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Jul 25, 2011
Don't get me wrong, as a consumer Youtube is a life saver. Its a great creation.

But what really irks me about Youtube is the effect it has on the music business and artists income.

Think about it. Why go out and buy the album or single when you can just watch it on Youtube like a billion times? Or if you want it on your Ipod, just download a Youtube>MP3 converter(like I do, yes I'm a hypocrite) and convert the video to an audio file and put it on your Ipod.

I think artists are being robbed of millions of dollars and sales becuase of Youtube. Forcing a lot of artists to tour and do a lot of unnecessary things to try and earn a lot of money(not to say that touring is unnecessary).

I think Youtube should pay artists for every view they get on their official page. Like .05-.25 cents for every view. (the amount varies between how big the artist is)

Which means that if I video gets viewed say 15 million times, and you get the maximum amount of .25 cents per view, the artist gets paid $3.7 million.

Now lets say your video is like Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance", which got 232,626,165 views. She would get paid $58.2 million for that video currently.

What do you think? I really think its great to compensate for a lot of lost money and sales sue to a lot of illegal pirating and views on Youtube.
But they are getting's part of the partnership program.

They get money based on the amount of views and ads clicked.

Besides, who really thinks listening to the song on YouTube is a substitute for getting the real thing? It's incredibly awkward to have to navigate to the one song every time and you can't listen to it on the go. Downloading with a flash downloader only results in terrible
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Most acts don't get paid by the record label anyway, so it's not much of a difference. The average recording contract is designed to keep an act in debt to the label. Very few acts sell much out of the thousands of albums released each year. It's always been this way, ever since the record companies been in business. Most acts have always made money performing and touring, not record sales. Watching a video on Youtube is not really any different than listening to the radio. You don't pay to listen to it. Also there's a lot of old music on there that is out of print, so nobody can buy it and the act doesn't make any money. But I don't download, I buy a record or CD. I like to have a product and artwork, that's what I grew up with. Downloads and MP3's don't sound good to me. act that has the x factor can overcome all obstacles.

i bought earth song after listening to it on youtube.
I think they've got enough money. But, they get paid for the videos anyway through the Ad's. ;)