Prince Appreciation Thread - For Fans

A few days ago i ran into his appearance last year on Lopez tonight and the man was sooo gracious, kind and funny (how did he put it - if he could stop swearin', anybody could lol) it just blows the mind. I actualy got some beef with that Lopez man cause of all the crap dating back to 2005 and years before, but hey, if Prince trusted him enough to go, i gotta believe him. When the lights go down - how awesome are those lyrics? Sticky like glue - taken from the chapter too much funk will get 2 ya :D That title reminds me of the U2 lyric 'stuck together with God's glue' or the line from Planet Earth (Michael's poem, not Prince's song/album) 'held together with a bit of glue'. Thieves in the temple - one of my favorites of his, what's there not to like about it - song, vid, lyrics, every darn thang....i'm hooked on it these days.

As so many have already stated he IS a brilliant live performer. His passion and dedication to his craft are beyond obvious. I can't wait to see him work his magic. American woman with Lenny Kravitz - an overdose of rock basically lol. How can so much coolness and raw talent be accumulated on one stage again? I can't help but sit back and wonder how cool it might've been if Mike could have joined them two....... Shhh live in Paris last year during a very special time

and last, but certainly not least


Now your mind is open
2 poetry seldom heard
Ur heart has never been broken
Until U’ve heard these words:
"Your body was designed 2 respond 2 mine
In spite of your desire 2 mold me"

Not what U think, but what U believe
What was the real reason that Adam never left Eve?
And if the truth sounds like a memory
Then U know it was meant to be (meant 2 be), meant 2 be

How poetic are those??? Don't nobody answer that1, it was merely a rhetorical question :p To keep up with this theme there is actually a song that goes along, but it belongs more in the Italian music thread, anyways.......

Did u guys ever notice the next similarity? It hit me today while watching the Thieves vid. I named this next pic - 'class of 58' for obvious reasons :cheeky:


How cool is this? Thieves in the temple from Prince, This is it poster from Mike and Die another day from Madge :) Chapeau bas to all three of 'em. The world of music and the world at large are in their debt. And before i take his royal highness' advice about shuttin' up i gotta add....

PRINCE, sir - thank youuuuu. God bless you man.

Keep rockin' your funky life and music away.

*m sal*
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omg Shhaaaby, It's ages and ages since I don't hear "The Greatest Romance Thats Ever Been Sold"
Such a great tune :)
Btw great pictures of those who born in the summer of '58
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OMG i remember that Prince/Dick Clark encounter cause i LOVED me some Prince back then! "I Wanna Be Your Lover" era if im not mistaken.
I have been a huge fan and have seen him in concert every time he came to my state including last December.
He played alittle bit of Dont Stop Till You Get Enough but he had a female backup singer do the vocals :(
Im not into him so much anymore since he became crazy religious.
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Besides MJ, my favorite Artist! Listening to Adore and The Morning Papers none stop lately.
OMG yay! a Prince thread! I love Him!!1 his style, music, looks...omg his looks....hes like a beautiful dream..

My favorite songs are :
I wanna melt U
Gett off
Purple rain
If Eye was the man in ur life
Do me, baby
hot thing
I would die 4 u..........
OMG there is just sooooo many I love!
has anyone found the full version of unreleased Prince song "Cosmic Day"?
Prince performed at Jimmy Kimmel show two days ago. The new single (can't say I think it's one of his best songs):

He also performed a medley - including Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enouh. But unfortunately YouTube removed that video since.
How could i have missed this thread?! Prince is one of my fav artists. Can't believed i missed him when he was here in sweden back in august.. Raspberry Beret is my jam :D
Something In The Water Does Not Compute

Here's a recent performance of a song from the 1999 album.
Re: Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show September 20, 2013

Loved the story from Jimmy Fallon about Prince and ping pong! Decent impression of Prince too.
New Girl commercial

Prince appeared on the sitcom New Girl on Superbowl Sunday. Here's a commercial for it. I'm not sure, but the episode might be on the Fox website.
He's a horribly boring interview. It's like he doesn't know how to speak. Musical genius, but not a good chatter.
Love his music but the man himself infuriates me with his dreadful interviews.