The BAD25 Packages/ Products, Your Orders etc. etc. [Discussion]

Finally, mine just arrived today!:woohoo::woohoo: I got mine free from a GPT, because I don't have the money to fork out $200. I thought it wasn't going to come, but it did and I'm super excited!! I've been working hard at this site for 2 months, so here's the results:



The estate really did an awesome job with this and my online efforts have paid off.
Just today my DVD from MJ's site arrived, I would like it to come in a DVD case, but comes in a case made with a kind of a hard paper, at least the tour's booklet and bonus is included :D
Well I got my Bad 25 Deluxe Edition today... Finally. I ordered it from Groupon. Wish I had money for the Collectors Edition but that one was just too expensive for me. I'm happy though with this product. A great box-set.
Why is RTL listed on your box set? Will they air the concert?

Enjoy! Best purchase I have made in a very long time. I listen to it ever day. Have watched the DVD about 10 times. My lil boys are now huge MJ fans. They just don't really understand he is not with us anymore. They are 4 and 6. They tell me all the time they want to goto his concerts. All I say is anytime you want just put in the DVD.
I really don't know. Bought from Turkey, but look French don't know :) or Italian?
I ordered mine today. Can't wait for it to arrive from the UK. I bought the 2 CD edition. It's gonna have to do for now.
I finally got it....
There was something WRONG with the order the other day :scratch:and so I got to see the store manager and yeahhhh :punk:
It's beyond my expectation really... I was like a kid at Christmas so excited :tease:

Well, it was worth the wait and worth every cent too :bow:
Bad25 has finally arrived in my country. Got a call from the store I generally get my CDs and DVDs, telling me it's here, but I already got it from Amazon. If I was patient, I would have waited and saved money on shipping. Not me lol! Maybe get a second copy or check if it's a different edition?
Hiya people! Wow feels weird to post here again - haven't quite managed to since June 25 -09.. But I like to see the activity around Bad 25 :) Anyway, I've been trying to get info about the collectors deluxe set but haven't really found what I'm looking for so maybe someone here can help me out? The case of the whole pack - the jacket-looking one - is it out of real leather like from animalics, or is it fake? See I'm a vegan so it really matters for if I'm gonna b able to buy it..! Anyone knows?
I have the The BAD25 zipper and buckle collector case and it is not real leather -

others have asked about the Tour Jacket too and Im not sure.
A replica of the wool and leather jacket created for the staff and crew on the BAD World Tour and enhanced with the BAD25 logo on the sleeve. Im assuming it is leather but they dont make it clear if the replica is or not

I sent a message to customer service asking what material the Jacket is made from.
I went into Walmart a few times where they were almost sold out. Then I finally went yesterday and bought it.