Will it really matter if Murray isn't convicted?

Yes it will matter to me. Though what he is facing is not enough prison time to me. He to me should either be facing murder 1 or murder 2 charges. My beloved Michael is forever gone because of that evil murdering monster. Who not only forever took away my beloved Michael he also forever took away my happiness and my life. And there are 3 children who are without a father now. Plus over 10 years ago my grandmother died in a similar way that my poor beloved Michael did. And since we couldn't take my grandmother's doctor and nurses to court for killing her. Because of the fact that she was 80 years old when she had died. At least Michael's killer can be taken to court and I just pray and hope that justice truly is served to my Michael. I just so badly wish I could be both the judge and jury in his case and give Dr. Murderer the death penalty. I have always been a big believer in the death penalty and personally he deserves to have it given to him.

Totally agree with you this is how I feel too!

Oh yes it does matter !!!! For Michael, his kids, his family, us.

But also for doctors (a lot of them are really pissed at Murray's actions, wether they are fans or not).


For me this is also importent, I want every single doctor in the world know that whatever the person is and how much money youll get, you do not give propofol at home. or do other stuff that is not medical like...

I hope truly that more people get convicted would prop not happen but its a dream off mine.. like klein and the other morrowns around Michael..

OUR Michael, and the kids father..
Yes it certainly does matter. Murray going to prison means justice for Michael Jackson. Which is something he rightfully deserves after all the crap he had to put up with during his lifetime. No, it won't bring Michael back obviously. But the next best thing is justice. It also means closure for his children and the rest of his family. They don't want this sick man getting away with killing their father/son/brother. If the man he killed (accidental or not) can no longer live and enjoy his life, neither should the convict.

A human life has been taken. It does matter.
of course it matters. Conrad Murray has to punished, Michael and his kids and his family and all the fans need justice. If Conrad Murray is convicted it will show that Michael was not a crazy drug addict but a man killed by a greedy doctor. I also believe Dr.death should have more than four yrs inside for taking our beloved Michael. He will not get away with this. God is on our side like he was in 2005.
Well, I don't think the maximum sentence of four years is anywhere close to justice for what he did, and it won't bring Michael back, but it is better than nothing, I think he will be convicted but I think he is likely to get a slap on the wrist sentence.
well I have managed to avoid this thread (by choice) up until now. Yes..it would matter if Murray is not convicted he killed Michael..and for that he should pay. HE took someone away from us that can NEVER be replaced...him going to jail wont bring Michael back..hell it wont even make me feel better ..I already know that..but just knowing that for once Michael will get justice....he deserves to be able to rest in peace. If the jury finds Murry not guilty...that will go down in the history books....that will make it like Michael was a "drug addict"...and that he took his own life. Michael doesn't not deserve to be remembered that way. Michael put his soul into everything that he did while he was here on this earth...and he doesn't deserve to have that tainted by a jury that cannot come to a guilty verdict for Murray. I hope that Murray gets atleast the 4 years..he should get life...after all he took Michael's)....because God Knows that when he gets out...he has to walk up and down the streets of whatever city he may be living in...and trust me..there will always be a MJ fan in that town..no matter where he chooses to live. Michael has fans everywhere.
I definitely get what everyone means by having a conviction send a message to doctors that this kind of practice is criminal but think of all the celebrities of the past whose doctors cared more about their money than them like Judy Garland, Elvis, Dorothy Dandridge, etc. They all had doctors who were careless with their health but today the media never reports that, they paint them as drug addicts anyway. Even if Murray is convicted, that's what they're going to do with Michael, bury the truth. Why do you think we're still fighting to clear Michael of allegations that should have been cleared years ago? Plus there will still be greedy and careless doctors who continue to care more about money than patients. My point is I don't need a jury to tell me what we should all already know, that not only was Michael not a true addict but Murray was a careless, greedy negligent pseudo doctor. Anyone who takes 10 minutes to read the autopsy should see that.
I, too, have avoided this thread up to now. Will it matter if he isn't convicted? Yes of course it will matter. Because if he is not convicted, why not? Either the prosecution will have done an incomprehensibly bad job of proving the case; or the jury will have had the IQ of a rock; or Michael, the victim, will be held to blame. None of these engender confidence in the legal system. If he isn't convicted, he will walk away knowing he successfully avoided being forced to take responsibility for the loss of a life. There will be no consequences for his aberrant medical care. And who knows who the next victim might be.

