The last film/tv show you watched?

I have been watching The Mandalorian on Disney+. I just watched episode 5. Its a great series.
Jazz On A Summer's Day (1959)

Currently watching "Fatherhood" on Netflix. Not quite finished it yet, but it's a sweet, fell-good movie.
"The Boy In The Plastic Bubble" on YouTube.

I have loved John Travolta movies ever since I was younger and I had never seen that one til yesterday. I have heard of it but didn't think much of it til Sunday when I was looking what to watch on my laptop.

The only thing I'm missing from watching that has John Travolta in the 70s is "Welcome Back Kotter". I've watched everything else that features John Travolta when he was barely starting out...the 70s... I wonder when I'll watch the series that he debuted...
Last show I watched was Keeping Up Appearances :ROFLMAO: such a classic british sitcom lol