Remembering Michael on June 25th 2021


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I will start this thread as June 25th is approaching...

Paris remembered her dad yesterday (fathers day)


one day we will meet at the poetÂ’s tree. i love and miss you always. happy fathers day.



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Whoohoo! The timetable of MJ Memorial Day Live is finished! Check the schedule to see the timeslots of your favorite guests and plan away! Or, for the real die-hard @michaeljackson fans, do the whole 12-hour live stream marathon with us!— KingOfPopEvents (@KingOfPopEvents) June 20, 2021

This month marks exactly 12 years, 12 DAMN YEARS since #MichaelJackson left us. The injustices that followed even after his passing, his family had to endure. But both family and all of us who loved him dearly, have prevailed. Because true justice always comes delayed. #MJFam— Ika Ferrer Gotić (@IkaFerrerGotic) June 7, 2021


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Tomorrow, I'll be watching the Jackson 5 & early Michael videos, then short films & movies. It's been #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson, this year I'm celebrating his life instead of mourning him.

However you remember MJ tomorrow, do it with pride because you love Michael Jackson 🖤— d49k ᴹ♚ᴶ 🌹 (@d49kmj) June 24, 2021

.@tjjackson, singer and nephew of @michaeljackson talked with @SharonReedLive + @ItsMikeHill about the legacy of #MichaelJackson's music. He says, "No matter how big of a star he was, he wanted to be a wonderful human first."— BNC (@BNCNews) June 24, 2021


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So glad I was finally able to visit you this year for my Birthday! #12yearswithoutMichaelJackson— Victoria (@victoriadeedee1) June 24, 2021

明日は #マイケルジャクソン さんの命日です。


詳細は— タワーレコード渋谷店 (@TOWER_Shibuya) June 24, 2021

#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson @andjustice4some— Michael Jackson Fanpage ᴹ♚ᴶ (@MjfFanpage) June 24, 2021


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On this day 12 years ago the whole world stood still. We lost a genius, a legend and the greatest entertainer of all time. Gonna be watching Moonwalker and Wembley 1988 today in honor of him.


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Remembering Michael Jackson with love & respect today on the 12th anniversary of his passing.

You can read about some of my fond memories in a new interview at

🙏🏽❤️#michaeljackson #mjday30— Adrian Grant (@Adrian_Grant) June 25, 2021

#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson has been trending for over 14 hours at this point. I think the longest I've seen is 21 hours. Please continue to use the hashtag. Michael has trended more this year than ever, thanks to fans/activists. We love and miss you Michael.— andjustice4some (@andjustice4some) June 25, 2021





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Melody filled the arena without Michael Jackson's voice. Nobody can fill that illuminated spot on stage💔#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Bhavya (@BhavyaVSridhar) June 25, 2021

I still remember the very last time you told me you loved me….12 years ago around this time on June 25, 2009….Missing you and love you always @michaeljackson….🙏 #12yearswithoutmichaeljackson #MichaelJackson— Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett (@jsugarfootm) June 25, 2021

#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Blue flower (@MJBlaueBlume) June 25, 2021


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The trauma of 12 years ago is etched permanently into my mind and the world got a lot darker that day. But instead of focusing on pain, I focus on love and the joy and healing you've given me for over 3 decades. I love you more ❤️ #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— casey rain aka s-endz (@CaseyRain) June 25, 2021

Remembering #MichaelJackson today 🖤🙏🏽— Smokey Robinson (@smokeyrobinson) June 25, 2021

You were always there for me and my brothers. Teaching and showing us how to be the best person we could. Thank you Uncle Michael for being such an amazing uncle and for all the wonderful memories and experiences you gave me in my life. I will always love you and miss you. - Meho— TJ Jackson (@tjjackson) June 25, 2021

Singer. Dancer. Artistic Genius. Father. Humanitarian.
Today we reflect on an astounding life, and on twelve years without #TheKingOfPop. We miss you, Michael. -E#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson #12yearswithoutmj #GOAT #MichaelJackson #MJFam— The MJCast - A Michael Jackson Podcast (@TheMJCast) June 25, 2021


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Heaven couldnÂ’t wait 🤍 August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009 #RememberingMichaelJackson— Nicole Rodriguez (@NicRodriguez) June 25, 2021

