Sega posted MJ related Sonic video on TikTok


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Jan 15, 2011
Yeah was gonna say they're still using the prototype music (somehow worse versions than previously used) instead of the MJ tracks.
Was gonna post on here about Sonic Origins not having the MJ/Brad Buxer music in it. It sucks, but it seems licensing costs were too high for Sega to pay... or they just didn't care.

Here's hoping someone makes a mod for the PC version that restores the original music. Until then, for me, no MJ music = no buy.

EDIT: Or maybe not buy at all unless it's super, super cheap. Apparently Origins is pretty buggy, according to one of the devs and several people who have been playing it. Ooof... to think Sega has been working on this for a year and they still fuck it up.
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I completely understand your frustration with the lack of MJ music in Sonic Origins. It's a shame that licensing costs seemed to have gotten in the way of including the original tracks.
Lack of original music is exactly the reason why I didn't buy Origins. I know that sounds nitpicky, but as long as I have the original cartridges and they still work, no real reason to re-buy the games.

There is a mod for the PC releases that can replace the music with the originals, so at least there's that.
As soon as I heard the original MJ team tracks were being replaced I said forget it.