the sky along with a few stars twinkling like little diamonds.


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Here comes the Final Chapter :angel:

Chapter 20.

Just then, the brothers came out of their hiding spots walking over to the group.

"Hey guys, what are you all doing here?" Michael asked them who were now joining them. "We heard everything that you all had said and Michael, we're very sorry, we didn't know that you had felt the way you did when we were starting to grow into music." Jermaine said. Michael went over and gave them a big group hug. "Hey that's alright and the good news is, that April can come over anytime she likes" One by one the guys stared at each other with confused looks then it had turned to smiles. "Really?" Marlon asked with the Thompson siblings grinning and giving the Jacksons a hug and shouting hooray with the adults smiling at the happy moment including Joe. Even though Joe was what he was, he had to admit that these people were the first to ever be trusted.

"Woah! look at the time, come on all, let's go home and get back to bed" Sherman said looking at his watch with everyone nodding and yawning.


3 months later...

July 15.

"Oh honestly Michael, can I take this blindfold off now?" April asked with Michael shaking his head and chuckling. "Not yet, we're almost there" Soon, the limo stopped at Hayvenhurst with the gates opening up. Michael led the girl into the backyard where the folks were. Taking off the blindfold, April was stunned at the entire place. It was decorated with balloons and streamers and of course there was a table full of delicious food and drinks. "SURPRISE!!!!" Everyone shouted as the children walked over to the crowd.

"W-what is all this?" April asked. "It's a party for you from all of us silly" Jackie said smiling. "For me? but it's not my birthday" "Don't worry it's a friendship party. We've been up all morning preparing and I had even called the girls over to come and help" Michael explained pointing to Rachel and Tiffany who waved and grinned. "Aww.. thanks guys but you didn't have to" "We wanted to April, because you are our friend and nobody get's left behind even when the going gets tough we will always be there" April's eyes welled up with tears as she gave Michael a hug who blushed a bright shade of red. "Thank you, thank you all so much for everything."

~*The End~*
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