We will miss you forever ❤️#12yearswithoutMichaelJackson 😢— Melanie321 (@Mellie4Justice) June 25, 2021

"A thousand years from now, when the history of popular music is examined, no single performer will be as remembered and celebrated as Michael Jackson." - Prince Albert of Monaco #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— andjustice4some (@andjustice4some) June 25, 2021


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Michael Jackson!— RVCJ Media (@RVCJ_FB) June 25, 2021

When the world was changed forever. June 25th, 2009. #mjjcommunity #Michaeljackson #MJFamProud #Mjfam #MichaelJacksonWasFramed #michaeljacksonvictory #mjfamily— MJ-Upbeat (@BonnieLamrock) June 25, 2021

Forever in my heart ❤️

I love you...
I miss you...

✨🌻💛🌻✨#25thjune #HonorMJ #MJForever— Elena Orlovskaya (@ElenaOrlovskay2) June 24, 2021


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12 years ago on June 25th, 2009. As We huddled on the front lawn of UCLA Medical Center, the world as I knew it ended forever. We saw him alive just a few hours earlier. Nothing has made sense ever since. My heart is forever broken. 💔— SamanthaDGosson (@SamanthaDGosson) June 25, 2021

Missing you everyday. #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Marcos Cabotá (@MarcosCabota) June 25, 2021

You gave us everything you had.
45 years out of 50 that you spent on this planet, you were a light for so many.
We won't allow that light to be snuffed out. A world without you is already dark enough... And today it's even darker.#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Salazar (@MikeSalazar777) June 25, 2021


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Of course you know exactly where you were 12 years ago, today.

Playing Remember The Time on @heart90s right now.

Remembering The King of Pop.#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Kevin Hughes (@Popprince) June 25, 2021

One of the saddest days of my life! I will never forget. You are loved, you are the light, you are the greatest, you will always be with us! May you continue to #RIPMJ #MichaelJackson #MichaelJacksonForever #Mood #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— La Toya Jackson (@latoyajackson) June 25, 2021

In memory of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson: August 29, 1958–June 25, 2009— Michael Jackson (@michaeljackson) June 25, 2021

Remembering Michael Jackson with love & respect, on this day, the 12th anniversary of his passing.

We look forward to touring again and celebrating the King of PopÂ’s musical legacy around the world 🌎🙏🏽#michaeljackson #thrillerlive— Thriller Live (@ThrillerLive) June 25, 2021


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June 25th is a longing for a missing part,
a hallow space in oneÂ’s slow beating heart.

ItÂ’s a day where all I want to do is hide,
but the clouds find me, even in the inside.— Dr. Andrew Greene | BLM (@AndrewGreene864) June 25, 2021

Although IÂ’m filled with sadness that youÂ’re no longer here,
through your incredible body of work, we can feel you near.

Your leaving this world caused such pain,
however, your life was not futile, it did not go in vain.

⁃Andrew Greene— Dr. Andrew Greene | BLM (@AndrewGreene864) June 25, 2021


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You will always be in my heart @michaeljackson . The pain never left . #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson #mj #mjfan #mjfam— Phonchrist (@Phonchrist) June 25, 2021

Desde Ecuador para Forest Lawn ... para ti mi querido Michael. 🌹🙏

Tú y yo nunca estaremos separados
Es solo una ilusión
forjada por las mágicas lentes de la percepción#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Andrea (@Andrea90047643) June 25, 2021

look at forest lawn 🥺🥺🥺— poppy ♚ (@Ioveheartt) June 25, 2021

Pictures of the beautiful flowers a few friends of mine and I sent to Michael at Forest Lawn—they were delivered yesterday. 🌻❤️👑🕊️💐#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson
Hugs @MissNicole_d_@Inimarti @PoeticTina @radcalloway @WhiteOwlQueen @mjinnocent789 @IndigoGoddess7 @7_inchesin— 🌜🔮 𝕸𝖎𝖉𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝕬𝖚𝖌𝖚𝖘𝖙 𝕸𝖔𝖔𝖓 🔮🌛 (@midnightaugmoon) June 25, 2021


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Michael Jackson Fans Honor Icon on 12th Anniversary of His Death


It's hard to believe that's been 12 years since Michael Jackson passed away.

