What is your weather like?

Showers 14*C

It's been raining on and off during the entire long weekend and it's a bit annoying now.
Light rain 17*C (Most parts of Ontario)


Thunderstorm Risk upcoming


Colorado low temperatures


All those are hitting my area.

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Light flurries 0*C (Windchill -5*C) Ugh. The sight of snow really makes me sick.
Overcast -7*C (windchill -16*C).

Nasty freezing rain yesteday and still seeing now is just....AH! DAMN YOU SNOW!!! YOU RUINED MY POSSIBLE CHANCE OF HAVING GREEN CHRISTMAS FOR ONCE!!!
Light rain, expected to get heavier over the next hours (with possible severe weather and flooding). We're under a flood watch until Friday evening.

It's beginning to look a lot like a wet Christmas in Georgia... :eek: