Which rapper(s) should feature on Michael's new album?

Which rapper(s) should feature on MJ's new album?

  • Chuck D/Flava Flav

    Votes: 7 5.2%
  • Snoop Dogg

    Votes: 28 20.7%
  • Ice Cube

    Votes: 13 9.6%
  • Dr. Dre

    Votes: 9 6.7%
  • Eminem

    Votes: 14 10.4%
  • 50 Cent

    Votes: 8 5.9%
  • Mos Def

    Votes: 13 9.6%
  • Will Smith

    Votes: 42 31.1%
  • Jay-Z

    Votes: 36 26.7%
  • Other (specify)

    Votes: 40 29.6%

  • Total voters
I'm not keen on rap and I don't think Michael has ever needed it for any of his songs. They would have been just as good or better without it. But he'll probably put some rap in there, so I chose Will Smith. And maybe LL Cool J. But other then that, nah. Michael's never featured really famous or hip rappers except for Heavy D and Notorious B.I.G. Other then that, he's had some not so well known ones, so I'm not sure why people would say he'd go with Jay Z, lol.

I hate rap in general though, there's only a few songs I like, so if Michael DOESN'T put any of it in his songs, then I'm way cool with that, lol.
Jay Z rapped for YRMW's remix...and I think Eve did Butterflies' remix...not sure.

LL Cool J did Serious Effect (which i LOVE) it never made an album though.

Of course MJ doesn't NEED rap, but i feel that he has an appreciation for it, and likes it...so I think it'll make a definite appearance on a few songs.
Well Jay-Z did the remix, but he wasn't on any actual track from the album. I don't count remixes, lol.
the Butterflies Track Masters Remix with Eve got the most radio play here in London than the original track.. and the better reception - i remember it very well cos 13 year olds my age then were digging Mike for that remix lol
I dnt want any rappers on the album :lol: but if Michael wants it then thats his decison not mine
Well that's cool, but I still don't count it, lol.
oh are you one of those anti-remix people?
Sort a' kinda. lol, I like some remixes, but but I always like the original track better. And whatever's on the album is what I consider a collab.
What about Eminem? Yes, he did that anti-MJ song, but he's apologized for it, and he is really talented. If I had to choose a rapper to appear on a future MJ album, he'd be at the top of my list.
Mike does not NEED to have rap sections in his albums but all his latest full albums had a rap section in atleast A song..


So it's very likely that there WILL be.. My assumption since will.i.am is producing and said they did a song that they wrote together and he's featuring on it. that it's possible he'll be on it
eminem would be great...
if he has the balls to do it.

would be a cool kind of statement from his side too
after that not really funny video he did.
I'd rather Eminem took a nose dive from a very tall building before he works with Michael......
Run DMC was supposed to work on the Bad album. They had a couple of meetings, but nothing became of it. DMC said that Bubbles attacked Jam Master Jay when the group went to Havenhurst.
it really does not matter who.. it would be hott.. Even if MJ worked with elmo.. lol!

If possible I would like Michael to use a never heard 2pac track and incorperate it into a song on MJ's..
Ahh.... NONE MJ doesn't need no rappers BUT if I had to choose one out of that list it would be mos def for sure.
I voted other, as I think it would be great to have an MJ album with NO rappers, just MJ!
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My Top:

-Nas (Nas, raps truth. The tales of his life, and the state of the world. He's probably the realest rapper, I know. He's straight poetry, and wont stop till he gets his message through. The true meaning of what exactly Hip-Hop is. He's like the Rap Prophet, in the Music Industry. As he said "Hip-Hop Is Dead", I dont fully agree, but he sends a powerful message)

-will.i.am (Not the greatest rapper in the world. lol. But he is very diverse and very talented. As a Producer, he is striving to make legendary music, and has worked with legends like Earth, Wind, and Fire, James Brown, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson lol, Macy Gray, etc. to modern like Estelle, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake etc. He just has that versatility.)

-Jay-Z (Jay-Z can talk about anything, dominating the lines. A legend, who came from the projects to superstardom (like Michael, except not up to his status yet). Jay-Z is pure poetry and bars. A great connection)

-Eminem (This would be interesting. The off the wall tactics of Eminem, could actually bring in upbeat wacky song, between the too. But it could be a serious one too. Eminem talks about his life as well, and his rhyming skills are off the meter!)

-Kanye West (Another current bloomer, who has that diverse style. He can go Techno, Disco, Pop, Hip-Hop, Hardcore Rap, almost anything. A great fit. Stronger was one of the hottest tracks of 2007.)
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most definately JAY-Z!!! Thta would be so hott! both are icons in their own rights (MJ being THE icon and legend of course.lol)

MISSY would be great too... i know shes said she really wants to work with him...I wsih MJ would take notice cuz MISSY would kill a joint MJ!!!!!! As much as she incorporates him into his music ;)
I think the world would LOVE it if Jay-Z was featured on a song, but for me.....I'd pick one that wasn't on the list.


....I heart that mans lyricism.