your fav mjj album cover "art"

The re-release of Off the Wall. It's brilliant. The original Thriller also is pretty classy. I pretty much don't don't care about the rest.
DANGEROUS all the waaaaaaaayyyyyy! Itll keep you looking at it for hours! lol
Its like a "I Spy" picture lol
1. Bad
2. Dangerous
3. Thriller
4. Off The Wall
5. HIStory
6. Blood On The Dance Floor
7. Invincible
I like the Dangerous cover its like a maze and so much details on it I also like the BOTDF cover its like a portrait of Michael dancing I have a big poster of it on my wall

I can sit there for ages looking at all the lil bits on it.

I wanna get a few bits from it tattooed on my back.
1. Dangerous
2. Blood On The Dance Floor
3. HIStory
4. Bad
5. Thriller
6. Invincible
7. Off The Wall
I love the Dangerous cover and it reminds me of one of my earliest memories of Michael.