Who is the "star" of the Jackson Family

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BEST selling artist of ALL time
one of if not the MOST influential music and style ICON
ANYTHING with his name on it sells
he's in the record books for multiple things like his humanitarian efforts
and he created a little thing called THRILLER!


i love janet but she's second to michael and she knows and accepts that...it's time for u to do the same
Sorry, but Mike will always be second to Janet in my book.....and he's in a casket that she paid for cuz Lord knows he couldn't afford it.
LMAO wrong again...She put money down (less then half of the total bill btw) and got it ALL recouped by who's estate...oh thats right HIS. The only thing she paid for was her outfit and weave (which was on point btw).
I cannot believe you are fighting over who is better out of Michael and Janet. Please take a step back and realise how petty that is?

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:doh:OK, I see you're just going to carry on. Thread closed.
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