When Mike shines...NOT as a lead vocalist


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Sep 25, 2008
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[inspired by the album Come and Get It:Rare Pearls]

I was listening to the album and some of the songs, Jermaine was the lead vocalist.
Mike, to me, is by far the greatest singer in the band, so I was paying attention to his part.
I know the little things he did give the songs some serious oomph.

Including those songs on the album,
can you come up with other instances where he wasn't the lead singer,
but he gave you all the reasons to dig a certain song and then some?
I Am Love, I've heard it on the destiny tour and he blows away whoever else was singing.
Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' (Too Good To Be True) is another one.
Somebody's Watching Me.
I Need You by 3T is another good example, he only does a little bit but he was great. I would have loved to have heard him singing all the 3T songs.
Eaten Alive by Diana Ross. He shines through from the background vocal and by the end it's almost like a duet, or even as if he's leading. He sings his part so passionately, you'd think he meant it. :p ;)
The entire Triumph album is like that for me and Torture and in Wait, where he sings "my pride." Michael usually stands out anyway even when he's trying to hide in the background. :p
Whoo ooo! Harmony, together we'll
join hands and sing of love across the land, mmm mmm.

I know that several of the family members share in this song but
Michael's part in 2300 Jackson Street just melts my heart and
makes me swoon he sounds so dam good! OMGeee!

I replay his part over and over. Lol!
That happens when I listen to Somebody's Watching Me, he has a tiny part but that's the only thing that made me give the song a try, I even wanted to find just his part to download but didn't succeed :toofunny: I guess 2300 Jackson Street is the same and even Eddie Murphy's What's Up WIth You :rofl: lmao
Youall really came up with all goodies for this really interesting topic!

This song I'm going to say is from the Third Album, Reach In, morally uplifting with a man in the mirror sort of message.

Both MJ's and Jermaine's vocals are so mature for their ages its completely unbelievably amazing to me...the entire background stands out also, in an amazing sort of way, mature and rich.

And of on top of all that, add that that - MJ's vocal additions is just undescribably exsquisite! So amazing! Like magic!

... hope u enjoy as much as I

this one from the ole skool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7fTAQe37jQ
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Right away I thought of "That's How Love Goes" ... the live arrangement ... sorry Jermaine! It's on the Forum and the Japan discs.
I Need You by 3T is my favorite. I just absolutely love Michael's small bit. As soon as it kicks in it's almost like, preparing us all for the epicness that's about to occur. And then he just comes in so strong "I need you! I want you!, Couldn't live a day without you! Yea Yea!" And then Taj or Taryll, whichever one sings the lead, compliments Michael's power with the last subtle line, "and I try to write a special song, a love song just for you, I need you." I just love the way that whole final segment is set up.

All In Your Name as well. I feel almost strongly about his voice in that song as I do with I Need You.

His chorus in Somebody's watching me is the only thing I still remember about the song aside from the video, hoping to see Michael.

And Torture, I love how he outshines in Torture too.
"Why" with 3T

His part is just heavenly :wub:

"Can You Feel It"....That song is so powerful, but when Michael kicks in, it's just a whole different level...That's what Michael did, he brought everything he did to another level...
Oh come on. Torture is awesome :D
Even with Jermaine. Actually, I thought he sounded great on that song, and I'm not a big Jermaine fan.

I wish at the very least, they did that song together live on Victory Tour (should have been done right after the other duet they did).

Time Waits For No One is a great example of his background vocals. Love that song so much!
Save Me by Dave Mason. He takes total control of the song by the end of the song with his crazy amazing adlibs. Love that song btw
I was going to say just this one.

Now I'll say "Who's Right, Who's Wrong", with Kenny Loggins.

There's also Say Say Say. That's like the biggest one.

To Satisfy You, with Bryan Loren.

And Brandy's It's Not Worth It. He's not even a background singer, he's like the sample of the song.

And in the same vein: