What was the last thing you bought?


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Tell everyone about your proud purchases.

I scored 2 cute pairs of flip flops for $5 at Target (one pair for in the car when my heels hurt after work and I need to run errands) and some berry-scented body wash that made me not want to get out of the shower this morning. It smelled sooo gooood.



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For myself a headset for the computer, a cheaper pair that worked better than the more expensive ones I had.. always the way huh?

For my kids lots of craft things to keep them busy :)


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''Orbit'' with garlic flavor



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yeah, I know what you mean, cd-players eat a lot of batteries :lol:
do horses eat biscuits? :blink:[/b]

yeah they also enjoy banana chips and chocolate cake

anything sweet


a box of plasters :lol:
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