Your favorite song on the Dangerous album?


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Jul 31, 2018
What Is Your favorite song on the Dangerous album?

My Option - Jam.
Give In To Me. As a huge rock music fan (incl. Guns N Roses), this song is sublime. Love Slash’s guitar work on the song.
In The Closet and Give in to Me. In The Closet is very fun, and my best friend, a fellow fan, loves the song and video. Because it's fun, heh. I love Give in to Me as well, not as much as Dirty Diana but it's close.
The whole album is a masterpiece. Though, I have always been very drawn to Why You Wanna Trip on Me. I also adore In the Closet, and would love to have known just how this song would have evolved had the MJ/Madonna collaboration actually gone ahead.
All of the songs are awesome to me so it's hard to choose :) but I think I'm gonna say Give In To Me and Who Is It, I honestly cannot choose between these two
My fave MJ album, so really love most songs on it and can not chose a fave. Maybe Gone to soon, but maybe will you be there... nah, in general just a great album.
Going to have to go with Who Is It... We should turn these into polls!
Give In To Me (hence my username) is my favorite from Dangerous. I like it because the song, and video are raw and classic Michael. It's one of those songs that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when it's playing.