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I have an unusual request for you. Ban 🔐 me. Can you block my member account? (for a period of 2-4 weeks) Is that possible?
I am a little distraught (difficult life circumstances).
I suddenly had a real depressive disorder (medical fact). I need time to get my mind in order.
When the disease worsens, I become inadequate, resolute and aggressive. Reading the forum, several times there was a desire to write something unfair and wild. I don't want to write like this. I am sure that I will not cope with myself and there will be something inadequate.
I am very angry, but this will definitely pass. I just don't want to disturb the forum with my fits of unreasonable sudden anger
Sorry you are going through this. Perhaps logging out for now is better. I don't think temporary ban exists.
How do you change your profile picture?
On other websites you can just change it normally, but here, when I click on my profile I can't update it.
That is a premium feature. Check help center to see how to get premium.
Oh, okay thank you!!!!