If you hear him, or MJ related something on the radio or television, post. Let us know the song and the general feel from the announcers :)

Fall Out Boys ~ Beat It

I missed the intro but after it played she just plainly said "That was fall out boy covering Michael Jackson's Beat it" Nice and easy. Just the facts :)

Dangerous Incorporated

I heard WBSS08 on the radio and I didnt even hear MJ once, only Akon, but the DJ announced the track as being WBSS by Michael Jackson. :lol:

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Yesterday I heard Beat it by Michael & Fergie for the first time in radio.
The announcer asked a listener what does he think of covers made of old classics. The listener answered "some times it's good thing" :D
I don't remember so well..


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Yesterday I've heard a (rock) cover of Beat it on the radio and today at an other station I've heard Black or white.


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I just watched Undercover Brother, and had no idea they played "Beat It" during one of the ending fight scenes. Very funny!


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I watched My super sweet sixteen today and this girl said something like "I love Michael Jackson".. I guess this man was MJ's body gaurd and she wanted a body gaurd for her party and when she found out he used to work for MJ she had a smile on her face!!:)

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I watched Golden League's Gp from Oslo few weeks ago and they played Thriller in the background for several minutes :)


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While I was coming back with my dad, in car on the radio I heard 'I just can't stop loving you' and I screamed 'Michael Jackson!'. Lol. It was great to hear that song after hard day.


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When I was buying Ice cream I heard thriller on the radio in the ice cream store:p I was really suprised..there was a big smile on my face and the guy who worked there was singing with him!:lol:


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Heard WBSS on the radio last night...funny cause I was switching my HIStory CD to Invincible when the radio came on with it...:D


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The other day I got in the car and DSTYGE was playing. Then when I got home, I called my mum to tell her something and I heard Rock With You on in the background! :D


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I just heard Billie Jean on the radio!!!!!!!!!! it's really wierd too, because I usually never sit in the front seat of the car with my mom or have the radio on, but the one night I happen to do so, I hear an MJ song. also, it was on a radio station I've never listened to in my life, but I just happened to turn right to it. it's almost like we MJ fans really do have a 6th sense about these things, lol.


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Well, tonight on Musimax, a French language tv music station I just saw MJ for a few seconds; missed what it was really about, but it seemed to have some sort of young artist inspired by MJ, and they showed clips of MJ and the feel overall was positive (yay!) and it was said that if MJ came out with a new album as expected in 2007 (so it must have been a repeat of an old show) then MJ would be fine. Or something like that. Yay!

I was very happy to see MJ, even if the show was old, and that what was said was positive. The MJ footage they used was not of him performing, but at award shows, waving at the crowd; stuff like that. Nice footage. :yes:

Edit: Just had to add, I'm lucky; my partner always alerts me as to when MJ is on tv if he's watching and I'm not, so I don't miss it. It's nice that he supports me in my fandom. He's not a big fan like me, but I think he likes him too. He's said good things about his music in the past. And he's someone whose opinion I totally respect when it comes to music. And he even puts up with my occasional ramblings about MJ. Lucky me! lol I try not to bore him too much with it though.
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I watched Real Life on MTV and in the end of the show Indian family danced Thriller! That was nice surprise :)

Today I heard The girl is mine and Billie Jean. Yesterday I heard Off the wall and Shake your body (down to the ground).
So lots of MJ stuff, yay :)
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