New purearts figure


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First pic of the new figure by Purearts.
Looks like it'll be another 1/3rd size one. Too big for me, but nice they're making new stuf.




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#MichaelJackson new statue revealed!— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) June 13, 2021

Me and new #MichaelJackson statues ! It will hit market in second quarter of 2022. The statue maker is a big MJ fan and love MJ for life, hoping to give MichaelÂ’s legacy more positive energy by presenting great statues, after all the bullsh*t we have been through.— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) June 13, 2021

There will be less expensive and smaller PVC figures in the future, but not now , not this image. The maker also wants to make more MJ figures that havenÂ’t been made before. LetÂ’s wait and see.— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) June 13, 2021


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<s>So happy to see some Dangerous Tour love.</s>

Curious on the price, though.
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Dangerous Tour?! :D

Don't you some HIStory era?


Wait, never mind, I'm a ****ing idiot. I just realized that the outfit he's wearing in the one figure is from the HIStory teaser. -_- But the pose is literally the same one from the start of the Dangerous Tour concerts so I got the two mixed up. Sigh... might as well burn my fandom card now.


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Gotta say - compared to other figures at the same price this one looks very cheap. SC will be over £1k in England!


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This is not for me. I have absolutely no interest in a figure. - even if I got it for free I would never place it anywhere visible in my house. - No way my wife would allow it either. :laughingv6:


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It looks absolutely nothing like Michael yet they're gonna financially r*pe the fans just like they did with the SC statue. It definitely feels like the Estate is purposely trying to cater to the fans who can afford these outrageously expensive things rather than all of the fans. I can't imagine what Michael's disappointment must be looking down on all of this B.S. they keep pulling.


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I suppose some extras 1:6 (30cm) production statues will be available after these 1:3.
It would be a nonsense to have them now, if they need to sell the 1:3 first.

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