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Some of these forum threads are a dumpster fire holy moly. Sometimes people need to find some chill. Not everything has to get into an armored defense. It ain't that deep lol.
Remember to be of LOVE, become LOVE, spread LOVE and MAKE LOVE to overpower any EVIL in this world. :)


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Oh, ok then, that's quite the relief. It's both funny and true what you say - pleeeeenty of bees were attrated to Michael's honey; although their race matters very little to me.

Just so you know, u are actually 'talkin' to one of them bunnies btw, although I've never really thought in terms of color. After all, that's the very essence of BOW, right? ;)

*1 piece of o_O ❄️🐰 out*​
Great thread you opened the other day - about stand-out song post 6/25, thank you.

Interesting username you got. I have admit though, I find the snow and bunny part quite endearing, but I'm not equally sure about the ending 😄 Anyways, thanks again!
Snowbunny Sorcerer
Snowbunny Sorcerer
Thanks! Its supposed to be a little sarcasm regarding MJ, since he was a blk guy that had alot and I mean alot of white girls more so than even many white male performers as fans.
Hi! I was thinking.... :unsure: Is there any chance that you could change your signature to something new that works on the forum, so that we don't have that enormous Tiny Pic sad face at the bottom of all of your posts? LOL Just an idea.
I don't know how to do it
So it looks like KOTDF was shuttered as well. So this means that besides MJHO,MJJC is the only major MJ fan forum left online?
Hi Justus...I don't know if you remember me, but I always loved reading your posts on here. You added me on fb years ago, but then you disappeared one day from there and I don't know what happened to you. I hope that you are alright. Miss you & the conversations that we had. You were always so Insightful....
Note to self: no more "now" products for my hair. It made my friend's hair go bad.
Just stick to the old stuff i use.

Remember, my white fall jacket (the one meant for Lemmy) . It means i will never have to be down in the dumps again...
hey johnC! do you have all the cascios tracks In HQ? since i was not around in that time where it was first leak
Do you still have all cascios tracks that leaked? If yes can u send? Thanks
Aye bro, IÂ’m sorry to bother you again, but your link is dead for “Do you know where your children are 2010 mix” I accidently deleted it man, IÂ’m so sorry, IÂ’m hoping you could send it to me 🙏
dangerous DAT with monkey business in it, not the bonus cuts but the one in DAT and "michael" the complete early version
yo im a real dumbass and i acccidentally deleted it, so can you reup again for me please bro? just this last time