As far as a conviction sending a message, the state medical boards bear a large part of the responsibility here, IMO. If they do not take immediate and strong action against physicians who fail to live up to their oaths and ethical standards, then perhaps it is past time to have the legal system do it.
I see what the OP means. I don't see how "justice" can even prevail now. What kind of "justice" does Michael get from this outcome? I havn't been reading nonstop, all day, every day like I did in 2005 because it doesn't matter the way it did back then *for me* at least.

The verdict they give this man will be important in different ways, like you guys have said. To his parents, siblings, children, the media perception, etc. But it won't change what happened for me.

This doesn't feel like its about Michael anymore.
Yes I think a conviction matters. It will show Murray is responsible for MJ's death and Mike didn't kill himself. Mike put his life and care in the hands of a doctor and Murray failed him
Conviction matters, even if Conrad did it to XYZ patient. This is not just about Michael Jackson case. This is about all malpractice, careless doctors who do not take care of their patients well-being, but the greed.

For me personally, take this trial very personal. I am long term fan, for me, it is like it hit home. This was a murder, that is how I see it. Trial hasn't begun, but regardless, the void will always be there, but it matters a lot if Conrad is convicted.

This case needs to set an example that people are dying due of negligent and greed: by the hands of the doctors. They solely are aware of danger but still feed their patients with medications that are not right for the illness. Patients need treatments, not hooked on wrong medications because it is an easy way for doctors to treat. I am sick and tired hearing that doctors never get conviction or goes to prison, and other non-sense. That is not right. That said, lets go back to what Conrad gave MJJ: hand full of medications and propofol. Propofol has nothing to do with a treatment against insomnia. The man was cardiologist not anesthesiologist, nor psychiatrist. Conrad played god.

It wasn't Michael's time to go. It was Conrad's hand that snatched last breath out of Michael, and amongs all, the propofol didn't just crawl on MJJ organism: was given to him by Conrad himself. Yes, conviction matters, because this kind of practice is criminal!
I agree with you--the people that want to believe every bad thing in the world about Michael are going to do that regardless of what happens, but they're idiots.

The purpose is to get justice for Michael though, not to convince haters that he wasn't an addict. Even if he gets the maximum four year sentence, he's getting off easy for taking a man's life. A father, son, brother, and friend; not just a personality. I don't know how many people still believe that it was "accidental," but it clearly wasn't. If there's any doctor in the world that is really that incompetent, well, he needs to go to jail for life just for being stupid.

Plus, if Murray is acquitted then he's considered innocent as far as the law is concerned. He can go back to practicing and destroy someone else's life (even though I don't know why someone would go to him after all this, but he still has his supporters too).

I truly doubt that this is the first time Murray has killed anyone that we know about. No telling how many people he has been responsible of doing a service to repair their heart and oops! Their gone. Just think about it. That person went into surgery and didn't live cause Murray had to be to busy doing something else other than tending to that patient, but sad to say, that we will never know about. :( Conrad Murray needs to be convicted, he needs to pay. The media needs to be out and about doing interview of how will Murrray survive , (show his cell) in this cell day in and day out. They need to show his girlsfriends as his visitors bringing him different cell phones to makes various phone calls from either one of them. They need to give us an example of his orange jumstuit with his name and number on the back side, it reads 150K. Everydayday, he will have to deal with BhaBha who Michael Jackson was his favorite fan.... and Murrah better make sure he brings Bha Bhahis favorite soap daily for their prayer and meditation. Let Murrary spend everyday of his sentence whether it be 4 years or a sentence for a murder 2 thinking about what he did to Michael and how he killed him and made his children orphans.
He has to go to prison, not getting out of it Murray. No licensce either from Ca, Neveda and Texas.
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It matters because there needs to be justice for Michael somehow. Otherwise we have to live with knowing that the man who killed him got away with it. I am scared about this trial.
also just because he is found guilty, (depending on what) 1. that doesn't mean his sentence will be jailtime and 2. he may get out for good behavior, he may not spend a great deal of time in jail, if hes sentenced to jail. He may even be able to practice again if he can't already.
He should be convicted for using medicine in the wrong environment and for taken a life.