On Friday (June 25), fans paid tribute to the King of Pop on social media, where #MichaelJackson became a trending topic in numerous countries.

According to social media posts, some fans even visited the outside of Jackson's boyhood home in Gary, Indiana. People left notes, flowers and memorabilia.

Fans also used social media to convey their memories, admiration, along with thoughts and prayers for the music icon and his family.

"Michael Jackson, thank you so much. Thank you for gifting the world with your talent, with your grace & with your magic. Thank you for making this world a better place through your music," one fan tweeted.

Other fans shared fan art, special video edits and their favorite concert memories of Jackson.

Jonathan Moffett, Jackson's drummer of 30 years, also took to Twitter to honor his late friend. "I still remember the very last time you told me you loved me….12 years ago around this time on June 25, 2009…. Missing you and love you always," he wrote.

Read More and see tributes to the King of Pop, below.


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Remembering the legendary @michaeljackson and his message to heal the world 🌎

Danish🇩🇰 and Swedish🇸🇪 @MooWalkersDK MJfam joined forces to send MJ the L.O.V.E. he deserves ❤

Thank you Michael 🙏#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Moo-Walkers (@MooWalkersDK) June 25, 2021

My new interview with@Forbes in France.#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Taj Jackson (@tajjackson3) June 25, 2021

🙏🏾— Taj Jackson (@tajjackson3) June 25, 2021


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Another year without you... If only I could have met you in this lifetime. I love and miss you, Michael. :cryv3:


I moved to Vienna a couple of months ago and there's a very smalll town not far away (Mistelbach) which I guess some of you might have heard about... It's simply astonishing that you can find a beautiful MJ-monument in the middle of nowhere. Yesterday, I finally got around visiting this lovely place.


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Naomi Campbell a través de Instagram: "un día como hoy hace 12 años nunca olvidaría la profunda tristeza que los arrastró a todos... Al mundo... El rey del pop, Michael nunca olvidaré tu amistad, siempre estarás en mi y en nuestros corazones, nunca habrá otro".#MichaelJackson— Sebastián Martínez 🌙 (@sebasmjjj) June 26, 2021

On this day 12 years ago I would never forget the deep sadness that swept through us all .. the world .. THE KING OF POP . Michael I will never forget your friendship . . You will forever be in my and our hearts .there will never be another #KING

With well over 100K tweets with multiple hashtags, over 100K Google searches and countless fan tributes, Michael remains admired, loved and dearly missed 12 years after his passing.— andjustice4some (@andjustice4some) June 26, 2021

It was such a beautiful day at Forest Lawn. So many loving fans for #MichaelJackson showed up, all dancing and singing to celebrate his great legacy. 12 years gone, but still making impacts. #mjfam #mj #KingOfPop @andjustice4some— alexis ☾ (@parrisstardust) June 26, 2021


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Fans in Shanghai, China gather today to remember our King!#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) June 25, 2021

A helicopter is circulating around forests lawn and it says “Michael Jackson 1958-Forever we ❤️ you more”#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Constantinos Isaias (@IsaiasThoughts) June 25, 2021

My hero. My best friend. I miss you beyond words. Thank you for all the amazing memories. Thank you for all the LOVE. 💙🙏🏽 @michaeljackson #michaeljackson #foreverMJJ— Taryll Jackson (@tarylljackson) June 25, 2021

🤍— Janet Jackson (@JanetJackson) June 25, 2021


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ItÂ’s been 12 years. DoesnÂ’t even feel like it. My forever friend ❤️❤️❤️miss you #MichaelJackson thankful you left me with lasting memories and great music. #TheKingOfPop #NoOneCanDoItBetter— Stephanie Mills (@PrettyMill1) June 26, 2021

Michael Jackson fans just released 12 white doves at Forest Lawn, each representing the years weÂ’ve been without him! I just cried my eyes out watching this 😭🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊— BEX..not Kazz (@BexDisney) June 25, 2021



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12 years ago Michael Jackson passed away, I remember the pain in my DadÂ’s voice when he told me. Michael was The King of Pop! But he was also an amazing friend, a wonderful father to his kids, so kind and funny! That was the Michael my family knew and loved, he is missed! ❤️— Belinda Dileo (@belindadileo) June 25, 2021

MJ and Nip (Whitney) both changed my life forever! Personally, and of course in this business. I'll be forever grateful to both of them. Not just for me, but for the extraordinary musical legacies they left to the world! M~ #MichaelJackson #WhitneyHouston— michael bearden (@MichaelBearden) June 25, 2021

603 roses for Michael from Russian fans... #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson 🌹— HIStory: the One ᴹᴶ (@historytheone) June 25, 2021

I had a lucid dream about Michael the other night. When I say lucid to me those are sleep visits. He was hugging me & inviting me into his home & to go kayak 😁 I felt protected in that unique way he had. I woke up and realized it was the anniversary. Thanks for the visit, MJ!— Laura Bottrell (@LBottrell808) June 25, 2021

Look at all these people celebrating Michael's music and life. #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— andjustice4some (@andjustice4some) June 25, 2021

12 years ago the world lost a legend. MJ was a giant inspiration to so many. It's beautiful to see the love with hand made cards at FL and how he is missed to this day. His legacy continues. #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson
#12yearswithoutmj @andjustice4some@sanemjfan @SeanyKane— hannah kozak (@hannahkozak) June 25, 2021

First time at Forest Lawn, always remembering MJ #12YearsWithOutMichaelJackson #MichaelJacksonForever— John Muto (@johnjunmuto) June 25, 2021


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Fans delivered flowers to #MichaelJackson statue in Guangzhou, China today. The statue also marks its ten-year anniversary. #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) June 25, 2021

I just want to thank everyone who donated. ItÂ’s amazing to see how beautiful lot MichaelÂ’s fans come together for him. He is cherished by all of us & hope he smiled down at us. We ♥️ you Mike. Thank you for everything. ♥️�� #MichaelJackson— Khaira (@ladyinhislifee) June 26, 2021

Such a beautiful dove releasing ceremony for #MichaelJackson at Forest Lawn. ❤️ Doves are peace and love, just what he represented and thrived for in life and death. #mjfam #MJ @andjustice4some— alexis ☾ (@parrisstardust) June 25, 2021

for those who participated, can you spot your name? 🧡 over 800 of you!— izzy (@peacelovemjj) June 25, 2021


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#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson Chinese fansÂ’ flowers have arrived at the Forest Lawn! We are here with you. Miss you so much.— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) June 25, 2021

Fans in Chengdu, Sichuan visited the landmark MJ statue and present flowers today to mark the anniversary. Miss him very much. #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) June 26, 2021

Fans delivered flowers to #MichaelJackson statue in Wuhan, China today. ItÂ’s the new statue we built here this year. #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) June 25, 2021

CanÂ’t let this day pass without saying SIP Sir. #wegotyou— Bill Whitfield (@MJBODYGUARDS) June 26, 2021


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The Full Page Tribute Ad in LA Daily News - June 25, 2021- from Michael Jackson's Global Family - via Jody LA - @4everLvngMsngMJ ��— MJJJusticeProject #1Billion4MJ (@MJJJusticePrjct) June 25, 2021

12 years and it still hurts— Karen Faye (@wingheart) June 26, 2021


I cant believe that itÂ’s been #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson Your music still and will continue to entertain the world for future generations. I miss you Applehead.— Brett Barnes ��✊�� (@IAmBrettBarnes) June 26, 2021


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The MichaelJackson memorial in Munich 🇩🇪 tonight.— Blue flower (@MJBlaueBlume) June 25, 2021

The preparation of the event is in full swing in Moscow... 💔 #12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— HIStory: the One ᴹᴶ (@historytheone) June 25, 2021

To @michaeljackson fans around the world: Today is a special day for celebrating the magic and the music of one man: the King of Pop, my friend Michael. Let's play our favorite songs and dance our favorite steps and remember all that he gave us during his short time on this planet. Let's dance, let's shout... shake your bodies down to the ground! ❤ Share and spread LOVE... . . #michaeljackson #kingofpop #lovelivesforever #dangerous #love #friend #historytour #apollotheater

Mi nombre en Forest Lawn. ❤️

Muchas gracias Veronica Elizabeth por hacerme sentir cerca de Michael Jackson de alguna manera.#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson— Sebastián Martínez 🌙 (@sebasmjjj) June 25, 2021
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