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Aw, video has been taken down… where in Sweden is this shelter?

I would also like to point out, that Swedes aren't particularly hateful towards cats, but that all kind of mistreatment of these wonderful animals are unacceptable nonetheless.
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I would also like to point out, that Swedes aren't particularly hateful towards cats, but that all kind of mistreatment of these wonderful animals are unacceptable nonetheless.
I tried to translate a swedish expression "vi är lika goda kålsupare" and got" we are birds of a feather".
It seems to be the same meaning in it , we are the same all over the world.
There seems to be catlovers in every country but there are also haters.
I don´t know what to call those who abandon their cats, they don´t harm the cats physically but the cats can later die because they can´t manage to get enough food. Sometimes they can through a sac with kittens in out of the window of the car, maybe they stay and put kittens beside a big road where it´s likely the kittens will be run over soon.
It happens in Sweden , it happens in other countries.

I posted earlier about a cat who survid being put on fire.
It was a teenager who was guilty.
In Sweden a teenager tortured and killed several cats before he was caught.
I don´t know who tortured Snowie if it was a young person or old
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Three stories from different parts of the world-but it´s the western world.
It´s really a bad world...but on the other hand there are people who are eager to help, to donate to veterinarian care
Nathan Winograd wrote "I learned that there was enough love and compassion for animals in every community to overcome the irresponsibility of the few "
Israel Will Trap, Neuter and Return 45,000 Street Cats
by Piper Hoffman
November 2, 2013
6:00 am

Street cats are everywhere in Israel, in huge numbers. I and others can attest that they don’t look good: they tend to be dirty and skinny, often with visible skin infections and eye problems. Their lifespans average just one or two years, compared to 13-17 years for cats who live indoors or in managed colonies.

Most of the cats’ human neighbors have historically considered them vermin and wanted them gone. People have yelled at me for feeding cats near their apartments or houses. One Israeli veterinarian says, “in Israel it’s as though no one cares. There is no awareness here.” Even cat lovers lack basic awareness about solutions to the enormous street cat population. A spokesperson for the Israeli chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said, “the public is at fault…because people are not spaying/neutering their pets.”

Israelis resist neutering male companion animals in particular, just as Americans have and still do — witness the commercial success of Neuticles, artificial testicles that can be implanted to make a neutered cat appear intact. The manufacturer promotes Neuticles as a way to aid “the pet’s owner with the trauma associated with altering.” I’m trying to make sense of that. Maybe the trauma and resistance result from men projecting their own fears of castration or insecurities about their masculinity onto their cats. Whatever their problem is, these people are not acting in their cats’ interests. Neutering can preserve their health and, by reducing their aggression, lower the risk of injury from violent fights.

The outlook for street cats in Israel is improving thanks to changing attitudes. The Israeli government just committed 4.5 million NIS (about 1.27 million in U.S. dollars) to trap, spay or neuter, and release 45,000 feral cats before June 2014. There are an estimated 39,000 street cats in the Tel Aviv area alone — just one shelter, the SPCA, takes in 200 kittens every day during breeding season — so the government’s plan is not a comprehensive solution.

Nonetheless, it is a huge step forward. TNR is the only viable option to improve Israeli street cats’ quality of life. The country has few animal shelters, so rounding up neighborhood cats and dropping them off at a shelter doesn’t work — they will either be turned away or killed. Adopting feral cats, excluding young kittens, rarely succeeds because they have learned to fear humans and usually can’t change their ways. When I found an apparently orphaned kitten on the street a few years ago, days before I was scheduled to return to the United States, I called every person, organization and governmental agency I could think of looking for someone to take him in. None of them could help. (Eventually I found the little guy’s mother and reunited the family.)

The government’s cash infusion could not only save cats’ lives; it could also improve their health. When feral cats are spayed or neutered and then returned to a colony that has conscientious human managers, they can stay quite healthy. Good colony managers keep the fixed cats fed, provide places to sleep that protect them from the elements, monitor their health and trap new arrivals for spaying or neutering.

Israeli animal advocates, like CHAI (Concern for Helping Animals in Israel), emphasize that TNR efforts will not make a difference without excellent colony managers. Others argue that TNR will increase the street cat population, based on a study by a student at Tel Aviv University.

The United States is full of individuals and organizations, like hospitals, universities, airports and military bases, that reject TNR and instead kill feral cats on their property. The fact that Israel is embracing TNR on a national level could eventually put it far ahead of the United States in terms of treating ferals humanely.

It could also mean that the next time I visit the country and go for a walk, I won’t have to carry cat treats with me because I won’t pass hungry ferals on my way. TNR could improve not just cats’ quality of life, but mine too.

