Will it really matter if Murray isn't convicted?


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Jul 25, 2011
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After this week of testimonies, I personally feel I could care less whether a jury puts Murray behind bars because any fool who read a single days worth of summaries will know this man is a classic drug criminal pusher masqeaurading as a doctor. There seem to be a lot of them these days. I suddenly feel a sense of security knowing that I know. I won't care in the least bit about those who say "He was accquited, MJ was an addict!" Have you ever known something so completely that nothing anyone else says can shake it or plant th tiniest mustard seed of doubt? If Murray is acquitted no it would not be right, it would be a gross miscarriage of justice, but I'm at a point where I am at peace knowing that for sure.

I would be able to let it go knowing it wouldn't matter, that if there are those who want to ignorantly believe what they were told about Michael, that Murray was just a poor doctor in over his head, then that's their problem. They're also the same people who believe the media is always right so why care? I would simply go on knowing what this whole mess taught us, that Michael was right about the whole system. All we can do is say our piece and leave it. We have no control whether anyone believes us or not. I think If Michael knew that he would have had less stress in his life. A lot of it came from feeling like he needed everyone to believe him. We need to let that go I think.

It's just too scary for most people to believe Michael. They would rather believe Michael was just a crazy addict because that's easier, safer because they don't want to believe that their media, doctors etc, could (god forbid) actually lie to them, care more about their own money than integrity or health and safety of people. They'll just have to find out the hard way. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink (in this case the water is truth). If they dehydrate, I can't stop them but I finally feel like my thirst is quenched.
I agree with you--the people that want to believe every bad thing in the world about Michael are going to do that regardless of what happens, but they're idiots.

The purpose is to get justice for Michael though, not to convince haters that he wasn't an addict. Even if he gets the maximum four year sentence, he's getting off easy for taking a man's life. A father, son, brother, and friend; not just a personality. I don't know how many people still believe that it was "accidental," but it clearly wasn't. If there's any doctor in the world that is really that incompetent, well, he needs to go to jail for life just for being stupid.

Plus, if Murray is acquitted then he's considered innocent as far as the law is concerned. He can go back to practicing and destroy someone else's life (even though I don't know why someone would go to him after all this, but he still has his supporters too).
to me i think it would definetly matter if murray gets off. I dont want to see him get away with taking someone's life who was a father, son, and friend. its not just about us fans wanting justice. its about michael and his family getting it. espeacialy his 3 children who deserve it more then even us. Murray knew what he was doing didnt care. wether he messed up or was stupid in this case it doesnt matter bc a life was taken. he is supposed to a medical professional and he had michael's life in his hands. he was careless and stupid and doesnt even seem to have any kind of remorse for it. he needs to punished. I do agree that yes no matter what is said there is always going to be people who are going to believe in what the media says about michael and has always said about him. But we know the truth and I pray that the truth comes out in court and Murray gets whats comming. I hope that whatever we say or do will have a effect and get our voices herd. Theres no way i would be able to get over this crime not being punished. I want justice as much as anyone eles and i dont want to see his family have to leave the courtroom w/o getting any kind of justice for the death of their father and son. if there isnt any justice Murray better watch his back.
wow..... hmmm would it matter? Well put yourself in Michael's Mother's shoes and ask that again.... Her son was murdered, try thinking about it from Paris, Prince and blankets POV and ask yourself that.... Yea its not just about us getting justice for Michael its also helping his family find comfort in knowing that his fans wont stand for shit like this and we will fight for him.. For you to ask would it matter kinda puts my teeth on edge because Murray killed a man. What would you do if you were in this situation? What would you want to see done?
H.ll yes it would matter, it would matter a great deal to me alone!!!!

I'm not even getting into Michael's children and mother, but Murray for ever changed my life as well, the same goes for many, many other fans around the world. Michael didn't have to die! Even if it meant having insomnia, he could still live. Murray is responsible for taking away many people's only star in their life, let's not forget Murray is responsible for several suicides as well and for many destroyed lifes.

Him not being convicted to me would mean that well, Michael's life wasn't really worth that much.

Murray's name should officially go down in history as a name of a murderer, much like the guy who shot John Lennon and not like the doctor, who officially never was responsible for the death of Elvis.

