Post Yourself Singing Your Fav MJ Song!

Im a lil too shy to post anything right now :blush:
maybe I will later though :)
I would post me singing, but you don't want to hear me. Trust me. You'll be screaming for me to shut up and never sing or butcher a Michael Jackson song ever again. LOL. :p
LOL! Oh come on, I posted it and people were nice so I'm sure they'll be nice to you too! :lol:
I really do not sing that much.. And I can´t sing :lol: But I gave it a try: I can´t believe I just did that, but what´s done is done :blush:

hihi your voice sounds sweet, good job

I am in no way a great singer so there is your warning. But I thought I'd be brave too :yes:. short clip of me attempting to sing Lady In My Life

you´re really talented I think you are a good singer, you should try more songs ;)