Witness The Production! or Which Album Would You Like To See Come Together?


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May 11, 2012
If you had a chance to watch as ONE of Michael's albums was being produced, which one would it be and would there any specific songs you'd definitely like to see being put together?

For me, It'd be the Bad Album, especially the title track. I'd like to be there at Hayvenhurst with Michael and 'Team A' as they work on ideas and mold them together into the songs we know and love. Then I'd like to be at Westlake as they finish production on those songs. In the case of 'Bad', since they didn't really work on the song all the way through but work on some parts on different days, I guess I would have to stay with them throughout the whole recording session. ;)

Specific song?....In The Closet. For reasons. LOL!

No but on a serious note, it would still be Dangerous because its my favorite album and I'd like to see how Will You Be There was crafted, from the time when it was 'dropped into his lap by God' to the recording sessions, to how he worked with the choir, recording the poem at the end. All of it.
Dangerous here as well! My favorite album since I was a kid. I would have loved to have been there for the creation/recording of Who is It or Give in to Me.
Don't know, i think Invincible, because it too so long to produce it.
Brilliant thread. Gawd, that's so hard. Either Bad or Dangerous.

Bad for all the reasons you mentioned Mikefann. What an incredible time to have been in the studio with MJ. Hayvenhurst and Westlake, with both teams working simultaneously on tracks and Mike coming into his own as a songwriter.

Dangerous seems equally exciting (perhaps even more so) I remember reading MJ broke down in tears when it was finished because he pushed himself so hard. He also used a few different studios in an intense sixteen month period of recording and those sessions spawned some incredible tracks like Earth Song, Blood on the Dance Floor, Superfly Sister and For All Time!! Insane! He really matured as a writer covering a much broader range of themes also.

Yeah, I'd probably go for Dangerous the more I think about it.
Dangerous because it was MJ's best album by far. Picking a specific song is just too hard to pick...but if I must...it would have to be Give Into Me
That's a difficult choice. Bad makes sense since Michael wrote most of the songs, so I could witness his process. HIStory would be my second choice, his most personal album.
I'd say "Bad". Considering MJ intended it to be a triple Album, and after creating the biggest selling album of all time, I think he was really taking his time with everything on Bad to make sure it was as perfect as possible (considering there is a 5 year gap in between Thriller and Bad) Witnessing the home recording sessions at Hayvenhurst and and then the final recordings at Westlake Studios.
Off The Wall because there really isn't any behind the scenes on it and it'd definitely be fun.
Fabulous question but I'll need to think about this. Not gonna be easy.

Off The Wall because there really isn't any behind the scenes on it and it'd definitely be fun.
Louis Johnson

"Off the Wall [Epic, 1979]; Thriller [Epic, 1982]; “We Are the World,” Columbia, 1985; Dangerous [Epic, 1991]; HIStory [Epic, 1995] Michael was a super-nice person and I was deeply saddened by his passing. I was fortunate to have worked with him on his solo albums, and he always let me be my creative best. My job was to come up with bass lines, and Michael had complete trust in me. Occasionally, he’d hum a variation of something I played or ask me to make it more this way or that, or he’d say, “This section should be really hot—play extra strong here.” Quincy Jones and engineer Bruce Swedien were equally open to my suggestions on everything from how to EQ my bass, to using bass and synth bass together. I worked with Michael on his two albums after he moved on from Quincy, but it wasn’t the same. I’d come in and play to a track or a drum machine, or even just to get a note sampled. The last time I saw Michael was at his home studio to do “Come Together” [from HIStory]. What I’ll always cherish is the fun and excitement of playing live together on the Off the Wall sessions—Michael and everybody laughing, knowing we were making magic. After a take we’d all race to the control room, knocking each other out of the way for the best seat, while yelling, turn it up!"

from Bass Player magazine (emphasis added)
Men in the Mirror: The Bassists of Michael Jackson

How Alex Al And His Predecessors Pumped Up The King Of Pop

Chris Jisi ,Feb 01, 2010
Going for Thriller - which isn't even my favourite Michael album. But I really want to watch Quincy at work. Every time I see video clips of him in the studio it just looks brilliant.

Also, Rod Temperton. He wrote every part of every song he submitted but it's obvious from his demo of Rock With You and Michael's final version that some things did change, vocally. So that must have happened with the Thriller songs, also. At least, I assume so. I'd love to witness that process and just watching Michael and Rod interact, that would be lovely.

Matt Forger and Bruce Swedien, I want to watch them do their magic. And Vincent Price. How cool would that be?

WBBS - Paulinho da Costa did the percussion. I really want to see that. Also, Louis Johnson is on bass.
PYT - don't like the song but I'd love to see Michael do the handclaps.
Human Nature would be interesting to watch, I think. Seeing Michael interact with his collaborators. Imo, it takes just as much skill, talent or genius to collaborate with others the way Michael did as it does to write everything yourself.