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Michael Jackson: A Legacy of Humanitarianism and Genius

By Roman Shusterman (comraderoman@yahoo.com)

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind today that Michael Jackson was a genius. Jackson invented music and dance moves that not only made him a recognized celebrity but a figure looked up to by all people and artists alike worldwide. Jackson was not someone who followed trends, he made them. Not only did Michael make trends, but, on many occasions he actually was able to popularize his music to such an extent that it transcended brands and labels and became so familiar to each individual that no matter whether you are a fan of pop music or not you recognized the songs of Michael Jackson and could not help yourself but to listen and enjoy them. Through his music an inter-generational bond was formed, a personal connection between an artist and his fans of many generations who were touched personally by his music. There were very few living artists that commanded this type of inter-generational audience on a personal level, and I would argue that Michael may have been the last of his kind. John Lennon of course even in his death has through the years maintained this bond and his music has transcended generations and continues to be embraced by all people worldwide and so he is one of the few artists who can claim this type of popularity as well.

Although there is no question in anyone’s mind about Jackson’s artistic genius, there have been attempts over the years to tarnish Jackson’s image as a humanitarian children’s advocate and philanthropist. During the early 1990’s Michael Jackson courageously launched his Heal the World Foundation which spread millions of dollars around the world to help children. Jackson, unlike other celebrities was most concerned with children in his own country; he launched branches of his organization in several large cities including New York. His humanitarian organizations helped poor children in the U.S. attain liver transplants as well as other important life saving procedures. Jackson built an entire theme park in his house where he provided parents with day care opportunities as well as free food and services for their children. Some of the parents of these children saw an opportunity to exploit the kindness of Michael Jackson and with the encouragement of the media and some political leaders they launched a false accusation against him which a jury of his peers twice rejected. In any case the media would not allow democracy to prevail and so they continued to tarnish and destroy his image.

The U.S. government does not appreciate artists who begin to dabble in domestic charity programs. The reason is because the government wants Americans to believe that celebrities’ only purpose is to entertain, and the money they have is only meant for them. There is a taboo among American celebrities when it comes to the idea of starting domestic programs to help poor people, this is exactly what Jackson did, and it was exactly after these actions that the government arrested him and accused him of child molestation. After these false accusations all of his so-called friends in show business abandoned him. Even after Jackson was acquitted the media refused to stop attacking him and continued to insist that he was a child molester, it is important to understand that the media which is run by the US government, cannot allow for Americans to believe that a human being can have pure altruistic motives when it comes to domestic charitable programs and so they created the impression that whatever good Jackson did for children in his neighborhood and in the world was motivated by selfish sexual needs. Once the population starts to believe a celebrity is better than or more caring then the government, that celebrity becomes more than just a celebrity and begins to attain political capital which he can then use to command a political power base and become a figure capable of unseating or replacing the government. In our day and age, especially when governments are vulnerable it is not something they are willing to risk by allowing such a celebrity to remain alive.
The U.S. government and the CIA are planning genocide. The Swine Flu is a virus that was manufactured especially to target children and youth. The companies involved in the vaccines that will be made mandatory in the fall season are implicated in previous investigations due to faulty vaccines for the bird flu that they distributed around the world in 2007. The CIA has a long history of biological warfare which they have been planning for as a last resort to use on the domestic population for the purpose of subjugation and control. They want to stop access to the internet especially for young people so that when economic unrest occurs they will not have to worry about excessive international exposure and global unrest. A celebrity like Jackson who believed in saving children, if he were alive would have posed all kinds of problems for the CIA and the government. Unlike other celebrities he would not have allowed such an injustice to continue unimpeded and he would have found a way to expose it and to challenge the authority of the military police state that is being planned for the US population and especially for American children and children worldwide.