I definitely care about his conviction and I profoundly still hope that the charges will be upped to 2nd murder!
If Murray gets off with this, that mean there's no justice. Simply as that.
Although there is no punishment that we can eve measure with what he has done to Michael. 4 years are nothing, and now we're hearing he could make a deal with prosecution and won't go behind the bars at all. If that happen, as said, justice is a fairy tale for me.
If Murray isn't convincted, I don't believe in justice anymore. It doesn't exist.
Since that happened...all I see that Murray is continuing his life as if nothing happened.
He was runing down the beach....drinking Cola..walking down the street...going shoping...he even dared to visit Forrest Lawn.
Michael was his friend and Murray loves Katherine very much ! What is that ??????
This is a circus and a shame.
I am not even going to mention 2005 and how Michael was treated because my head will just EXPLODE.
Justice ?!?!
I do have an opinion what should happen to Murray but I am not saying it out loud.

Oh yes it does matter !!!! For Michael, his kids, his family, us.

But also for doctors (a lot of them are really pissed at Murray's actions, wether they are fans or not).

And for society in general : you need to be punished you kill someone in such a way. Otherwise it would be a green light for other doctors to do the same thing on other people.

Now, even if Murray's convicted of murder 2 and spends 15 years in jail, there will always be people to think and spread horrible things about Michael. The aquittal in 05 changed SOME people's minds, but there ar still some who believe that the accusations were true. That's not going to change, unfortunately.
The fans are very active, those who want to know the truth will be able to find it. Those who don't want to, well, about them I agree, I couldn't care less.
Yes it matters to me. I am really hoping that Murray goes to jail but i am preparing myself for the worst..... TMZ have posted another video of Murray strutting about as cool as a cucumber and i just cannot friggin believe the nerve he has. I don't believe for a second that he is alone in his culpability but it looks like he is the only one we have the possibility of seeing some punishment. The fact of the matter is that we live in a very twisted world and i wouldn't be surprised (i'd be disgusted and outraged) if Murray was turned into some sort of a celebrity when this is over.
OMG!! I am horrified..Of course it matters. Someone died ...

***exits thread before I go crazy***
It doesn't matter in the sense that it won't bring MJ back, and HE is not affected by the outcome one way or the other. Because despite how much he will again be villlified, he's gone. HE can't be directly hurt anymore. His children, his family, his fans, his legacy, they can be affected, but MJ can't. There's a small measure of solace in knowing no matter what happens, MJ will be spared another devastation.

But that solace aside, I will be greatly disappointed if Conrad Murray gets to walk on his merry way. It will matter immensely to me if he suffers no jail consequence for his total lack of regard for Michael. After reading Ortega's testimony, it's even clearer that MJ was just one big dollar sign to him. His greed cost MJ his life. He should at least lose 4 years of his freedom.
Of course it matters! How could it not matter?? I'm not sure what's happening here...

Michael died, at the hands of another. That is enough, surely?
Of course it matters! How could it not matter?? I'm not sure what's happening here...

Michael died, at the hands of another. That is enough, surely?
I agree.

I don't understand how anyone who loves Michael could be fine with Murray walking free after killing him. He needs to pay for what he did.
If Murray is convicted it would show the world that Michael was treated wrong, he was killed.There might still be people in denial and I think it help them to see the truth if Murray is put in jail for killing Michael.
It can help people with many difficulties in their lifes to see that Michael didn´t die because he didn´t cope with all things that happened to him.
It´s an important case for the future, you can´t allow doctors get away when they are doing something very wrong.

But we´ll never get real justice.
Even if Murray was killed for Michaels murder it wouldn´t be justice for me
There is nothing that can be done to give Michaels life back.
Sure we can never truly get justice, the max is 4 years if convicted and no matter what happens it wouldn't bring Michael back but yes, it does matter if he isn't convicted. He kiled Michael with his reckless actions and cover up and he needs to pay for that. If he is acquitted it paints Michael as this demmanding drug addict and we cannot let that happen.
MIST;3183115 said:
But we´ll never get real justice.
Even if Murray was killed for Michaels murder it wouldn´t be justice for me
There is nothing that can be done to give Michaels life back.

True, then what happens to Murray becomes about HIM. What should happen to someone who did what he did? And if that answer is nothing, it matters. There should definitely be consequences for what HE caused to happen on June 25.

