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Jul 25, 2011
This blogger brings up some interesting points about the surveillance footage, which relates to the timeline-

‘Michael would be at home approximately at 2:00 AM’
Video Surveillance system
When checking the surveillance footage, Supall said they were just looking for a time of arrival. They have high tech surveillance system, and all they want to do is check what time the deceased came home? If it’s still a death investigation, isn’t it possible that surveillance footage may hold a clue to what happened? So why just look for a time of arrival? Martinez is the one who said that he decided what to record. Since it was only a death investigation, how would he know at that time that the only parts to keep had to do with CM and Michael’s arrival that night on the day that Michael had passed? At that point, there was very little knowledge of the facts.
It makes more sense that LAPD would have downloaded it all & then decide later what to keep- then get rid of unnecessary parts later.
Moving on, what type of system Carolwood had was a topic discussed at several forums. At one forum (which I will keep anonymous), one member said the type of camera that Carolwoood had needed to be hooked up to the phone line in order to work. This was a very common security system used in many homes. At another forum, someone says it was a motion detecting one.
Supall says he needed to “trace back the video line” in order to find the DVR where all the footage went to be saved.
Then, we had reports of phone lines not working from Murray, fans, and staff. Sometimes these phones would work, and sometimes they wouldn’t. On the morning of the 25[SUP]th[/SUP], none of the lines in the house were working.
Thought: Maybe someone was tweaking with the camera system that morning and that’s why the phones weren’t working.
I bring this up because Supall did say he had to “trace the line” into the house, and from there, follow it to the basement.
Now, let’s look at this 12:30 time period of when Michael arrived home and when his van is shown driving into the gates. Phillips’ says the rehearsal that night ended around 12:30. Michael Bearden said he was “one of the last to leave”. He had to wait because Michael’s car was blocking his. With this, we know that Michael too was one of the very last people to leave rehearsal that night. So he probably didn’t leave Staples exactly around 12:30. No one mentioned that in testimony.
Quick question, MAW said they would have security go warm up the car first, so wouldn’t the car have been unblocked then?
Let’s see what some follower fans say about the time.
We decided to write letters to Michael himself, each of us wrote a letter individually, but all had the same sentiment about our fears over Michael’s condition, pleading for him to take better care of himself, to love himself, and put himself before the tour. The letters were given directly into Michael’s hands outside his rehearsal studio the night before he passed away. Michael tried to phone Talitha (one of the fans who actually gave the letters and Michael knew very well) several times from the Staples Center, but the call kept dropping and we will never know what he wanted to say.
(Notice the inconsistency between Samantha and Talitha regarding the time Michael left Staples Center.)
Tuesday, 06 October 2009 16:24
Last Updated on Friday, 29 October 2010 18:47
Once all the letters were collected and a plan was in place, we decided to intervene on June 24th, 2009.
We did in fact manage to get them in his hands that afternoon. That night would be the last time I’d see him, leaving Staples Center at around 1.30 am on June 25th,2009.
(Link to original source is down)
When Michael left the Staples Center, at around 12.30 am, he rolled his window down all the way and leaned out, wearing a HUGE smile. And when he returned to his house, we lined up on each side of the entrance as usual to greet him. He cracked the window just a few inches and stuck out his hand. I squeezed his fingers as his car rolled by and slipped him a note, reminding him of the statement. Then we all waved him goodnight.
When Amir left a short while later, I asked him what had happened with the phone call. He told me the reception at the Staples was poor.
Another statement from Talitha:
“I saw him last night. I was with him after his rehearsals about 1 o’clock yesterday morning,” she said.
Talitha should have taken a photo of her evidence of this phone call to Michael’s number so we can know what time he was at rehearsals. Unfortunately, it was only a death investigation at the time.
Now, some brought up daylight savings time and say that’s the reason for this hour difference. I looked back to daylight savings time in 2009, and DST in LA for 2009 was on March 8. Nearly three months ago. That’s more than enough time for people to get used to the time change.
There’s Talitha and Sam contradicting each other about the times. And then, Sam contradicting her own self, because about two years later, Sam starts going with Talitha’s time that they left Staples at 12:30, not 1:30 as in her initial testimony.
Samantha’s initial story is clear. He “CAME OUT” at 1:30. If you’re driving to your residence, you don’t “come out”. Even if you role down your window, it’s unlikely someone would describe it in that way.
But Talitha, I don’t see how she could mix that up. As I said before, daylight savings time was nearly three months before.
I asked someone among the follower fans about Sam contradicting herself. This is along the lines of their response.
‘As for Sam contradicting herself, yes, there is a problem with that. I also know all the fans that were with her at that time stopped being friends with her. I heard they were not happy with what she was doing?’
Thought: Are these fans angry at Sam’s testimony? Do they want her to keep quiet? The same fans who cannot speak up for Michael’s mysterious death. Or, is her memory altered by others telling her it was 12:30? (How Misinformation Alters Memories)
None, or a vast majority of the fans with Michael that night do not want to speak of what happened. I have to say, this is almost frustrating. It’s not like those fans are on gag order by a contract.
It is hard to understand why the Michael’s fans would be quiet, the hardcore ones who followed him and waited for him at night. Usually people have a need to tell their story.
The thing is, what or who would make these fans not want to speak up for Michael? I would think that after talking with police, they were put on gag order in order to protect evidence. But that’s not the case, because Sam said she went to the police, and then wrote her testimony for the public as well. With police out, I can’t think of anyone else with such influence but another of MJ’s fans.
Now, let’s get back to the time change.
Just thought I would point out that if the recording machine did not change its time with daylight savings time- then time of arrival would have gone forward an hour. Talitha wouldn’t have seen him at 1:00, but at 2:00. Karen Faye is correct. Samatha’s initial testimony just days after is correct. Daniel Celebre is correct.
Supall’s testimony was that the “clock set on the DVR, that would be it’s date” & “time on the DVR”

Who reset the clock on the DVR after DST? Faheem didn’t know where the DVR was, so he didn’t change the time.
I don’t think it was ever changed. The DVR was not in the attic. For one thing, I don’t think the security knew where it was. Supall was asked if someone directed him to the hard drive, he answered no. Supall traced it to inside the house & from there found it was 2 stories down in the basement- behind the entertainment center, the theater.
@ 18:01

I think Supall, Martinez & Faheem did not notice about the time. He testified it recorded minute for minute & they sounded like they were going back & forth on tape, only looking for predetermined arrivals of CM & Michael’s security. LAPD really limited the investigation within hours if that was all they wanted for evidence.
I think if security had someone came in from the outside that they didn’t want on tape, the bodyguards could just cover the camera if they needed to. Chernoff keeps asking about ones pointed at the front door, but that is going nowhere as nothing to substantiate it apparently.

What I think happened is the LAPD took this time as correct from the DVR, the time being not changed was overlooked, and everyone got in lockstep as that being the correct time- this time frame got put out, also since a lot of people are not correct with time.
There was probably confusion about the time, with people leaving from rehearsal at different times, depending on what you were doing. Nowadays alot of people don’t where watches, they use their cell phones.
It would have been a good question for Chernoff to ask if anyone changed the time on the machine but that question is not in his client’s interest. If someone gave CM a timeline for the drugs CM gave Michael and he was told do this & it will all go away. I think that Chernoff knows very well that his client is messed up in something, that is why one of CM’s supporters said on TV the other day about Michael being killed by the Hollywood Mafia. Also Chernoff keeps mentioning to the jury that CM is on trial for his life.


ty for the post ... we still do not know if Randy was with him at home that day or night before or who exactly was in the house then.