POP CRUSH: ‘Billie Jean’ vs. Britney Spears, ‘Baby One More Time’ [Britney wins]

Please keep voting. Your vote counts! L.O.V.E to all
Please lets vote, Britney fans are voting A LOT,


Come On! Britney didnt even wrote that song

In my opinion she was a bit talented in singing a long time ago, just in the singing part and wasnt that good either..... sorry to say this if theres a Britney fan here, just telling the true..

In fact this poll is quite, ok i wont speak anymore.

Vote for Michael Jackson :)
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can some fans please vote again?, the thing is if you already voted you can add a vote per hour, ok so is not like you vote once and its over

Britney is on top now :(

i hope fellow fans vote again
It should never be this close. Please vote for MJ and ask your friends to do the same. L.O.V.E to all
I can't believe Baby One More Time is winning... Where do people keep their ears?
Michael Jackson, 'Billie Jean' 50.03%
Britney Spears, 'Baby One More Time' 49.97%


Michael is undoubtedly one of pop’s greatest performers. ‘Billie Jean,’ the second single off of 1982′s ‘Thriller,’ spent seven weeks at No. 1. Even today, it’s widely considered one of the best songs of the 1980s. While Michael locked down his respective decade in the Greatest Pop Song competition, can he top Britney?

Britney Spears’ ‘Baby One More Time’ is one of her biggest smashes. In addition to topping charts worldwide, Brit’s debut single was nominated for a Grammy! Although Britney has numerous albums and hit songs to her name, ‘Baby’ will always hold a special place in the ’90s pop music canon. Is it enough to help Britney beat the King of Pop?
respect77;3975296 said:
I can't believe Baby One More Time is winning... Where do people keep their ears?

The face of this generation!
50,39 Michael
49,61 Britney

keep voting please ...we can do this, we've been here before ;)
C'mon guys. Celebrate Xscape by voting for MJ. L.O.V.E to all
Come on... we need that last major push. Billie Jean has only 49.43%! :(