Producers You Wish Had Made Complete Albums With MJ

Back then I always imagined MJ would make Invincible with Max Martin and the whole boy band team, I think he would really try to gain some of that Britney sound to his world. I think he tried that approach on some songs w/ Darkchild.

I also like to think if 2003-2005 didn't happen, He would released something like Beyoncé's B-Day album, Swiss Beats would make a killer MJ record. Missy Elliot/Timbaland too.

It would been an amazing and riveting experience a full collaboration between Prince and MJ. Could you imagine the type of gospel, James Brown jams those two could come up with???

I also love Thundercat's production on To Pimp a Butterfly from Kendrick Lamar. I think he would dug King Kunta a lot, he is even quoted lol:

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I would love when the MJ Remixer Single WhiteGlove had prduce an album with MJ cause he semes to understand MJs music best and knows how light it up without losing its magic and uniquness.
After hearing Lost in Fire and Hurt You by The Weeknd and Gesaffelstein, I really wonder how the King's music would sound like if he worked together with him.
I would have loved to see Michael go back to musicians instead of keyboard magicians. Invincible e.g. has great melodies but the production is so..dry... Maybe back to Quincy? Go back to his disco (Off the wall) era?
Real instruments would have been great if he had made a new album after Invincible.
Jam & Lewis - Big fan of angry Mike music (Nobody sings angry like Michael) !
Jam & Lewis did a great job on Scream & Tabloid Junkie.
After the debacle with Invincible with 2 many producers being brought in, and Rodney Jerkins bringing his overrated crap to the mix, I'd have like to seen Michael tone it down. Daft Punk would be interesting on a track or two, but not a full album.

He should have gone back to his roots if an album was being worked on in the mid to late 2000s. People he'd been working with since Off The Wall would have been fine....maybe a reunion album with Quincy and Rod...hell maybe have Rod be the head producer.

Teddy Riley absolutely. Carol Sagar and David Foster, yes. Siedah too. Michael's best work was from 79 to 97. Only a select few from Invincible. Dr Freeze, yes.