Vote for MJ!! (Smooth Radio Top Songs/Artists)


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UK's Smooth Radio are now asking people to vote in their annual poll to find the nation's all time Top500 songs.

Some Radio stations are very wary about playing MJ songs in the wake of Leaving Neverland and radio airplay has dropped. For example, one of the UK's biggest MJ players - Absolute Radio - have NOT played any MJ at all since LN was broadcast! that's a big problem.

This poll is the perfect way for the MJ Fan community to come together and tell radio that there IS still a listener base who wants to hear MJ on the radio!

This is how MJ did in previous 2 years:


#365 - Got To Be There
#356 - I'll Be There
#353 - Off The Wall
#223 - One Day In Your Life
#206 - She's Out Of My Life
#196 - Ben
#195 - Black Or White
#193 - BAD
#176 - Human Nature
#148 - Rock With You
#143 - I Just Cant Stop Loving You
#121 - You Are Not Alone
#103 - Beat It
#94 - Earth Song
#48 - thriller
#31 - Billie Jean
#17 - Man In The Mirror


#464 - The Way You Make Me Feel
#381 - Got to Be There
#342 - Off the Wall
#309 - I'll Be There
#278 - Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
#254 - One Day In Your Life
#215 - She's out OF My Life
#188 - Rock With You
#184 - Human Nature
#170 - I Just Cant Stop Loving You
#168 - You Are not Alone
#101 - Earth Song
#29 - Man In the Mirror
#21 - Billie Jean

I find it interesting that Thriller was #48 in 2017 but didn't appear in the top 500 in 2018!

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For non-UK people:
To find a UK postcode (that's required at the end) look here:
(move around on the map a little, so we're not all using the same. :D )

Maybe dropped out of the options list? I now can't find Black Or White anymore either.

Some of our favourites are missing but if you can't find one in the search bar you have the option add any song of your choice.

I'm surprised this poll hasn't got more attention on the board.

Here we have a radio station actually asking for listeners to tell them what songs they love to hear, and by implication what music the station should be prioritising. If MJ does poorly in this poll I guarantee they will play far less MJ music (or none at all!).

NOW is definitely the time to be demanding radio play MJ. It is crucial!!

Please dont under estimate how important it is to make sure people hear MJ on their radio.
it's glad to know michael is on the list. not only that but they choose some great artists too. i wish i could choose almost the whole list but i couldn't. hahahaha. i didn't see Steve on there though.

not to mention i did vote for michael. :D

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For the third year in succession Michael Jackson proves that he is and always will be the KING OF POP!
He was Number voted Icon on Smooth Radio's top 100 icons countdown which was voted by Smooth Radio listeners
What a way to say he is still with us and loved by many still.
Young, old, new fans and fans there will never ever been another one like Michael Joseph Jackson.