New pics from People Magazine (10/21)

in the smooth criminal pic it looks like they are all levitating :lol:
i can't ever remember such media hype over anything Michael Jackson, since the Bad era. but, at least they are consistent in claiming that 'his eccentricities later defined him'.
Thanks for the pics! :)
Damn...I'd be seating approximately where the photographer was standing when taking these pictures... *sigh*
"The show was a huge production, but it was also very important that Michael had these moments with just the audience," says Ortega. "He would say, 'I want to be looking into the faces of my fans who have waited for weeks and months to be here.' So we developed a seating arrangement so that thousands of fans could be close to Michael." Adds Payne: "One of our goals was to create those times that the fans had Michael all to themselves."





All of these pictures should be put in The Smithsonian in WashingtonD.C. , and labeled
"The Art of the Dance: Michael Jackson".

Wow, these pictures are soooo crisp. Just awesome. Thank you for posting the link!
The caption of the second one says it was "Beat It". I think it must have been "Earth Song".
Thank you for the link! He looks so healthy.....:(
I can't believe that he is not here with us anymore:cry:
great pics, very lovely, michael looks like 1984 and 1991 combined lol