This is what Michael and LMP child would have looked like


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haha that is so cute! I can actually see both Michael & Lisa there aw!
I might morph pix of me & my boyfriend, hehe that will totally freak him out! lol


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thats a crazy site! :lol:, And as it would be weird if i picked Michael, as much as i love Michael!! :D ,

so i morphed a child of ME and Rihanna hehe:lol:

here ~
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What do you mean?
well, considering the fact that LP was so easy to convince by people around her that Michael is the devil manipulator who used the sweet innocent girl like her, I think the custody battle would be very nasty. Who knows what she would do and say to keep the kid away from him. Plus Scientology cult is just enough reason to not have children with her. So I say it's a blessing that they didn't have kids.


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Have you noticed that every child that has Michael as father turns out beautiful and cute?

I'm gonna search for a pic of me as a child and try this too. Seems fun!


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Yes I've noticed. Especially mixed race kids are cute :)

I've used this pic and my child pic for best results

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ok I got bored so I made a baby too...I'm still trying to figure if it's a boy or a girl

I think a real baby would be a little darker though

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