Trustworthy (My First Novel)


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Jul 25, 2011
A week ago, Michael gave me the inspiration to write novels about him :D ... I'm currently writing "Trustworthy" but I have in my mind 9 novels!!! :lol:
Sorry, but I won't publish more than this because I think the Internet isn't "Trustworthy" :( ...

The Book's Description
"The man stepped out of the shadows and walked towards me. The echo of his steps created a distinct sound, a crescendo beat. Suddenly, he stopped. There was no noise in this huge ballroom."
A thrilling novel which takes its readers into an exciting story about a young woman who learns what does life mean and how to trust and love somebody. Emotions, feelings and thoughts are captioned in an extraordinary way. The main characters have a mysterious, secret life and struggle for their own safety. They swing between happiness and sadness, courage and fear, togetherness and loneliness, life and death.
Divided in two parts, the book presents on one hand, the father, and on the other hand, the child. The mother takes care of her lover and her son and she is the "Trustworthy" person of the novel.

Please tell me what do you think ... Would you buy it? :D
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