What songs is Branca talking about in this video? (copyright stuff)


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In this video, shortly after 20:30, Branca says that "someone" forgot to renew copyrights for some MJ songs, and that he negotiated to get the Beatles catalogs at under-market price in compensation.

This brings me a few questions:
- What are the songs he is talking about? Are they actually uncopyrighted now?
- It's a completely different story that what I had in mind on how MJ got the Beatle catalog publishing rights. That's probably McCartney's version but I heard that MJ was supposed to help McCartney getting the catalog and shortly after, after negotiations finally bought it for himself. Relistening to this par I realise that Branca is not talking about the Beatles catalog but about 20 famous songs in the history of music ... Just out of curiosity do we know what songs?
- I don't if things are different in the US but where I live copyright is not something that you can lose as long as it is proven that you are the actual author. They only expire something like 70 years after author's death. Also they CANNOT be transferred (unless possibly to heirs) only stuff like usage/publishing right can be transferred by agreement. Is it so different in the US or is Branca using the word "copyright" as some kind of shortcut?