Some pictures from the Jacksons show on August 29 2021


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Feb 14, 2021
Last August 29, I went to see the Jacksons (Jackie, Tito and Marlon) performing live, I took some shots, somewhat improvised (more details in text below). HereÂ’s a selection, re-worked in Lightroom:

There is at least one of the photographs that I would like to make a super large print, on metal frame or soÂ… If I was hanging stuff on my wall (which I donÂ’t do)Â…

(I donÂ’t mind that people use these pics privately, but in case of professional use, please respect photographersÂ’ copyrights and contact me ... and by the way you should also get agreement from the Jacksons if you use their image, and I have no idea how you can contact them.)

[Warning: In the following text, I just write down all kind of thoughts related to the pictures or the show, interest of the information it contains may vary.]

I could have done much better if I had the occasion to prepare things better:
- IÂ’m not used to such big events (it was a festival on a beach), most shows I ever went to were those of quite local bands where 200 people would already be a lotÂ… and sometimes not even imaginable. Usually, the show of the few international artists that I could be interested in require too much organisation and I end up missing them (even sometimes after buying a ticket). And here, I was convinced that the festival would not let me enter with my DSLR (= for those who donÂ’t know, itÂ’s a rather big pro/semi-pro photography camera) Â… hence I only had a "good" pocket camera (and no, not a phone!). Once inside, what do I see? People in the audience with DSLRsÂ… But the staff had already told me that I could not get out and come back to the festival (itÂ’s like a prison! Â…but you can get out Â…but if you do, you miss the Jacksons) Â… So I had to forget about having a better camera (which was in my car)Â…
- I was not far from first row. A rule I observed when shooting images at events/shows is that if you are not in the first row, there will ALWAYS be a tall bald guy that will get in your field of view one way or another. In my case this time, I counted actually three of them. There was also a tiny all-cute woman with a disguise that made her looked like a mini-Michael JacksonÂ… At some point, not sure why, someone asked her if she wanted a place right next to the scene. At that moment at least, I gained one row of proximity to the scene. But I had no idea that they would open some space that was initially between the scene and audience to a part of the audience. I had a special ticket, but I knew that there were different kind of special ticket and I had no idea if the ticket I had would give me access to that space, I didnÂ’t find the info very clear on the festivalÂ’s site. And as I wasnÂ’t sure if my ticket would give me access to that space, I didnÂ’t move from the could-be-worse spot I already had.
Anyway, I had not come with the idea of necessarily taking pictures or videos, my ambition was primarily to, for once, not miss some band that I thought of seeing… But it must also be a mental disorder: I very often transport photo/video gear, “just in case”, and I feel bad if I don’t do.
(I found also slightly disappointing, since the crowd had got so close from the scene, that Jackie or Marlon did not try stage diving!)

The show obviously is not like a MJ show but I quite appreciated it. I find impressive how Marlon, who I always perceived as very discrete in the Jacksons/5, now has so much presence on the scene, he could easily be the band leader (I think they made it so that have no real leader).

I also quite appreciated the two bands I heard before the Jacksons, two bands I had never heard of! (Blancmange or something and Starship) Â… even I didnÂ’t feel inspired at all by their old hits posted on the festival site, live, and probably older, their show had much more energy than their old recordings.