Who else is LGBTQ+ here? Also Happy Pride Month!


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Hey y'all! Wishing everyone a happy Pride month, even with the layers of layers of things happening around the world. I've been thinking about this post for a long time and I'm finally just going to go ahead and bite the bullet :fear:

Anyone else here a gay woman who is still head over heels for Michael? Normally, I can just tell that a guy is attractive and move on but Michael has my heart like :heart:! It's kinda a weird place to be in, to be so wholeheartedly into him but be like "nah" to any other guy. I was also figuring out my sexuality when I was first really invested in another MJ online forum, so it made for a really interesting time.

I just wanted to open this up and see if anyone else could relate! :D
Asexual (and non-binary) here! I know some people get all in a snit if you say ace people are part of the community, but too bad about those people. In the ace community, we have a thing called a "squish" where you love someone, but there's no romantic or sexual aspect to it. Michael is definitely my squish. :love:

It's Michael

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Female to male tg...a human puppy and pony
Tho I discovered this thread just now lemme say after the pride is BEFORE pride!
We are Michael's rainbow squad, aren't we???*???
Gay/ace-spec gal here☺️ Used to crush so hard on MJ when I was 8-9 years old, I watched the music videos in awe, but didn’t really know much about MJ as a person. 10 y later I’ve found my love for him again and I’m learning (way too late!) what an incredibly kind and pure human being he was. I adore him more every day but since figuring out my sexuality/romantic orientation, my crush has turned into more of a squish. Buut my brain will sometimes be like: ok we’re gay but straight for MJ😅

This is just my train of thought, but I really don’t think it’s uncommon for gay people to be head over heels for celebrities (or fictional characters) of the opposite gender! I mean, since they’re unobtainable you can distance yourself from them. You might like the idea of being with them and fantasize about it, but you avoid the actual romance and intimacy. 😊
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