Read more:
I ´m happy to read about this.:)
It´s a lot of money but it´s more expensiv to catch and kill.
TNR for 45000 cats means that volunteers buy food for all these cats and cats in controlled colonies can live a long life
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I wonder if those who left the kittens there kept the mother, and if they did ,if they had her fixed.
If they don´t have her spayed I´m afraid it can be many dumped kittens deriving from her.
I´m happy these little kittens were saved

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This is my baby girl Cocoa, who's about I'd say 5 months old, she was found outside by some neighbors the night before, then the next morning, she started hanging around my home where I live, which was back in July...of course we didn't want to leave her outside thinking it'd rain/storm so we took her in, fed her, etc. The kids from the neighborhood had already named her which I've already mentioned, so that's what we stuck with, as far as her name goes...
Then about a few months later or so, my mom had actually found out from someone else that that particular person knew the original owner of Cocoa(who's actual name was Sunny) & she had like i think 3 sisters, but it seemed like the owner took absolutely NO INTEREST whatsoever in wanting to find her or wanting her back which was a as of this point, since it's now November, she's officially MY cat & she's quite sweet at times, although since she's still young, she still does things she shouldn't do, such as playing with the toilet paper, messing with the other cats like Layla & PK, which they don't tolerate, of course Buzzy doesn't mind playing with her...
Anyways, here 's a pic of her + a video I posted on my YT channel

“Say No to Cat and Dog Meat” ad comes alive
08 November 2013

Information Pack“Say No to Cat and Dog Meat” ad comes alive
08 November 2013
Contact Us Information Pack Commuters at a train station in Guangzhou, China received a shock when the stars of a “Say No to Cat and Dog Meat” design “jumped” out of the poster.

Three-year-old Xiao Bao and companions, husky Dou Dou and Bu Bu the Samoyed, were on hand to wave and offer a friendly bark or two at commuters – in a prime spot below the poster that included their own image.

In all a total of 279 “Be healthy. Say No to Cat and Dog Meat” advertisements produced by Animals Asia are on display across China in train stations, bus stations and elevators in 14 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen. Millions more are seeing the images online where they have received an incredible response. On Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, the designs were shared over 3,000 times in the first 24 hours after posting. Since then they’ve gone on to gain 20,000 shares in total.

The posters aim to inform the public of the health risks of eating dog and cat meat and to prompt people to re-evaluate why they’d eat animals they might otherwise consider friends not food.

The poster starring young Xia Bao states, in Chinese:

“What you just put in your mouth could have been a child’s partner in growth”

It concludes:

“Cat and dog meat sold in restaurants is often sourced from stolen domestic animals and strays snatched from the street. Don’t pay for this cruel and dirty industry with your own health. Be healthy, say no to dog and cat meat.”

The set of advertisements cover three themes “Partner in Growth”, “Guardian” and “Stray”.

Animals Asia Dog and Cat Welfare Director Irene Feng said:

“The truth is, if you eat dog or cat then you have no idea where that meat is coming from or how safe it is. We are still seeing many cats and dogs in China being abandoned and left to subsist on the streets, with many dying due to illness. Stray dogs and cats, many of them from far healthy, are snatched from the streets and pets are still being stolen and taken to horrific meat markets. We believe that, faced with this knowledge, most people would find such a meal entirely unappetising.”

Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson added:

“We know that, equipped with the facts, most people will choose not to eat dog and cat meat. There are health implications, not-to-mention the fact that the dogs and cats being served as food are likely to have been stolen from a loving family home.

“The good news is that awareness is spreading. The reaction we have had from the public to the posters has been incredible as has been the willingness to further share the message. Make no mistake, animal welfare is now an increasingly high profile issue in China and the dog and cat meat industry is being held to account.””-ad-comes-alive-for-commuters.html
I decided to stop feeling bad for the homeless cats I come across, and finally do something about it.
It starts with us..don´t wait for someone else to do it
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I had some feral cats in a shed, bigger than this.
I made some hidingplaces for them, I remember one of them realised that I saw her and she almost flew out of the hiding place took some rounds in the shed until she saw another place where she could hide.
I just waited for her and I was happy when she first dared to walk around although I was sitting there.
I use to say there are shy cats and there are ferals.
Sometimes you can think it´s a feral when you see her/him in the trap but if she/he get indoors in a home again she/he can change after just a short time and you realise it was an abandoned cat who had become scared of people and other things too outdoors but felt safe when she/he was indoors again.
Some cats refuse to eat at all in the beginning.
Re: to catlovers

A thread after my heart, lol! Here's my Vladimir. He's 4 years old and a Maine Coon mix. He was given to me for my birthday and I refer to him as my furry baby... :wub:




Meet Mayor Stubbs of Talkeetna, Alaska. He&#8217;s a Cat.

This July, the town of Talkeetna, Alaska, celebrated their mayor&#8217;s 15th year in position. This is particularly remarkable because the mayor of Talkeetna, a tourist town of approximately 800 residents, is a cat. Known as &#8220;Mayor Stubbs,&#8221; the part-Manx feline was sworn in shortly after he was born. Controversy over mayoral candidates had birthed a movement to have Stubbs written in as a mayoral contender and, sure enough, he was elected. Turns out Stubbs is a mayor the town can get behind, not only uniting the people of Talkeetna but becoming a tourist draw the tiny mountain town thrives on. Stubbs spends the majority of his days at Nagley&#8217;s, a general store located in Talkeetna, where 30 to 40 tourists visit him daily. He was recently featured in Alaska Magazine and receives letters and cards addressed to him each day at the general store. Against all odds (and then some), Stubbs has found long term success in office by continuing to be the amusing cat the people can count on.
On 13th Annual National Feral Cat Day®, Alley Cat Allies Celebrates with Milestones, Proclamations and Awards for Community Change
More than 400 registered events nationwide highlight growing movement to transform communities and protect cats’ lives

BETHESDA, MD—October 16 marked the 13th annual celebration of National Feral Cat Day® with record numbers of Americans registering their support for embracing humane animal control and sheltering practices that protect the lives of community cats, said Alley Cat Allies, the nation’s leading advocacy group for cats. Alley Cat Allies founded National Feral Cat Day® in 2001.

“This year, more than 430 individuals, community nonprofit groups, spay/neuter clinics, animal shelters and other organizations held events in honor of National Feral Cat Day—the largest number of events we’ve recorded in this day’s history,” said Becky Robinson, president and co-founder of Alley Cat Allies.

“Every year, the movement to protect the lives of cats grows stronger, nationwide. Hundreds of municipal and private shelters and animal control agencies have embraced Trap-Neuter-Return and abandoned the cruelty of ‘catch and kill’. Communities are seeing firsthand that these innovative programs really work,” she said.

In addition to record numbers of TNR workshops, spay/neuter drives, education events and fundraisers registered at, four counties in Florida—Sarasota, Charlotte, Manatee and Hardee—issued official proclamations recognizing the day.

Also in honor of National Feral Cat Day®, Alley Cat Allies presented the “Architects of Change for Cats” award to the City of Harrington, Del. for implementing and supporting a community-wide TNR program in 2012. Harrington lawmakers passed an ordinance to clear the way for the program and provided funding, supplies and the necessary publicity—including the creation of a city website on TNR—to get the program off the ground. There are an estimated 600 community cats in Harrington, and so far more than 380 have undergone TNR.

“More than 350 communities nationwide have embraced TNR in the past two decades since Alley Cat Allies first started to advocate this humane program,” said Robinson. “We applaud their commitment to humane, effective change.”

More information can be found at
Re: to catlovers

There were many great project for feral cats day,This has Jackson mentioned...-,
Bake Sale at Mississippi Farmers Market
Volunteers will sell a delicious assortment of baked goods and have an exhibit about feral cats and TNR at the Mississippi Farmers Market in Jackson on Saturday, October 19, 2013, in honor of National Feral Cat Day. We will offer educational materials about low-cost spay/neuter and continue to encourage trap-neuter-return and compassionate treatment towards alley cats/ barn cats in the Jackson area and beyond. We will also have photos and profiles of adoptable kittens and cats. All donations and proceeds from the sale will go toward TNR and other vet and caretaking expenses.

Post-Event Summary
The bake sale to raise funds for and promote TNR was a great success! We had so many delicious baked goods provided by our supporters, and we raised $330, which can be used to spay/neuter 66 cats. We talked to people about cats in their neighborhoods and have some leads on areas of town that would benefit from TNR. I was very pleased to meet some new contacts who are involved in TNR and supporting feral cats, so the event was beneficial in strengthening our network. One of our first projects that we'll use the funds for is to TNR 7 cats living in a neighborhood where animal control has picked up feral cats in the past. A citizen there saw our promotion of the event on TV (we had a brief spot on the local news), and he called to get help with some cats he feeds. He wants them to stay there "in the 'hood" but doesn't have the means to get them to a vet. We hope that by showing him how we practice TNR, the word will spread in this part of town that calling animal control to pick up cats is not necessary, and that if they are spayed and neutered, the cats will be good neighbors and stay in manageable numbers.

Organisation Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter
<header>So There’s A Tiny Island In Japan,
And You’re Really Gonna Want To See What’s There…Trust Me.

<!--By admin
--> November 15, 2013
</header>A Japanese photographer named Fubirai spent 5 years photographing and documenting the lives of semi-feral cats who live off the coast of Fukuoka, Japan. This island has been called Cat Heaven Island by many. One look at the photographs and life there, and you’ll see exactly why.

Behold. A cat lover’s paradise.

The local fishermen are known to feed the cats on Cat Heaven Island.

They’re free to jump around…

…and even pose for the camera.

They start families here and care for their young.

Their adorable young.

It’s actually quite romantic.

Of course they need to eat, so there’s a lot of begging.

Lunch time!

They play just like domesticated kitties.

They have no problem with humans.

Except maybe this gang.

Some of them are a bit crazy.

Some are even stuntcats.

They can be so adorable.

REALLY adorable.

But they really don’t have any boundaries though.

Seriously, no boundaries.

But that’s okay.

Because this is their land.

And they don’t mind sharing it.

I look for this island to slowly expand with these cats ultimately overtaking the entire world, methodically and effectively.
You heard it here first. Until then, share Cat Heaven Island with others. You have to admit, it’s pretty awesome.