Even if there is never going to be equitable or adequate justice for MJ, there should be a major repercussion for Murray for HIS actions. We get parking tickets for negligently parking in the wrong spot. That's a consequence of our actions.. Muirray's negligency caused the loss of someone's life. He should suffer a consequence for his action.
yes it would matter to me very much,it will never bring michael back,but these sad excuses for human beings who have no regards whatsoever for anyone only there greedy selves need to be punished to the full extent of the legal system,michael deserves justice,when i think of all michael has been through in his life,and for his life to end by the actions of ths reckless doctor,prison isn,t enough.
Please don't misunderstand me, I didn't mean to offend anyone, my point was that If Murray is acquitted, I feel secure in knowing it won't be for lack of evidence, but Mesereau himself has said jurors don't like to convict doctors. People a re too afraid of the system. As for Michael's family, I would rather see them as grown adults peaceful with knowing the truth rather than being bitter, torn up, or consumed with injustice. I would want them at peace knowing sometimes karma takes longer (hopefully by then it will have already happened). Michael wouldn't want them bitter or angry either.

When it comes to justice Mesereau is right in saying courts don't always get it right, they not always will but the fact that a lawyer like Mesereau was found by Michael,the fact that 12 people gave Michael his freedom, doesn't that count for something?

If Murray is acquitted and we lay down and despair than he truly wins and Michael truly loses. He wouldn't want us to give up but he wouldn't want us angry either, that's counter productive to what he was about. Whatever the outcome there will still be those who say this or that about Michael. Believe me I love Michael more than any other fan I've met, my family will be the first to tell you, but the evidence is clear as day that Michael was killed by someone who cared more about his money than him. If people want to go on in life believing otherwise they'll just have to find out the hard way Michael was right about media and systems in general.
It matters because this was not acceptable behavior from a doctor. There are people in this world that will think whatever they want about Michael. Can't change it no matter what you say. But Michael was human being too and if this happened to somebody unknown there would be outrage at this doctor's behavior. Michael did not have to die and his children should not be fatherless right now. People are getting away with too much and they need to be held accountable for their actions.
For the conspiracy theory believers Murray not going behind bars would simply mean that he never killed Michael, therefore not going in jail. For all others the same situation would mean that Amerika (USA) has no justice system what so ever, because murdurers are walking like free men. I do believe in many things, but as for now I don't believe in USAs justice system, which means that Murray will probably get away with killing, not only a man, but an angel, a God given present.
yes it will matter because it wil be the final re writing of mjs history. murray will do the rounds claiming to be a victim calling mj a druggie who killed himself making money becoming a celeb. and the histroy books will be re written yet again. that mj was a druggie who killed himself. yes it doesnt matter interms of we dont get mj back but its important for the history books and mj and his kids and us that the history books document that mj was killed by someone else and it was not his fault and he was the victim
i get Bewildered about it. :cry: :swoon:

allllllllll i wish to know is that what :heart:Michael wants... whatever He wants i want to happen. thats for sure ... but i don't think i can ever know? can i?

if only that so-called doctor understands what the .... he's done... he seems to never have any idea or comprehend. :no::(
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No...he ( Murray ) has no guilt...at all.
How is that possible ? He really must be a sociopath.
I saw an article on TMZ today how Murray bought a ballon for some little girl.
Is that of any importance ???!!!!
There isn"t any justice in this world for a long, long time.
I have no hope for humanity. No hope at all.
Sometimes I wish it would all be over in a second. Human race is a disgrace.
YES, it would matter, because as someone else said previously...there would be no JUSTICE then!! All the evidence shows what a quack he is and Michael had to die because Murray had no disregard for MJ's life what so ever. I do NOT want this doctor out there practising medicine!!! He is a danger to ALL his patients...sadly a lot of them do not realize it and keep defending him. However, I wonder how many of his patients will allow Dr. Murray to treat them after they hear what he did to Michael....If I were his patient I'd be TERRIFIED that a doctor who seems to be so INCOMPETENT and doesn't even know such basic things as CPR, would be treating me!!!
out of all the topics about murray i think this has to be posted for flame reason.
It matters. As long as he is out there and allowed to practice, someone else could die.

It also matters because it will set a precedent in USA law that you can knock someone off, make it look like an accident and get off scott free.

Most importantly, it matters for HIS CHILDREN. They will need that closure as time goes on, this is massively important to their healing and future.