Whitney Houston Has Passed Away

Actually in recent years she was in touch with Jermaine as well as other members of the Jacksons when Michael died. We don't know EVERYTHING about who the Jacksons know and for how long. I was shocked to know how close Michael was to Whitney's cousin Dionne Warrick---he even referred to her as "Mom". Before that, I thought they were just music industry peers, even though he was friends with Whitney.

And as far as who's 'qualified' to talk about Whitney regarding her personal life up to her death, you can say the same thing about others who voiced thier views on Whitney's life since she died. So why single Jermaine out as if he's committing an act of treason? I forgot, he's one of the 'marked' Jacksons.[/QUOTE]

Actually I would say the same thing about others speculating on Whitney, but know nothing to little, just as I would about the countless number of people who shared their two cents, and still do when it comes to Michael.

But back to the loss of Whitney, I am still very shocked and saddened by her death. Out of respect, I don't want to derail this thread further with Jermaine Jackson.
R.I.P Whitney.

I was shocked when I read the news on FB. I was like "NO, that's not true" and then others had the same news... it's just so sad. I could only watch just a bit of news coverage because it was reminding me of June 25th all over again so I had to turn it off. My heart breaks for Whitney and her family especially her daughter! =,( Plus, don't want to see reporters talking about what went wrong in her life or mentioning MJ in anyway as if their so perfect.
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Amazing talent. I will miss her.. she is legendary.
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I posted in the other rip Whitney thread I didn't see this one someone made two. Anyway I was shocked when I saw this just breaking on CNN when it was announced my mouth dropped open. I love Whitney. She's a favourite from my childhood. She's legendary. I will always love you Whitney.
Goodbye and Rest In Peace, Whitney! Thank you for your countless beautifull legendary songs and thank you for performing in Michael's honour at the MSG concert in 2001 - I was there!
Please watch my video I made for MJ and Whitney


Stars react to Whitney Houston's death
Grammy producer: 'Too early for full-blown tribute'

Feb 11, 2012
Live: Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party continues as planned
By Alison Maxwell, USA TODAY #post-date-updated {border-top: solid 1px #E5E5E5;}
Updated 3h 31m ago

A general view of the Beverly Hilton Hotel before the Clive Davis pre-Grammy gala.


By Kevin Winter, Getty Images

USA TODAY's Edna Gundersen is inside Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy gala, which is continuing as planned tonight at the Beverly Hilton, where Whitney Houston died this afternoon. USA TODAY's Bryan Alexander and Andrea Mandell are outside of the hotel.From the scene:
A noisy, lively crowd gathered at Davis' party, but many expressed shock at the news of Houston's death and feel it's surreal to be celebrating in light of the fact that Houston's body is still in the building. Star in attendance included: Tom and Rita Hanks, Jon Voight, Britney Spears, David Foster, Dianne Warren, Penny Marshall,Toni Braxton, Neil and Pegi Young and Skrillex.
An emotion Clive Davis came onstage at 9:38 p.m. PT.
"I don't have to mask my emotions. I do have a very heavy heart. I am personally devastated. She was so looking forward to tonight," he said. (She was not scheduled to perform, only attend.)
"My heart goes out to her daughter Bobbi Christina and her mother Cissy." Davis talked about the partygoers as Houston's extended family. "Whitney was a beautiful person and she had a talent beyond compare. She graced this stage with her regal talent so many times. So, simply put, Whitney would have wanted the music to go on."
He dedicated the evening to Houston and said the gala went on with the blessing of her family. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, let the music begin."
Tony Bennett came on stage and said, "First, Michael Jackson, then Amy Winehouse and now Whitney Houston. I'd like to have every gentleman and lady in this room to get the government to legalize drugs."
He said: "When I first heard her, I called Clive Davis and said, 'You finally got the greatest singer I ever heard.' "
Grammy president Neil Portnow confirmed to partygoers that Jennifer Hudson will perform at the Grammys in Houston's honor. Portnow said Houston would have wanted it that way and that she deserves a New Orleans-style "send-up, a "celebration...That's the appropriate and right thing to do."
Meanwhile, at one of the side entrances to the hotel, a small vigil of about 25 people has formed. Monet Mitchell, 29, an extra on Houston's latest film, Sparkle, said the last time she saw Houston she was "so happy, so full of life. That's why this is such a shock to me."
"She was the greatest singer. This is so devastating, I had to come over here and pay my respects. She inspired me. She was so much more than an actress and a singer, she was my inspiration. I'm standing here and I still can't believe it happened."
Melody Doss, 48, of Los Angeles, had three mini candles and a larger 24-hour candle. "As soon as I heard Whitney Houston died, I had to come over here. I was able to light a candle for Michael Jackson when he passed... Candle lighting is much in order, and I'm sure this will go all the way around the world...All I want to do is illuminate the departure of her soul with these candles."
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Oh no :( I can't believe it.. just saw Ron Pope post this on his facebook page.

Everybody dies so young :( Rest in peace Whitney and my condolences to the family.
I found out in the early hours of this morning and I still can't quite believe it. :(
Re: RIP Whitney-Give Michael a hug !

Wrong section to post this

This pic supposedly marked with date Feb 12, 2012- not sure if accurate, but she looks beautiful.
There was a programme about greatest artistic moments in USA,among them Michaels first moonwalk and Whitney Houston singing the U.S national Anthem.I can only remember those 2 , it was magic.
R.I.P.Whitney Houston ,gone too soon

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i cannot stop crying :( She is too young... Her daughter... what will she do without a mother.. :cry:

Dear Whitney, i L.O.V.E. you and will miss you.. Please give Michael a hug..

I cannot stop crying.... :cry: :cry:

Re: OMG!! Is it True?! Whitney Houston has died??

R.I.P Whitney! True Legend...another great passed! :( :( :( xxxxxxxxx
Sleep tight Whitney, thank you so much for all the timeless music!

- I will always love you -
just read it on a news site. shit :eek: :(
the next legend is dead.

very sad news.... for me she was the greatest female voice ever...RiP :(
Full of sadness right now.
R.i.p. Whitney..... u will be missed!!! :(