When did you first become a MJ fan


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Feb 22, 2015
You may not know exactly i must have been about 5 i was born in 1990 in the UK i remember when the earth song came out that was all your heard i loved that song plus i remember finding the bad album in my mum and dad's cd collection so i had the bad album to listen to plus the earth song was the biggest hit at the time lol that was me hooked i remember watch ing him performing live on tv during the history tour with my brother i never knew anything about the child molesting allegions that had been said about him i would like to think that's cause my mum and dad did not believe them but at the end of the day how do u tell ur 5,6 or 7 year old son there idol molests kids or why would u let ur kid listen to someone and like someone who u thinks does that so they must have thought he was innocent.

Anyway in the UK i probably grew up in a hard time being a MJ fan but i have always stood by him if u grew up early mid late 80's MJ was king no one could touch him early 90's he was still king but a bit weird mid 90's my time according to the media he molested kids by start of 2000's kinda calmed down people would still say he molested children in the uk it was still not cool to be a MJ fan then mid 2000's he was accused against of molesting a kid so bk to sqaure one

my concert time started in 2005 i was a mj fan since 1995 i would say i got propper into music in 2001 but i never forgot mj i dont think i would have went to any of the 2009 gigs coz they were in london and im in scotland he did say this is it but if it was not for all this shit that people put him through it would not be this is it no one on this forum but the world really killed a legend