The Soul thread

Patrice Rushen - Settle For My Love

From one of my favorate parts of soul: Philly soul. :D

Love I Lost-Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes-
Darlin Darlin Baby-O'jays-
It's a Shame-The Spinners-
You are Everything-Stylistics-

I should have more to post, if I did it right. Although I should post stuff that hasn't gotten radio play on some classics soul stations or isn't in their rotation.
Johnny Ace - Pledging My Love

Donny Hathaway - Someday We'll All Be Free
I am listening to Tammi Terrell and I just love her songs, and have been interested in her since 2003 when I was wondering what happened to her, I hate the fact that her life was cut short. :( Here are the songs that I love from her.

My Heart:
This Old Heart of Mine
All I Do
Come On and See Me
What A Good Man He Is
Baby Dont'cha Worry
I Gotta Find A Way To Get You Back
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^^^^^^Tammi started out with James Brown. Here she is with Sam Cooke & Betty Harris. I guess she's around 17 or 18 years old.
Supe, you better share Stevie's Perfect Angel on here mate.

here's a massive Stevie fan and one of the greatest keyboardists of this generation, Mark de Clive-Lowe, laying down the Detroit-UK soul:

here's his take on I Can't Help It and on Soul in general:

»The thing about this song. A few of you have copped it already. Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest. We talked about Wayne Shorter before, we mentioned Miles. Stevie's just bananas! And I hope that everyone in this room knows that for real! No one brought everything together in a way that had never been done before like Stevie did. And when I hear Michael Jackson singing that song, I love it but I'm thinking, “okay, so Stevie obviously sang it to send it to Michael, to learn it. Can I please hear the Stevie Wonder version? I mean, dude's a don, dude's a don. And what came before him, with someone like Ray Charles, who... I just want to touch on this quickly ‘cause it came to mind, thinking of Stevie. That is, what Ray Charles did, was brought together the music from the church, with the music from the street. And he brought together Gospel, and he brought together the Blues. And it's a semi-esoteric idea, but he brought together spirituality and earthiness. Which is what, for me, human beings are here for. And that became Soul music. So that's what it's all about, really. Channeling energy, being aware of those things, but it's how you express it, on this planet, as a human being. That if you, if it doesn't sound like Stevie or Marvin [Gaye] or Curtis [Mayfield] or whatever, that doesn't make it not Soul music. I'm just saying, I like that, it's a nice kind of perspective. Any questions before we rock another beat?«

Mark finally covered I Can't Help It with Lady Alma:

and this is what he said about Mike:

we lost a true gem and a goliath in his prime. i don't really have ample words to pay homage and full respect to MJ and his passing... so i'll hand it over to some music. lady alma and i recorded this a while back but this seems an appropriate time to share it with everyone... feel free to share and vibe outtttt :)

rest in peace MJ​
I just woke up, went on this sub-forum and must have scrolled down quite quickly to have my eyes deceive me as I read this thread title as "The Soul Is Dead" over DuranDuran's username. I had a mini heart-attach.
^^^^No I don't start morbid threads. :p Here's a classic by Side Effect.

have to admit this thread is teaching me A LOT!!!!!! thanks to all posters ;) i thought i knew a lot :lol: